Chests & Trap Info

Most traps are usually triggered from treasure chests, but not always.  Locks are also just annoying.  A lock is simply that, a lock.  It keeps you from opening a chest.  If you fail, just try again until you get it.  A trap is something else.  If you fail, the trap will go off and hit you with the preset trap.  If you fail to disarm a trap or a lock, the combination will change each time.  Also, you will be unaware of what kind of trap it is at first, unless you have a Ninja or Thief do the disarming (if you don't have either of them, it won't tell you want kind of trap it is until you actually start disarming it).
Blue Chest
These chests are safe.  There are no traps or locks.
Yellow Chest
These chests are locked.  You need to disarm the lock to open it to obtain the contents of it.
Red Chest
These chests are trapped.  When you fail to disarm it, the trap will go off but the chest will still open.
Black Chest
These chests are locked and trapped.  When you fail to disarm it, the trap will go off and the chest will remain locked.  Must do it right to open it.
Traps are more of a nusiance than anything else.  When activated, you will be told by the game that you've activated a trap.  When this happens, you have a set time limit to disarm it or the trap will go off and hit you with whatever trap it has been set with.  When actually disarming it, you will see a set of buttons appear on the screen.  You must press the buttons in order that they are on the screen.  You will use: Square, Triangle, X, Circle, R1 and L1.
Trap Type
Alarm An alarm goes off that alerts monsters of your presence.  You will be pulled into an automatic battle.  Can can only be triggered by floor traps found in Labyrinth levels (3,7,9).
Crossbow Bolt A character will be struck by flying bolts and will take damage.
Dark Fog A fog is released and your vision is impaired, making it harder to see.  Can be cured with the Sor. spell Undepps.  Will wear off over time.
Hearing Blaster A sonic alarm will go, rendering you deaf.  You are unable to hear your footsteps, nor hear monsters approaching.  Will wear off over time.
MP Drain This strange ghost like figure appears and tries to drain mp from characters.  Will drain either Priest or Sor. MP.
Pit Fall Will drop down through a pit hole to a lower level of the floor.  These are only found in B4 of the Labyrinth.

Everyone is hit with a poison gas.  Has a chance to poison characters.
Spears A character will be struck by spears coming up from the floor and will take damage.
Will automatically teleport you to a random place on the floor you're on.