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Page 1- From Beginning to DarkIce Mines
Fighting The Galleon
Enter Krazoa Palace
Dinosaur Planet
Ice Mountain
SnowHorn Wastes
Ancient Well
DarkIce Mines

Page 2- From Volcano Force Point Temple to CloudRunner Fortress
Volcano Force Point Temple
Krazoa Shrine #2
Krazoa Palace
CloudRunner Fortress

Page 3- From Ocean Force Point Temple to Walled City
Ocean Force Point Temple
LightFoot Village
Krazoa Shrine #3
ThornTail Hollow
Walled City

Page 4- From Volcano Force Point Temple (again) to Ending
Volcano Force Point Temple
SnowHorn Wastes
Krazoa Shrine #4
Dragon Rock
Ocean Force Point Temple
Walled City
Krazoa Shrine #5
Krazoa Palace

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