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Another SpellStone, Another Spirit, and Stolen Artifacts

Volcano Force Point Temple

I skipped ahead, didn't I? Well there aren't any surprises here since you've been this way before so get running to the temple. There are a couple of things you can do differently now though. First, in the room with the conveyor belt, you can open the other two grates to get more fuel cells. Also, right after you open up the turning gate with the SpellStone, find a ledge to the left and climb down the wall. Use a Moon Seed when you reach the bottom and grow the vine. Climb it to get a couple of fuel cells and a Cheat Token Well. By my count, this is the sixth well. There is one more to go and then we can go to the maze.

Once you get the Cheat Token, continue through the Temple. You'll reach the central room soon and you'll have to place the SpellStone in a different place this time. It will open up a different door. There is a quick way to reach it, though you'll probably take some damage. Find the moving platforms below you near the climbable wall. Jump down and try to land on the one that's not on fire. Put out the fire on the other moving platform and hop on it to reach the wall. Climb the wall and enter the door and get on the lift. In the next room, climb the ladder and put out the flames to open the door. The order to put out the flames is blue, green, red and yellow. Now, go through the door you unlocked and fight the SharpClaw. Have Tricky stay on the button. Climb the ladder, put out the flame and flip the switch to open the gate. Have Tricky stay on the button in the next room to get the flaming platform moving. Put out the fire on the platform and jump on it. Shoot through the fire to activate the three orbs. The door will open so you can go through. Step on the warp and place the SpellStone back in its hole. Make your way back to ThornTail Hollow.

ThornTail Hollow

Yikes! Those laughing bat things are attacking all of the ThornTails in the area. Shoot all of the bats off the ThornTails and don't forget about the one ThornTail by the road leading to Cape Claw. You'll be rewarded with the Large Scarab Bag. Um... yay? Anyway, get a bunch of scarabs and go to the store. If you need a lot more scarabs you can go into the Well Maze, but I'm going to talk about that later in the walkthrough. You need 130 scarabs to buy the Gold Mountain Root, but you can talk it down to 110. Once you have it, go to SnowHorn Wastes.

SnowHorn Wastes

At the SnowHorn Wastes, you will need to talk to the blue SnowHorn and give him his Gold Root. To reach him you must hop across some platforms in a lake. The SnowHorn will "give you a chance to prove yourself" even though you gave back his most prized possession... jerk. Anyway, blow your SnowHorn on the pad that appears to start your challenge. Have Tricky melt the sheet of ice behind the SnowHorn to reach the next pad. Blow you horn on it to make the next one appear. Continue to find a tree that is shooting at you. Shoot back to topple the tree. Trigger the next pad and then run towards the path by the fence to find the next pad. The next pad is ahead of where you are by the BribeClaw. The following pad is by the King SnowHorn, which is through the door on your right. This will trigger the last pad. Go to the river by the King SnowHorn and walk along the bank. Shoot the tree at the end to make it fall over. Cross the tree and climb the wall to end the challenge. This will open up a gate to the fourth Krazoa Shrine of all things. Go back to where you found the blue SnowHorn before and follow the path to an open area with some SharpClaws. The warp to the shrine is across the river.

Krazoa Shrine #4

First, climb the ladder to reach a long room. Shoot the laughing bats and then grab a barrel. Walk along the narrow path carefully and throw the barrel at the wall to open it. Go back and get another barrel and place it on the barrel pad in the next room. Flip the switch to change the fire blast. Keep changing the fire to keep the barrel from exploding and continue through the wind tunnel. Push the barrel to the next room and put it on the pad. Defeat the SharpClaw in the room and grab the barrel again. Throw it at the wall when the fire goes down. Enter the next room and talk to the Krazoa Spirit to start the fourth test.

Krazoa Test #4- The Test of Strength

This is surprisingly easy. Keep mashing the A button and the SharpClaw will put up little resistance. All you have to do now is go to the Krazoa Palace.

Krazoa Palace

Go to the fan room and reach the second floor. There will be a Portal Door there, so open it up and release the spirit. Pretty easy, huh?

Dragon Rock

ThornTail Hollow

The Warp Stone will point you in the direction of the last GateKeeper. The GateKeeper is the ThornTail that is always grumbling by the Ancient Well. Talk to him and he'll open the gateway to Dragon Rock. Well let's hurry along then.

To Dragon Rock

Since this is the last flight path that you've opened you might imagine that this is the hardest flight path. You might also imagine that you have to collect all of the gold rings. Well, you do, but they are not hard to find. Grab them all and continue.

Dragon Rock

Well you'll probably notice two things about Dragon Rock right away. First, Dragon Rock is wide open and desolate and second, there are many shielded robots taking well-aimed potshots at you. Head to the north part of the map to find a metal wall. On the left side of the wall is a ladder, climb up and follow the fiery path to a barrel. Make sure you activate the barrel carrier first though. Pick up the barrel and place it on the pad. Climb the ladder and stand on the button to turn off the flame. Wait until the barrel passes and press the next button. The barrel will be dropped so pick it up and throw it at the wall. Go through to the next room and flip the switch. This will free an EarthWalker on the southern part of the map. He will help you destroy the shield generators for those nasty robots. The shield generators are green cracks in rock formations around the area. Use the tusk attack to break them. One is on the northern side of the central column. One is in an alcove in the northeastern part of the map. One is in a twisted rock formation in the southeastern part of the map. The last one is in another twisted rock formation on the northwestern corner of the map. Once the shields are down you can shoot all of the robots with your blaster. A door will open on the northern wall when they are destroyed. Walk through the door to find an imprisoned HighTop. Find the Booster Pad to get high enough to talk to the High Top. Shoot all four Blaster Panels quickly to free the HighTop. Now you'll enter a rail shooting sequence where you have to protect the HighTop from missiles being launched from the center column. You have infinite ammo so blast away. After a time, the HighTop will stop and open the next area for you.

In this area, kill the three Firecrawlers by using your Ice Blast. A door will open. But first, find a button on the ground that Tricky can stay on. It's next to a barrel. A barrel carrier will come to pick it up but you have to shoot three Blaster Panels to turn off the jets of flame on the wall to protect the barrel. Now climb the ladder and pick up the barrel. You'll have to aim the barrel to go through the following wind tunnels without hitting the walls or the fire, so time your jumps will. When you can finally blow up the door, enter the room and flip the switch to get the CloudRunner's cage moving. Now drop down and have Tricky flame the symbol to burn the rope that is supporting the cage. Now you can climb on the CloudRunner's back and do more damage. You have to shoot the red targets on each of the spires that you fly by. They all take a lot of shots to kill but you have infinite ammo again. Once the spires are destroyed you'll be dropped into another boss battle.

Boss Drakor
This boss is pretty fun. Basically you just have to shoot it with your staff a lot while you are moving on your panel. You will have infinite staff energy, so blast away. There are a few things you have to look out for though. One: It will shoot fireballs at you, and you can destroy them with a blast of your own. Two: There are mines everywhere. You just have to shoot them to get them out of your way. Three: There will be fire streams coming out of the walls in some places. Shoot the Blaster Panels to get them to stop for a while. Four: There will also be some powerup boxes, like from the flying missions. Shoot them to get more health.

The boss's health will only drain a little per blast, but you can fire very quickly. Have fun shooting.

Now it's time to go to Cape Claw and the Ocean Force Point Temple.

Finishing Up

Ocean Force Point Temple

Now if you did all the errands that I told you to do before, the path to the temple should be opened. If not, get the cannon and do so. Also make sure you get the last staff upgrade while you're at it.

Go inside the temple and you'll have to cross the electric floor again, but this time you have to cross three sets of tiles. When you get to the water, turn right and into a hallway with a Portal Door. Opening the door will reveal the last Cheat Token Well. Now, continue to the warp that leads to the next area.

Go to the north room in the next area. It will be flooded, so you can reach the northwest room this time. Push the block into the corner to climb up and hit a switch. Jump to the next platform and put on the SharpClaw Costume and stand on the pad. A door will open in the center column. Flip the switch that's revealed to flood the room and proceed south. The puzzle in the next room is similar to the one on your first trip through but this time each statue can only put out one flame. The platform also moves faster as you put out the fires so you'll have to adjust your timing accordingly. Now the room with the block puzzle will open up. Shoot these sides in this order: east, south, east, north, west, south, east. This will make a boost pad appear. Use it and follow the path to the warp and set the final SpellStone in place. Now watch as the planet comes back together... Or will it? Looks like you have to go to the Walled City again though. But before you go, you should visit your old friend, the Warp Stone.

Well Maze

There isn't much to say about this place except that it's a maze. You'll have to work your way through until you find a well inside. Make sure you throw each of your tokens in since you only throw them in one at a time. Make sure you don't use and teleporters until you find the well. Now you can go about your business and fly to the Walled City.

Walled City

You have to find the fifth Krazoa Spirit but you have to get a couple of things first. Talk to the King EarthWalker and he'll open the way to get the Sun and Moon Stones. Once the conversation is over head to the right towards the blue temple.

You'll go to an area where blocks are floating in the air along with symbols. You need to push the blocks into the symbols without having them touch the wall. A block will slide until it is stopped by either another block or a symbol. If you need hints, look at the tiles on the ground. The darker once show the correct path for the blocks to go. Now, walk to the temple and ride the lift up to the top. Press Z to bring up the first person view and zoom in with your goggles to the shining spot. This will open a door. The first room has a really annoying puzzle. Flip the switch to open the door but gates block your way. The floor tiles around the gates will give way a short while after you first step on them so you need to walk along all the tiles while you are waiting for the gate to lower. The next room has a really annoying maze. Use your Ground Quake on the circle to open the door. However you will be trapped in a maze with invisible walls. You're going to need to walk around the corners of the room to find the correct path, but your time is short. The final room has you shooting panels as they are uncovered in order clockwise. Now you can recover the Moon Stone and make your way to the other side of Walled City to the red temple.

The sun temple is virtually identical to the moon temple in the beginning so make your way inside in the same manner as before. In the first room of the temple you have to push and pull blocks in the wall so they are showing symbols when they are in the wall. In the second room you must flip a bunch of switches to lower invisible walls. However they are blocked by a certain kind of obstacle that requires a specific item to get past. There is a time limit so you need to hurry. You'll need to shoot more panels in the last room but the wheel is uncovering them in the opposite direction. You still need to shoot the targets in a clockwise direction though.

Now that you have both stones, return them to the statues that you placed the teeth in. Once the stones are in place the top of the temple will change to reveal the entrance to Krazoa Shrine #5.

Krazoa Shrine #5

The temple is pretty easy to get through. This is good since you're probably going to take this test a few times over.

Krazoa Test #5- The Test of Knowledge

This is probably the most difficult test. You have to place six items to their corresponding areas and you have a very limited time to do it. Here are the answers: The SnowHorn goes in the middle left spot, the CloudRunner Flute goes in the lower right spot, the wooden block goes in the middle right spot. The tooth goes in the upper left spot, the moon seed goes in the upper right spot, and the rock goes in the lower left spot. Good luck.

The Krazoa Spirit will become yours and you and Tricky will make their tearful goodbye. You'll automatically land on the Krazoa Palace after you take off and head back to the planet.

Krazoa Palace

After you land, take the wind tunnel down into the temple and go to third floor. This is the same floor as the one with the SharpClaw Pad. Go into the hallway that has a couple of red torches on it. Follow the path and release the spirit at the end. Make your way to the top of the temple and use the Warp Pad at the top.

The Cataclysmic Battle With General Scales

Actually no. When you climb onto the platform you get to talk to General Scales but when you draw your staff your battle is interrupted and you get the final Krazoa Spirit. Walk to the Krazoa Head behind you to release the final spirit and start the cut scene leading to the real final battle.

Yes, it's Andross himself, but this time you are equipped with your Arwing. The fight with Andross is broken down into three stages.

First stage:

Andross will start out as a Krazoa head. All you have to do is shoot his eyes and the crystal on his forehead while avoiding the beams he shoots from his mouth. Once you destroy those he will turn around to face you. He will try to attack you with his hands. Shoot quickly at the crystal in the other hand since you have a better shot at it. If you didn't destroy both crystals by the time the attack you, Andross will shoot out a shower of asteroids. You will probably not take damage if you keep firing. After that, Andross will try to inhale you. Keep to the left side and keep hitting the L button to barrel roll out of the way. If you keep yourself from being sucked in you can shoot at the hands again. If you get sucked in, you will take a full heart of health in damage and you'll have to start the stage over. The next stage will begin once both of his hands are destroyed.

Second stage:

Andross will start on his Krazoa Head side again. It's identical to the last time, only he will shoot missiles at you instead of beams. Destroy his eyes and the crystal and he will turn to face you again. You'll have to destroy his hands again. The only difference is that after he tries to inhale you he will shoot a powerful beam at you from one of his hands. The beam lasts a long time. To avoid it you have to move in a circle along the edges of the screen. Once both of his hands are destroyed he will try to suck you in again. You can't do anything to stop it, but Falco will come to your rescue.

Third Stage:

Now that Andross' hands are destroyed, he will stick to shooting stuff at Fox. Eventually Falco will drop a container in front of you. Blast it open to collect a Nova Bomb. When Andross tries to inhale you again, shoot the bomb into his mouth. Andross' head will become transparent and you can shoot his brain. He will try to head butt you so do your best to avoid it. After he tries to head butt you four times he will revert back to his invincible form. Repeat the process until his brain loses all of its life. Congratulations, you just beat the game!

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