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Game Controls
A Button This is the context specific button. If you want to shoot your blaster, press A. If you want to trigger a switch, press A etc..
B Button This covers all of your cancel functions.
Control Pad Adjusts Fox's PDA device to display maps, information, and a Fuel Cell compass.
Control Stick Moves your character around the environment. Also used to look around in first person mode and when aiming staff weapons.
C Stick Use this to scroll through your various menus. The available menus are the Staff Upgrades, Sidekick Commands and your inventory.
L Button This will let you recenter the camera if you press lightly on the L Button. If you click the L Button you will enter sidestep mode.
R Button Use this to shield yourself in combat or to put up a forcefield around yourself.
Start Button This will access the menu that will allow you to talk to your team members and to save and quit your game.
X Button This is your dodge button. You will excecute rolls on the ground when you are not in combat and evasive maneuvers when you are.
Y Button This is your assignment button. You can use this button to store a command that you can use quickly.
Z Button This will bring you into the first person view. Use the Control Stick to look around in this mode.

Arwing Controls
A Button Fire your lasers.
B Button Fire a bomb if you have one. Press the B Button again to detonate the bomb.
Control Stick Steer the Arwing.
L and R Buttons The farther you hold down either of these buttons the farther you will bank to one side. If you click the button you will perform a barrel roll which will temporarily ward off attacks.
Start Button Pauses the game and brings up the communicator.
X Button Hold Down to reduce your speed.
Y Button Hold down to get a boost of speed.

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