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This section has all of the boss walkthrough. It also contains *spoilers*. But chances are that if you are reading this section for said spoiler, you'd have figured it out by now.

General Scales' Galleon
First things first, you have infinite hit points during this battle, so you don't have to worry about dieing.

Your first targets are the cannons shaped like dragon heads. Once they are burned out you will swoop low towards the propeller. Shoot all four blades off of the propeller. After that you have to take out the two cannons again. The ship will turn around when they are destroyed and you have to shoot the main cannon mounted on the stem of the ship.

The battle is over once the main cannon is finished.

Boss Galdon
The first thing you have to do is have Tricky thaw Galdon with his Flame Command and make sure that you have your Fire Blaster set to Y. Now Galdon will try to step on you. Avoid it until it stops and then run behind it and hit its tail. After four hits, it will swallow you.

Inside its mouth you'll have to hit its uvula, (that's the thing that hangs down in your throat in case you didn't know), a couple of times. It can swing back to hit you so dodge it. After it takes a few hits it will spit you out.

Now it changes strategies. It will start spitting out green gobs at you. Keep dodging them until it starts breathing in and opens its neck flaps. At that point, shoot it with your Fire Blaster. It will go down its throat and damage it. Do that three more times and it will swallow you again. Hit its uvula a few more times and you will get the Spellstone.

RedEye King
OK, this boss follows a pretty simple pattern, but it's difficult to get the timing right. In preparation, make sure you have your Fire Blaster set to Y.

The setting is a set of four hallways set into a square. On the corners of this arena will be a gate with an explosive barrel on it. Shoot the target above the gate and pick up the barrel. Near that, there will be a switch on the ground. Wait there until the RedEye King starts to come down the hall. It will roar at you. About three quarters of the way through the roar, (it will take practice) stand on the switch. It will charge up some panels on the wall with electricity. If you timed it right the RedEye King will walk right into the electric field. Run up to the RedEye and throw the barrel at it.

It will get up and start to run after you again when you hit it. Hurry away from it and hide in the little alcove halfway down the next hall. Once it passes, run back to the gate with the barrel and repeat the process from before. After you hit it with the barrels four times it will be defeated and you can claim another SpellStone.

Boss Drakor
This boss is pretty fun. Basically you just have to shoot it with your staff a lot while you are moving on your panel. You will have infinite staff energy, so blast away. There are a few things you have to look out for though. One: It will shoot fireballs at you, and you can destroy them with a blast of your own. Two: There are mines everywhere. You just have to shoot them to get them out of your way. Three: There will be fire streams coming out of the walls in some places. Shoot the Blaster Panels to get them to stop for a while. Four: There will also be some powerup boxes, like from the flying missions. Shoot them to get more health.

The boss's health will only drain a little per blast, but you can fire very quickly. Have fun shooting.

Yes, it's Andross himself, but this time you are equipped with your Arwing. The fight with Andross is broken down into three stages.

First stage:

Andross will start out as a Krazoa head. All you have to do is shoot his eyes and the crystal on his forehead while avoiding the beams he shoots from his mouth. Once you destroy those he will turn around to face you. He will try to attack you with his hands. Shoot quickly at the crystal in the other hand since you have a better shot at it. If you didn't destroy both crystals by the time the attack you, Andross will shoot out a shower of asteroids. You will probably not take damage if you keep firing. After that, Andross will try to inhale you. Keep to the left side and keep hitting the L button to barrel roll out of the way. If you keep yourself from being sucked in you can shoot at the hands again. If you get sucked in, you will take a full heart of health in damage and you'll have to start the stage over. The next stage will begin once both of his hands are destroyed.

Second stage:

Andross will start on his Krazoa Head side again. It's identical to the last time, only he will shoot missiles at you instead of beams. Destroy his eyes and the crystal and he will turn to face you again. You'll have to destroy his hands again. The only difference is that after he tries to inhale you he will shoot a powerful beam at you from one of his hands. The beam lasts a long time. To avoid it you have to move in a circle along the edges of the screen. Once both of his hands are destroyed he will try to suck you in again. You can't do anything to stop it, but Falco will come to your rescue.

Third Stage:

Now that Andross' hands are destroyed, he will stick to shooting stuff at Fox. Eventually Falco will drop a container in front of you. Blast it open to collect a Nova Bomb. When Andross tries to inhale you again, shoot the bomb into his mouth. Andross' head will become transparent and you can shoot his brain. He will try to head butt you so do your best to avoid it. After he tries to head butt you four times he will revert back to his invincible form. Repeat the process until his brain loses all of its life. Congratulations, you just beat the game!

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