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Character Abilities

Fox's Staff Abilities
Ability Name Location Found
Description of the ability.
Fire Blaster ThornTail Hollow
The Fire Blaster shoots a projectile from Fox's Staff. You can use the Fire Blaster to kill enemies from a distance and to shoot red Blaster Panels. Also the Fire Blaster can trigger other special switches as well.
Staff Booster Ancient Well
Use this ability on Staff Booster Pads to reach higher levels.
Freeze Blast Volcano Force Point Temple
You can use this ability to freeze enemies in close combat or to put out torches and flamethrowers.
Ground Quake Moon Mountain Pass
This ability will stun any enemy, but it is also necessary to make certain enemies vulnerable to your attacks.
SharpClaw Disguise CloudRunner Fortress
This will disguise you as a SharpClaw. Use it to sneak by other SharpClaw without arousing suspicion and to activate special pads on the floor with SharpClaw footprints on them. You can't attack anything in this form, so disengage the disguise if you have to attack something.
Portal Device ThornTail Hollow
Use this to open special Portal Doors.
Super Ground Quake Walled City
This is the only attack powerful enough to knock down RedEyes. It can also trigger certain events.

Tricky's Commands
Ability Name Location Learned
Description of the ability.
Find Secret Starting Ability
Use this ability to have Tricky uncover something, usually by digging.
Tricky Stay! Starting Ability
Use this to have Tricky stay in one place. Mostly useful on switches.
Call Tricky SnowHorn Wastes
Use this to call Tricky to you if you've lost track of him.
Flame DarkIce Mines
Use this to melt ice or to set things on fire. You'll use this command pretty often.
Throw Ball ThornTail Hollow Store
Tricky will gain this ability when Fox buys Tricky's Ball. This is pretty useless.

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