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Cheat Tokens

Scattered throughout Dinosaur Planet are 8 wells that offer a cheat token for 20 scarabs. Take the Cheat Tokens to the Warp Stone Maze and drop the Tokens in the well. Each token will unlock a cheat or reveal a message.

Well Locations
In the middle of the ThornTail Store.
Use a Bomb Spore on a wall near the cannon on Ice Mountain.
Ride on an ice block to the end of the cold river in SnowHorn Wastes. You can swim there too, but it will damage you.
Use a Moon Seed at a planting area right before the second Krazoa Shrine in Moon Mountain Pass.
It's in a forested area in LightFoot Village. You have to unlock a Rocket Booster Pad and use it to reach it.
Use the cannon in Cape Claw to blow open a wall near the entry point to the Ocean Force Point Temple.
Grow a Moon Seed Vine when you exit the Volcano Force Point Temple and climb up the wall.
After you get past the electric floors in the Ocean Force Point Temple, turn right and open the Portal Door.

Cheats and Messages
Peppy can display the Staff Credits on the opening menu.
Slippy will give you the Sound Test on the opening menu.
You will get a message.
ROB can set the game to Dinosaur Language subtitles.
You will get another message.
Peppy can change the display to Sepia (black and white) Mode.
You will get another message.
You will get a final message.

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