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Useable Items

These are all consumable items. Some are stored in your inventory while others, like health restoring items will be put to use immediately.

Item Name Max Capacity
Description of the item
Blue GrubTubs 15
Blue GrubTubs are required to have Tricky use his commands. To collect these you have to hit them with your staff and then collect them while they are dazed.
Bafomdads 1 then 10
Bafomdads will revive you from where you fall if you run out of life. You can only hold one to start with, but you can hold ten Bafomdads when you buy the Bafomdad Holder.
Bomb Spores 7
Bomb Spores are seeds that can be used as explosives. To get them you have to blow up a Bomb Spore Plant with your Fire Blaster and retrieve the spores. Plant the spores in special patches of dirt and the blow them up with your Fire Blaster to destroy whatever was there.
Dumbledang Pods N/A
Dumbledang Pods will restore half a heart of energy when they are collected.
Fireflies 31
Use fireflies to light your way through dark areas. You need to buy the Firefly Lantern to hold them.
Fuel Cells 255
Fuel Cells are required to power your Arwing. They are scattered through out the land, but you can also buy them at the ThornTail Store if you can't find enough.
Moon Seeds 7
These will grow into vines when you plant them into special patches of dirt and have Tricky blow fire on it.
PukPuk Eggs N/A
PukPuk Eggs will restore a whole heart of life when collected.
Scarabs 10 then 50 then 100 then 200
Scarabs are the currency of Dinosaur Planet. You increase your holding capacity of Scarabs when you gain bigger Scarab Bags.
Staff Energy Gem N/A
Staff Energy Gems will replenish your staff energy. You can increase your staff energy by getting upgrades for it.

Inventory Items

These are items such as keys that either remain in your inventory or will disappear when you use them.

Item Name Location Found
Item Description
Alpine Roots SnowHorn Wastes
These are the favorite food of the SnowHorns. Unfortunately they can't dig them up with their feet.
Bridge Cogs DarkIce Mines
Machine parts needed to get the bridge in the DarkIce Mines operable again.
Cheat Token Wells
Given to you after you feed the creatures inside the wells 20 scarabs. Used to unlock messages and options.
CloudRunner Flute CloudRunner Fortress
Used to call the CloudRunner children back to their home.
Dinosaur Horn DarkIce Mines
A musical instrument that will call animals to help you.
Fire Gems Cape Claw
Two of these are needed to open the entrance to the Ocean Force Point Temple.
Firefly Lantern ThornTail Store
Needed to hold Fireflies.
Gate Key ThornTail Hollow
Needed to open up the SnowHorn Wastes.
Gold Bar Cape Claw
These four Gold Bars are the property of the High Top at Cape Claw.
Gold Key General Scale's Galleon
Used to open a door in the Krazoa Palace.
Light Gem CloudRunner Fortress
Needed to run the generator at the CloudRunner Fortress. There are three gems in all.
Moon Pass Key ThornTail Hollow
Used to open up the Moon Mountain Pass.
Moon Stone Blue Moon Palace
One of the stones used to open the Krazoa Palace in the Walled City.
PDA Equipped at the start
This displays information in the bottom left corner of the screen. It will display the map of the area you are on (assuming you have the map), information of a specific interactive item, or you can switch it to a fuel cell radar.
Power Room Key CloudRunner Fortress
Opens the ower Generator Room in the CloudRunner Fortress.
Prison Cell Key DarkIce Mines
A pair of keys used to open up cells in the DarkIce Mines.
RedEye Tooth Walled City
Used to find the boss of the Walled City. There are two teeth in all.
Rock Candy ThornTail Store
Needed to get the help of the Warp Stone. Bought in the ThornTail Store.
Shackle Key DarkIce Mines
Used to unlock shackles of imprisoned SnowHorns.
SnowHorn Artifact ThornTail Store
Used to get the help of a SnowHorn.
Sun Stone Red Sun Palace
One of the two stones needed to open the Krazoa Shrine in the Walled City.
Tricky's Ball ThornTail Store
Allows Tricky to use the Play command. It will cause Tricky to change color after a while.
White GrubTub Ancient Well
These six GrubTubs are used to restore the Queen EarthWalker to good health.
Wood Block Carving LightFoot Village
These are needed to open up areas in the LightFoot Village.
Zoom Goggles ThornTail Store
Allows Fox to zoom in and out in the first person view.

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