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SpellStones and Krazoa Spirits

Return to ThornTail Hollow

Once the boss is finished you'll have to fly back to ThornTail Hollow. No biggie, it's exactly the same as before. Once you land a ThornTail will inform you that the SharpClaws have put out the fire beacons in the Hollow and that it's your job to light them again. There are three beacons in all. To relight them you have to collect Fire Weeds. They are found, conveniently enough, in the Fire Weed Tree, which is the tree that looks like it's on fire near the Store entrance. Hit the tree to knock off the weeds, then hit the weeds to put them out and collect them. Once you have three you can place each of these on the beacons and have Tricky flame them to relight the beacons. One beacon is on the path near the Warp Stone, another is on a ridge over looking the river, and the last one is in the area that leads to Cape Claw in the southwest corner of the Hollow. In appreciation the ThornTail will give you the Moon Key which will lead you to your next destination: Moon Mountain Pass. You can find you way there by leaving the Hollow to the northeast.

Moon Mountain Pass

When you try to walk across the middle of the pass the ground will break and you will be in a free fall. Steer Fox to the left and the hop on the rising platforms to reach the other column of wind to get out. You can also pick up a fuel cell once you reach the top of the column. Get to the other side of the path and go down it. You'll watch a cut scene where a couple of SharpClaws start up a barrel-throwing machine so you're going to have to dodge your way up to the top. Use your key on the door at the top and kill the SharpClaws to open up the Spirit Door. Now go through where the door opened up and you'll have reached the Volcano Force Point Temple.

Volcano Force Point Temple

Hop across the platforms and go to the next room. Go down the hole in the floor when the fire stops coming through it. Cross the bridge and then go up the conveyor belt with the barrels on it. Now, hop across the cliff and climb up the wall to reach a large room. Climb down the ladder and get a fuel cell and climb up again. Cross the bridge and use the SpellStone to open up the gate on the bridge. To open the gate that is blocking the door, you must line yourself up so that the fire that keeps changing color is between you and either the glowing blue or green orbs. Shoot your blaster through the fire when it is the same color as the orb. The gate will open when both orbs have been hit with the correct color. Use your SpellStone on the door to open it. Go to the Spirit Door in the next room and then walk back to where you came until some SharpClaws materialize in front of you. Kill them all to open the door. In the next room have Tricky light the two flame symbols near the floor and climb the ladder and follow the path all the way around to the end. Your next staff upgrade will be at the end of the path: the Ice Blast. Exit the room and use the Ice Blast to extinguish the four red flames in the room. Ride the platform down to the next level. Enter the big room and watch the cut scene. Walk forward and use the SpellStone on the switch. A door will unlock. Put out the flame that is blocking the elevator and get on it. Climb the ladder in the room and quickly put out all four flames to unlock the next door. Kill the SharpClaws and jump across the moving platforms. Tricky won't be able to make it across until you stop the platforms so shoot the Blaster Panels on the backs of them to stop them. Now have Tricky light the flame symbol to open the door. Walk to the middle of the room at the end of the hall to finally put the SpellStone in its rightful place. Now you can walk out of the temple. You'll be near the entrance.

A Call For Help

Near where you exit the temple, Fox will hear a plea from Krystal. Now it's time to save her too. First, go through the door that the Krazoa Spirit opens up to get the Ground Quake staff upgrade. Use your new power on the creature outside of the cave to stun it. Hit it on its back twice to kill it and receive a Moon Seed. Plant the seed next to the wall and have Tricky flame it to make it grow. Climb it to enter Moon Mountain Pass.

On the Way to Krazoa Shrine #2

Destroy the first Moon Seed monster and collect its Moon Seed. Use it on the wall in front of you. Climb up it and jump the ledge to collect some Bomb Spores and a Moon Seed. If you use the seen on the other wall in that small area it will lead you to a Bafomdad. Follow the path to where it opens up and collect a couple more Moon Seeds. Find the wall that you can plant a seed next to and climb up it. Blow up the wall at the end of the hall and continue into a cut scene where a meteor nearly falls on top of you. Walk around the big area collecting the Moon Seed that you can find. In the northwest part of the area, have Tricky dig into the ground to reveal a small meteor. Put the meteor in one of the steaming vents on the west part of the area. There will be a meteor that is on fire that you have to put out before you can pick it up and another meteor that you'll have to dig to find. Put the three small meteors on the three vents that are the farthest away from the large meteor to blow it up high enough so you can pass it. Continue on the path planting Moon Seeds on the way. Look sharp, a little before the entrance to the Krazoa Shrine will be a Moon Seed area that will lead to a fuel cell, a Bafomdad, and a Cheat Token Well. Now find the Warp Pad and go to Krazoa Shrine #2.

Krazoa Shrine #2

First, climb the ladder. If the Fire Bat is giving you problems use the Ice Blast on it. Now, swim across the water and put out the flame so you can climb the wall. Turn around at the top of the wall to shoot the Blaster Panel, which fills the gap with water so you can cross it. In the next room you must navigate a narrow ledge. Walk slowly, despite the fire blasts, since it is very easy to fall off of it. When you get to the end, turn around to find another Blaster Panel. Shoot it to open the door. Talk to the Krazoa Spirit inside to start the second test.

Test 2: The Test of Combat

This test is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is kill all of the SharpClaw that appear in three and a half minutes. If you are good at fighting them, this should be easy. If you are taking too long, you can try freezing them with your Ice Blast and then shattering them to defeat them more quickly.

On the way to Krazoa Palace

Once you exit, the Krazoa Spirit will tell you to go to the Krazoa Palace. Follow the lower part of the valley until you reach a cliff. Here you must jump across the platforms with a timed Fuel Barrel to destroy the wall on the far side. This is difficult because you have to aim directly at the next platform when you jump so the barrel will be carried by the wind to the next platform. Do yourself a favor and get rid of the laughing bat monster first though. Now all you have to do is follow the path all the way back to ThornTail Hollow.

Krazoa Palace

All you have to do at the Hollow is talk to the Warp Stone so you can warp to the Krazoa Palace. The Warp Stone can't warp Tricky, much to Fox's delight, er dismay. The first thing to do is walk straight ahead into the building to fight the batch of SharpClaws inside to open the Spirit Door. Once that's done, backtrack to get a barrel and enter the dark room you opened. It is helpful if you release a Firefly to see in the room. If you don't have any Fireflies there are some in the crates at the bottom of the ramp. Once you're inside the dark room with the barrel, go up the right path and keep hugging the wall until you've turned left three times. After you turn the third time, look for a branch off the path that leads left. Take that path and turn left again shortly to go down a ramp. Once you reach the floor, use the barrel on the cracked wall to open it. In the next room, shoot the Blaster Panel at the far end of the room to start moving the fire spurts coming from the wall. Next, pick up a barrel and take it to the far wall, taking care not to get burned by the fire, and blow up the wall. Enter the next room to find another set of color changing fire and orbs. Shoot both of them correctly to lower the shield on the robot that is hovering there. Once its shield is down blast away at it until it is destroyed. Walk back to pick up another barrel and place it on the pad that the robot was hovering over to keep the door open. You will enter a large room with a lot of airlifts in it. Ride the airlifts so you reach the very top of the room. Find another airlift along the side of the wall to be blasted up to the roof. Once on the roof, walk to the middle of the altar and watch a cut scene where Fox goes through puberty, (it even includes a lame saxophone solo). Go to the Krazoa Head that appeared during the cut scene to release the spirit. The Krazoa Head will show you out of the temple once that is finished.

CloudRunner Fortress

On the way to Cape Claw

Once you get back, a rather appreciative Warp Stone will point you in the right direction and gives you the Medium Scarab Bag. Make sure you fill it up as much as possible before you leave. Once you get at least sixty scarabs, leave the Hollow through the Southwest exit. The path to Cape Claw is somewhat tricky. You'll have to pay a toll of sixty scarabs to a golden scarab to open the gate. There is a small maze that is easier to navigate if you bought all of the maps. Also, when you get to a round room, just keep following the paths with the ladders and don't fall to the bottom unless you want to pick up a couple of fuel cells. Once you make it through these small trials, you'll arrive at Cape Claw.

Prisoner of Cape Claw

Once you enter Cape Claw, follow the path and shoot the Blaster Panel to extend the bridge by the waterfall. The first thing to do here is head to the far end of the cape. You'll see a HighTop there, (the really tall dinosaur). Get on the boardwalk and pay the BribeClaw 25 scarabs to pass him. Talk to the HighTop and he'll ask you to find his four gold bars, all buried somewhere in Cape Claw. It's time for you and Tricky to go dig them up. First, go back down the boardwalk to the nearby corner of the beach. Tricky can dig up a bar of gold there. Next, swim across the cape to where something is blocking the shore. Get on the beach and have Tricky burn the nearby wall of brambles. Enter the area and dig where there is a small puddle. Leave this alcove and you should see another spot to dig. It also has a bar of gold. Swim down all the way down the shore on that side to find the last gold bar. Swim back to the HighTop and give him all four gold bars and he'll lower a ladder for you. Go back up the cape and climb the ladder he lowered. Flip the switch at the top of the ladder to open up a portcullis. Enter that room and try to leave. The door will close and poison gas will leak into the room. You have to push the blocks over the grates before Fox suffocates. This will open a gate that is nearby on the beach. Walk to the gate to talk to the prisoner of Cape Claw, who happens to be the Queen EarthWalker and the GateKeeper for the CloudRunner Fortress. It appears that Tricky doesn't like the CloudRunners so he'll leave the fortress for Fox alone. Now, go back to ThornTail Hollow and hop in your Arwing to fly to CloudRunner Fortress.

Flying to CloudRunner Fortress

You'll need five gold rings to pass this course. The route is pretty tricky to navigate since you'll have to fly through many narrow tunnels. Make sure you don't get stuck on the outside of the screen when you come to these tunnels or you'll take heavy damage from collisions. Once you pass the course it's on to CloudRunner Fortress.

CloudRunner Fortress

The Queen CloudRunner will fly ahead, leaving you to figure out how to get inside the fortress by yourself. Fortunately, I'll tell you how to get in. Run up to the closed gate and find the ladder next to it. Climb down the ladder and swim to the platform you see. Push the button to start a countdown. You'll have to start hopping across all the platforms and jump through all the starry rings within 30 seconds to make a Blaster Panel appear above the gate. Climb the ladder and shoot the panel to enter the Fortress. Follow the spiral path up to a closed gate. Open the gate by going down the ladder and finding a switch. Enter the gate and watch a cut scene where Fox gets zapped a bunch of times and gets thrown into prison.

A Useful Disguise

They were smart enough to take your staff so you'll have to get it back. Push the strange colored block in your cell backwards to escape. Slippy will send you a message so just humor him. Get to the room with a bunch of cages and walk quietly past the guard. Don't try to get the staff or he'll wake up. Get past the guard and go to the end of the hall to a windy room. Pick up the barrel in the room and place it on the wind tunnel. Now step on the switch next to it to make the barrel rise to the top. The barrel will explode and Slippy will beam you the SharpClaw Disguise, which is technically a staff ability. Don your new disguise and approach the guard with your staff. Of course he'll leave which gives you the opportunity to reclaim your staff. Now that you've gotten it back, use it to flip all of the switches in the room to open the cages. Eventually a LightFoot will come out and give you the Power Room Key, which will be useful later. Go back down the hall and shoot the Blaster Panel to exit the area.

Restoring Power

Climb up the wall to reach the main courtyard again. Get to the middle of the area where there is a raised platform. Approach the three columns on the platform. The switches are timed so press the left switch first and run in that direction. You should see a ladder in that area that you can't reach. The switch for it is behind a small box that is on top of a larger box. Break the box, flip the switch, climb the ladder and go down the hall to get the Green Light Gem. Now go back to the platform and press the right switch. Run to the area that the cut scene showed. Put out the fire and boost up to open the box and get the Blue Light Gem. Now go back to the platform and press the center switch. Near the ramp to the platform will be a stack of boxes. Climb the boxes and follow the path to reach the room with the Red Light Gem. Now go to the room that's on the south part of the map and use the Power Room Key on the slot. You're under time pressure in the power room but the puzzle is easy. Place the colored gems in the same colored slots to reactivate the airlifts.

Exploring and Rescuing

Once the airlifts are turned on, find the airlift with leaves blowing around in it and enter the hallway to the right once you've flown to the top. Fight the SharpClaws and don the disguise to activate the special "SharpClaw Only" panel. You'll have to kill all of the SharpClaws in the next area to open the door. Put the disguise on again and pick up the explosive barrel. Move to the room next door and place the barrel on the glowing circle on the floor. Climb the ladder and step on the SharpClaw Pad. Pick the barrel up again when it gets to you and leave the room. You will see a piece of the path missing in front of you. Throw the barrel at the wall just beyond the gap to blow it up. Walk in there and the floor will break, but wind will catch you. Float to the next room and defeat the SharpClaws there. Step on the SharpClaw Pad to lower a ladder. Climb the ladder to flip a switch that will open the gate on the lower side. Go to the cage in the upper part of the room and talk to the Queen CloudRunner. Go to the left side of the cage and jump on to the stacked up boxes and to the other ledge to flip a switch and open the other gate. Leave the room and pick up another barrel and throw it at the column supporting the cage the Queen CloudRunner is in. She will give you the CloudRunner Flute and tell you to rescue her children.

Leave the room to start the rescue missions. You have to defeat the SharpClaws that are scaring the CloudRunner children before time runs out. Once the SharpClaw are defeated you have to play the CloudRunner Flute for them. The first CloudRunner baby is to the right when you exit the room (as shown in the cut scene). You have to get close enough to the CloudRunner baby, once it has landed, for the Flute to work. Next, follow the path straight down to the next set of SharpClaws. Make sure the wind is going up before you cross the airlift. The next bird is a little farther away. Drop down the gap to get to the first floor, then make your way through the debris to get out of the courtyard. Turn left and find the ladder and climb down. Use the Rocket Pad, (it may be under a box is you didn't break it before), and ride it up to the SharpClaws. The last CloudRunner is near the same area the first one was in. Make your way back to the main courtyard and climb the stack of boxes to the second floor. Follow the path around and across the wind lift and you'll run right into the SharpClaws. Congratulations, you just saved the CloudRunner children. Now go and talk to the Queen CloudRunner. She will open up the treasure rooms for you. Leave the room and drop to the first floor. Go to the right and walk through the arch to find a ladder. Walk along the ledge and enter the rooms. Make sure you switch the airlift to blow down. Now you have to walk all the way back up to the room with the timed fuel barrel in it. Pick up the barrel and go to the airlift that is blowing down. It happens to be in the room next door. Now float down and throw the barrel at the cracked wall in the dark room ahead. Slide down the ladder to start the "boss fight".

SharpClaw Riders

I don't consider this much of a boss fight. All you have to do is run around the track on your hoverbike and run into each SharpClaw a few times. You have a limited fuel supply but you recover a bit when you run over arrows in the floor. Destroy the riders to claim the next SpellStone.

Now that you've got your shiny new SpellStone you have to fly back to ThornTail Hollow and high tail it over to Cape Claw.

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