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A SpellStone, a Spirit, and a Totem Pole

Cape Claw

At Cape Claw, you have to go to the right side of the shrine and climb the ladder the HighTop lowered for you earlier. Change into a SharpClaw and step on the panel to open the door. Get to the area with water and swim to the platform you can reach with a button. Have Tricky stay on the button to raise another platform. Use it to get to a ledge with a switch. The switch will turn off the waterfall outside. Go outside and swim to the tunnel that the waterfall was blocking. Swim along the path and you'll get to a Krazoa head that is blocked by fire. Put out the fire and take the Fire Gem that the Krazoa head has. This will flood the room but it will make accessing the main room easier. Leave this room and follow the path up to the other room. Place the Fire Gem in the left Krazoa head. Now, go to a switch that is to the left of the door you entered. Lower the platform and that Tricky stay on it. Raise the platform and have Tricky burn the brambles there. Leave the room and go to the beach. You will see a LightFoot being attacked by a pair of SharpClaws. Defeat the SharpClaws to initiate a funny cut scene and receive the second Fire Gem. Place the Fire Gem in the other Krazoa head to open the door to the Ocean Force Point Temple.

Ocean Force Point Temple

Walk to the other side of the first room you get to and shoot the Blaster Panel to flood the room. Swim to a pathway to the side of the room. Find some brambles and have Tricky burn them to make a block appear. Push the block in to the water and shoot the Blaster Panel again to drain the water. Push the block onto the panel on the floor to open the door.

Follow the path south to a courtyard. Climb the ladders at the back of the courtyard by the temple. There will be a door at the top that you need the SpellStone to open. Enter the door and find a panel to stand on. Have Tricky stay on the panel and note the pattern of lights that appear on the wall behind you. The pattern shows the correct path to cross the electrified floor ahead of you. So if the pattern shows the rightmost tile, step on the rightmost tile as you walk away from the wall. Cross the tiles, defeat the SharpClaws and continue in the water to the left. In the large room jump onto the large platforms and activate the switches at the end of all three paths. The paths are slippery so walk slowly. Swim back down the path to the end and climb onto the platform. Shoot through the flame when it is green and hit the orb to activate the teleporter.

Exit the room you warp to the north. Travel to the northeast room of this area. The room will be flooded. Swim to the platform and hit the switch to lower the water. Don the SharpClaw disguise and step on the SharpClaw Panel to reveal a block. Take off the disguise and find a switch to open the to half of the door. Now, grab the block and find a niche on the southern side of the central column. Climb up and jump to the switch to raise the water. Now exit the room to the south.

Find a spot in the wall that Tricky can use his Flame Command in the next room. It will light some torches and activate the Blaster Panels in the room. The object of the puzzle is to douse the flames in the middle by having the statues with the blaster panels dump water on them. There is a long delay for the water to come out so time your shot well. Once the puzzle is complete you can enter the next room for yet another puzzle.

The next puzzle requires you to move a block into a niche lit by torches. However, the only way you can move the block is to shoot the blaster panel in the direction you want it to go. Also if the block touches a wall you'll have to start over. Shoot the block on these sides in order: west, south, east, north, west, east and south. This will cause a rocket booster pad to appear in the room with the teleporter. Use it to boost up to the ledge above and follow the path until you reach a color changing flame with an orb on its far side. You should know what to do here. The path will extend when you shoot the orb leaving you free to use the teleporter and place the SpellStone in its rightful place.

Slippy will beep you on his communicator and tell you to go back to ThornTail Hollow. Start heading back... but you're going to get a little sidetracked.

LightFoot Village

After the trap knocks out Fox he'll wake up to find himself in a rather precarious situation. Fox is tied up to a totem pole and he's getting stabbed at by LightFoots (LightFeet?). Anyway, a CloudRunner will come to your aid. A meter will swing as a LightFoot Warrior approaches. Stop the meter on the green area before the LightFoot gets close enough to have the CloudRunner burn them. After the CloudRunner chases everyone away the LightFoot Chief will beg you to stop and untie you. Unfortunately, you are still stuck in the village, but Tricky senses that a Krazoa Spirit is in the village so it's up to you two to find it. The first thing you need to do is open up the routes to get around the village. In the southwest corner of the village there is a patch of dirt for Tricky to dig up. There is a wooden block buried in the dirt. Get it and take it up to the raise area where you were tied to the totem pole. There are small stone settings, which are missing blocks. Put your block in the setting with the right shape. There is another block near the north part of the map. This area is protected by brambles that Tricky can burn down. The last block is in the northeast corner. Put all of the blocks back where they belong to raise stepping-stones across the village. Once all of the steps are up, make your way to the LightFoot Chief and he'll let you go for the Krazoa Spirit... if you pass his two tests. Oh well. There is a tracking test and a test of strength.

Tests in LightFoot Village

The Tracking Test requires you to activate all four of the totem poles in the village in two and half minutes. There is one near the Chief's hut, there is one up from the area that you got the wooden block from in the area that was protected by brambles. There is a more centrally located one south of the second one, and there is one that you have to climb to on a small island in the southeast corner of the map. Once that is done, move on to the Test of Strength. All you have to do here is mash the A Button really fast and hope it's good enough to win.

Now you become an honorary member of the tribe and are allowed access to the third Krazoa Shrine.

Krazoa Shrine #3

Before you actually enter the shrine you have to unlock the door to it. To do that you must go into the center of the cave you are in and climb a stack of boxes to stand on a button. The button will trigger the totem pole in the middle of the room to start rotating its sections. You have to stop the sections with your blaster when its pattern lines up to make a picture. Once the picture is completed you can enter the Krazoa Shrine.

Enter the first room and break the box to find a Booster Pad. Boost up and shoot the two bat things in the room and stand on the button. Now run straight through and fire that might be in your way and hurry through the gate because it's timed. The next room is more of the same only there is water in your way. Wait until the water drains completely before you jump in. Work your way around the spiked to get to the ladder on the far side and climb up to get to the next room. All you have to do in this room is climb down, stand on the button and run right through the barrels to make it through the gate. Talk to the Krazoa Head to start your next test.

Krazoa Test #3- The Test of Fear

The object of this test is to keep a meter in the middle of the screen with your control stick. Fox will be in a nightmare and whenever something scary happens the meter will jolt to one side so you need to be on your toes. You may want to record it on tape (if you have a VCR still), as it's a pretty cool segment, but you'll be too busy to watch it. Once you receive your Krazoa Spirit, make haste back to ThornTail Hollow to get to Krazoa Palace.

Krazoa Palace

This one is pretty easy. Get into the lift in front of you and make your way to the fan room. Step on the main fan and the to the smaller fan when you reach the top of the wind. The level you are on should have a SharpClaw Pad on it. Step on it with the disguise and release the spirit in the room and that's it.

Errands and the Walled City

ThornTail Hollow

As soon as you return you should see a ThornTail behind the waterfall stomping up and down. Talk to her and you'll find that her eggs are being stolen. Now you'll enter a mini game where you have to fend off little dinosaurs from taking her eggs. The come from four directions and you must hit them to kill them. You must keep it up for 100 seconds. They come out very fast towards the end so keep plugging at it. When you win you'll be rewarded with the Portal Device, which is a staff upgrade. As you might imagine it becomes useful immediately. Talk to the Queen EarthWalker to initiate a cut scene that is so much like a soap opera that I don't even want to talk about it. Anyway, in short: Tricky's dad has been kidnapped and you need to open the door behind the Queen to open the gate to the Walled City where Tricky's dad is kept. So, go open up the door.

Errands in LightFoot Village

Before you hop in your Arwing though, I'd like you to make a detour to Cape Claw. Along the way you will see a LightFoot hitting a sequence of trees to open the gate to the village. Make note of which trees he hits (they all have bull's-eyes on them anyway) so you can do the same and enter the village. Once your inside, visit the huts that are around the village, the LightFoot in each hut tells you that their three babies are missing. One set is in the section of the forest in the village that you need to use the booster pad to get to. At the top of your boost you should see a blue light. You need to chase the kids into the blue light to get them back home. Just get behind one of them and keep him moving towards the light. Another set is in the underground at the entrance to the Krazoa Shrine. You have to chase these kids into the light as well though they do tend to turn around and run past you again. If one direction doesn't work, try chasing them in the other direction. The last set of kids is in the forest outside of the village. You have to hit the trees they are in to knock them down and they will scamper back to the village. Just hit every tree and you'll find them eventually. Talk to their parents to reap your rewards. One parent will make a set of boxes appear by the totem pole you were tied to earlier. One parent will open the door to a hut that has a couple of fuel cells inside. The last parent will make a Booster Pad appear by the gate. Use the pad and walk along the ledge to a Cheat Token Well and a Bafomdad. Your chores are done here now, so off with you to Cape Claw.

Quick Stop in Cape Claw

In Cape Claw, head for the west coast immediately. Get to the beach and find a small cave. You will see a Portal Door that can be opened with your new staff ability. Tricky can also dig in that area for a fuel cell. Put out the fire and find the cannon. Use the cannon to blow up a tall rock formation near the boardwalk on the far side of the cape. Also you can aim the cannon at the Ocean Force Point Temple because the SharpClaw boarded up the door. Lob a cannonball at it to reopen it. Now, head to the rock formation you just blew up and enter in the small hole. You will receive your final Staff Energy Upgrade. It's important to get this before you go to the Walled City because it will help quite a bit. Now that you've done all of my tedious chores you may go back to ThornTail Hollow, hop in your Arwing and fly for the Walled City.

Walled City

You'll need to grab seven gold rings on your way to the Walled City so keep a sharp look out for them.

Basically, the Walled City is a huge palace that, as the name implies, has a lot of walls. There will be T-Rexes (called RedEyes here) prowling about the palace. They are not as dangerous as you might think. Your first objective here is to open an entrance to the temple.

From where you land, cross the bridge and turn left. You will see a glowing circle. The circle is activated when you use your Ground Quake on it. This will initiate a cut scene that raises a lantern above you and shows an opening near the top of the palace. You have to climb the outside of the palace to reach it. You have one minute so I'll tell you the quickest way up. Turn around and go up the ramp of the palace. Turn left at the top of the ramp. There will be blocks in your way but they will slide back into the palace. Follow the path until it goes up a level. Turn around at the top and follow that path around to an opening. Go down the opening and follow the path through the fires to the lantern. Quickly have Tricky use his Flame command on it. Now you are halfway there. Go to the opposite corner of the palace and use the Ground Quake on the circle you see there. The opening is on the other side of the palace this time around. You have a little more time this time around so I'll be mean and I won't walk you through is, but it's nearly the same as the last trip around the palace.

Getting the Teeth

The entrance to the palace will open up and Tricky will be reunited with his dad. Awww. The King will set you off on another fetch quest, but he will complete a bridge for you so you can explore more of the area. Leave the King's room and cross the bridge. Look to the right side of the plateau that's in front of you to find some brambles. Burn down the brambles and climb the wall that it was covering. There will be a Bomb Spore Patch at the top of the wall so blow it up. If you don't have any bomb spores there is a Bomb Spore Plant down far on the piece of land you are on. Enter the hole to receive your final staff ability: the Super Ground Quake. This a more powerful Ground Quake that is basically used for taking out RedEyes. I usually use Visene but... *rimshot*. Come on, I couldn't resist that.

Anyway, kill all of the RedEyes around the palace by either using the Ground Quake twice or by using it once and picking up a barrel near the lanterns you lit and throwing it at them. The Super Ground Quake will use up a lot of staff juice so you can thank me for making you pick up that final energy upgrade now. Once they are all dead, a door will open up at the top of a hill in the area that you got the Super Ground Quake. Enter the small building to receive the Gold RedEye Tooth. Place it in the proper statue by Tricky's Dad.

Now for the more keen amongst us, you may have noticed some Blaster Panels on some trees in the area. There are four trees in total and there is an EarthWalker standing next to each of them. Find all four trees and shoot all four Blaster Panels to make a starry ring appear in the river. Find the ring and swim through it. Now you'll have to swim/run through a series of rings to reach the Silver Red Eye Tooth. My only advice here is to not miss a ring as it will be really hard to go back for it and you won't have the time for it anyway. Once you get the tooth, walk back to Tricky's Dad and put the tooth in its statue to open up a path to one heck of a boss fight.

RedEye King
OK, this boss follows a pretty simple pattern, but it's difficult to get the timing right. In preparation, make sure you have your Fire Blaster set to Y.

The setting is a set of four hallways set into a square. On the corners of this arena will be a gate with an explosive barrel on it. Shoot the target above the gate and pick up the barrel. Near that, there will be a switch on the ground. Wait there until the RedEye King starts to come down the hall. It will roar at you. About three quarters of the way through the roar, (it will take practice) stand on the switch. It will charge up some panels on the wall with electricity. If you timed it right the RedEye King will walk right into the electric field. Run up to the RedEye and throw the barrel at it.

It will get up and start to run after you again when you hit it. Hurry away from it and hide in the little alcove halfway down the next hall. Once it passes, run back to the gate with the barrel and repeat the process from before. After you hit it with the barrels four times it will be defeated and you can claim another SpellStone.

You can go about your merry way after the fight. It's time to go back to the Volcano Force Point Temple with your new SpellStone.

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