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Fighting the Galleon

OK, after the short cut scene you will be forced to shoot the Galleon with your CloudRunner. Don't worry about getting hit here you have infinite HP. After a little bit you have to shoot the blades off of the propeller of the galleon. After the propeller is destroyed, you will have to take out the cannons on the back of the galleon. Once they are destroyed the ship will make an about face turn and start shooting at you with it's large forward cannon. A few shots will take that out. After that's done, you'll land on the ship.

On the Galleon

Start off by walking to the other side of the ship and talking to the bird that's in the cage. That will open a door on the other side of the galleon, so go in there and fetch the key that's inside. Go back to the caged bird and General Scales will make his sinister introduction.

Enter Krazoa Palace

Once the movies are over you can save and continue on. Go to the EarthWalker and talk to him if you want. The EarthWalkers that are lying around will give you control tips. Go to the door behind the EarthWalker and open it up with your key. Use the barrel there to blow up some boxes that are in your way. Turn around and pick up a barrel from the Fuel Barrel Generator. Use that barrel on the cracked wall that's down the ramp you unblocked and to the left.

Once you're inside, you'll find a hallway with two branches leading off to the right. The first hallway has a barrel and a blocked hallway. The second branch has a barrel generator. Use the barrel in the first branch to unblock your way. Then go to the generator and pick up another barrel. Run down the hallway you opened up and blow up the far wall with your barrel. Don't touch the fire, please. Pick up the barrel in the next room and place it on the black switch in the back to keep the door open.

Talk to the EarthWalker and he will open up the door that leads to the Krazoa Shrine.

Krazoa Shrine #1

Enter the hallway and go up the ladder. Cross the pit and use the barrel at the other side to destroy the enemy that's floating around. That will open up the door to the Krazoa Spirit, talk to it to start the first challenge.

Test 1- The Test of Observation

All you have to do here is walk into the urn that the spirit hides in three times in a row. It's not that hard since the urns move around slowly. After you win, you go back to the Krazoa Palace.

Hell Breaks Loose

After the cut scene, walk to the elevator in the back of the room and it will lift you to the next floor. Take a right and then release the spirit on the glowing circle. Another cut scene ensues and then you will enter Starfox.

Dinosaur Planet


After you get filled in on Fox's situation, he takes off for Dinosaur Planet. You only need one gold ring while you are flying, so not much instruction is needed for this one.

The Staff

After you land, you'll get more instructions and you'll finally be able to control Fox. You should see some weird glowing things near you. Weird glowing things are usually good, so run on over and pick it up. It's Krystal's Staff. Krystal will give you some instructions on the staff and you'll realize that Fox is a pretty quick study. Walk to the big archway and some SharpClaws will come out of the door. Go ahead and beat them up.

After you beat them all, a door will open up, go to it. Inside there is a rock you can flip over which will open up a passageway. Walk down the hall in the passageway to receive your first staff upgrade: the Fire Blaster. Once you get it a red button will appear. Shoot it to open the gate and leave. Go back to where you fought the SharpClaws before and there will be a big Blaster Button on the wall. Shoot it to enter the room.

OK, after you talk to the Queen EarthWalker you can do a few things. You should notice a steaming flower near the river. Shoot it with your blaster and pick up its seeds. It's a good idea to get a full stock of these Bomb Spores. The most you can hold is 7.

There is also a ring of rocks near your Arwing. You can use your staff to prop up the rocks and get some scarabs. These scarabs are your currency and can be used at the ThornTail store. It's the door near the middle of the Hollow.

ThornTail Store

The store is in five sections. In the left room are your normal items. The center room has special items and a few maps. The right room has the rest of the maps. Behind you when you walk in on the left and right are the entrances to the scarab game. Also you can throw scarabs in the well in the middle of the store for a cheat token, but you can't hold enough scarabs. You can only hold 10 right now and it needs 20.

You are going to want to buy all of the maps that you can and the Rock Candy from the special items section. You need the Rock Candy so you can give it to the Warp Stone. You can haggle the price a little on some of the items by tapping down on the control stick while you are looking at the price. See the store guide for more specific information on that. If you need more scarabs you can go outside and get them (they'll come back eventually) or you can play the scarab game. If you play the scarab game, only bet a few scarabs and only collect the glowing scarabs.

Warp Stone

Once you get everything you need from the store go up to where the ThornTail moved before. There will be a place to plant a Bomb Spore there. Plant it, and blow it up to access the alcove that the Warp Stone is in. Before you talk to the Warp Stone, walk all the way around the path until you get to another Bomb Spore patch. Blow this one up to get your first two fuel cells. You can also resupply your Bomb Spores if you want, too. Now, step on the platform in front of the Warp Stone and scroll through your inventory to get your Rock Candy. After this, the Warp Stone will talk to you and let you warp to Ice Mountain. Go there and you're on your way.

Ice Mountain

Uh oh! Prince Tricky is in trouble! Looks like it is time to save him. Walk forward a little and turn around, there will be a Barrel Generator in front of you. Pick up the barrel and it will start beeping so quickly run forward and blow up the wall of boxes. Defeat the enemies there to make a Blaster Button appear. Before you open the door, use a bomb spore on the patch of dirt at the end of the path. Inside the room you opened there will be a fuel cell and another cheat token well that you can't use yet.

OK, open up the door and walk in to initiate a little cut scene and a neat little hoverbike chase. The object of this is to beat the SharpClaws down to the bottom. Hold down "A" to go at full speed. You can try to destroy them by hitting them, but that just slows you down. If you win, you'll continue. If you lose, you'll have to start over.

Prince Tricky

After you get Tricky by your side you'll go on a little tutorial course of sorts. Stun the GrubTub mushrooms with your staff and feed them to Tricky, this will let him do his tricks. In the large area, have Tricky use the find secret trick on a cracked looking piece of ground. This will uncover a button. Have Tricky stay on the button to keep the door open so you can flip the switch inside. This will let you cross the lava floe. After you get to the other side of the lava river, have Tricky dig through the wall. Now you'll enter SnowHorn Wastes. Aren't you glad I made you buy those maps now?

SnowHorn Wastes

Looks like there's an infestation. Beat all of the SharpClaws and you'll yell at Tricky again. You should see another spot on the ground for Tricky to dig in near a ledge with some fuel cells on it. Dig here to uncover another passage. In this passage is your first magic upgrade. Now you don't have such a pitiful amount of magic anymore.

Talk to the SnowHorn and he'll ask for some food. You need to find two Alpine Roots by having Tricky dig for them. After you give him one, he'll give you a Scarab Bag. Now you can hold 50 scarabs. Feed him again and he'll stop the geyser from going and you can move the ice block that was on top of it. First, move the ice block to the ledge with the fuel cells on it. Get the fuel cells and move the ice block all the way to the other side of the area to get out.

Continue going until you get Slippy's warning about the water. Take the left branch of the fork that's there and flip the switch. This will make an ice block appear in the water. You can't use it yet, but you can eventually. Go back to the trail and follow it to the end. There will be a SharpClaw that can be bribed for 25 scarabs. If you don't have that many yet, go and get it. After you pay him through your Inventory, just follow the trail all the way back to ThornTail Hollow.

ThornTail Hollow and other stuff

Follow Tricky to his mom and she'll need some White GrubTubs to get better. The Whit GrubTubs are in the Ancient Well. Before you go venturing into the well though, go into the store and buy everything that you can, but make sure you buy the Firefly Lantern first. You'll need this before you can enter the bottom of the well. You'll need the Hi-Def Display Device eventually. The Bafomdad Holder is very useful, but Tricky's ball is optional. Also, buy the cheat token from the well in the store. Now would also be a good time to go back to Ice Mountain and buy the cheat token from that well now that you can afford it. There are a pair of fuel cells in the corner that held the snowspeeders. Grab them too.

Ancient Well

Well it looks like you'll be without Tricky for a while. Yay! I mean... yay! First, slide down the ladder and go into the middle of the stream. There's a Bomb Spore Patch there so plant your Bomb Spore and blow it up. If you don't have any seeds you can get them down the stream. Inside the cave that you opened up you'll get the Rocket Boost upgrade. This will let you get some height off of the special Rocket Boost Pads. Since you got a new toy, it's probably going to be useful almost immediately so equip it to the Y Button. First get to the end of the hall and Boost up to the fuel cells on the wall. There is a switch nearby but you have to do something first. There is a bridge on the second floor of the area. Blow up the middle with a Bomb Spore to make a block fall from the bridge. Push the block onto the switch. Through the gate that opens up will be a ThornTail that will make you glad you bought the Firefly Lantern. Blow a hole under where he was lying down and slide down the ladder.

At the Bottom of the Well

At the bottom of the ladder will be your first White GrubTub. Stun it to catch it. Walk down the hall and turn left to get some fireflies for your lantern. From there, go down the dark hallway to get you second White GrubTub. While you are there, use your lantern to find a Bomb Patch near a column. Blow it up to make the column fall. Turn around and go back down the first hallway and take the first right. Boost up to get the Fireflies and White GrubTub #3. Go down the hallway and platform hop the column you blew up to get White GrubTubs 4 and 5. Exit the way you came and go into another dark room. Use your lantern to find a Bomb Patch. Blow up the wall and get White GrubTub #6. After you get all of them, exit the well and see the Queen EarthWalker.

ThornTail Hollow and Fuel Cells

After a lengthy cut scene, the Queen EarthWalker will give you the Prison Key; this lets you unlock SnowHorn Wastes. But you've got time to kill so turn on your fuel cell compass and follow it. There is one Fuel Cell behind the Queen EarthWalker. Now exit her cave and climb the ridge to your left. Blow up the wall to get three Fuel Cells, and then jump across the gap to get two more Cells, and make it to the end of the ridge and open up the game to get two more Fuel Cells. Also have Tricky use his Find Command on the dirt patches around the Hollow to pick up some Bafomdads. Now go near the store and boost up to the top of the ruins. Walk along the ledge to get two more Cells. Blow up the wall nearby and shoot the Blaster Panels to reveal another Staff Energy Upgrade.

On the way to SnowHorn Wastes

Once you collect this stuff, climb the ladder to go to SnowHorn Wastes. On the way there you'll have to change the flor of the water by having Tricky Stay on the floor panel, climbing up the wall, and using your staff to activate the switch at the end of the hall. Halfway down the river is a little platform you can climb on. Get on and use the booster panel to reach a plateau that you can shoot a blaster panel with. The panel will open up a gate behind you leading to a couple of fuel cells.

SnowHorn Wastes

Walk right up to the gate and use the prison key. Go through the gate and talk to the SnowHorn that's trapped under the ice. Your objective here is to knock the frost weeds off of the tree by hitting it with your staff and having Tricky give them to the SnowHorn by using the Find Command. Oh yeah, and you'll be fighting SharpClaws the whole time. Once Tricky gives the SnowHorn three frost weeds he'll bust out of the ice and chase away the SharpClaw. He'll open up the Gateway to the DarkIce mines but you'll have to get back to your Arwing in the ThornTail Hollow to fly there.

If you want to pick up some more stuff while you're here, including a cheat token then follow along. If not, skip down to the next section headed by larger print. Look around the walls on the prison area to find a section that Tricky can dig in to. You'll find two more fuel cells through here. Also, cross the frigid river and go into a cave. Have Tricky dig in the middle of this cave to get a Bafomdad and shoot the Blaster Panel to get more fuel cells. Exit the cave and hop on a piece of ice floating on the river. Ride it to the end to get a Cheat Token. Get the token and follow the path all the way back to some more fuel cells. Cross the river again and make a quick right. Fire your blaster at the pairs of eyes coming out of the tree. The tree will fall over making a bridge leading to a Bafomdad and the last fuel cells in there area.

Now head back to ThornTail Hollow the way you came.

DarkIce Mines

Flying to DarkIce Mines

This isn't too hard, you'll see plenty of gold rings and you only need to collect three.

Outside the DarkIce Mine

The first thing you have to do here is exit the cave you just landed in. Just keep running along the path and you'll hop over any gaps that suddenly appear. Once you have leave the cave, so to the left wall to find a crack that Tricky can dig into. Defeat the SharpClaws there to get the Shackle Key out of the treasure box. Use the Shackle Key on the SnowHorn that is to the left of the cave when you exit it. She will give you a Bridge Cog. Follow the path out of the area and hop down to the valley with the river. Use the Bridge Cog on the set of gears and flip the switch to extend the bridge. Climb up the wall and cross the bridge. Follow the path until you reach a pair of SharpClaw beating up the SnowHorn. Teach those SharpClaws a thing or two about beating up defenseless SnowHorns. The SnowHorn will teach Tricky his Flame command, which will of course become necessary to upcoming puzzles. The SnowHorn will need food so go back to the previous area to get some.

Go back to the area where the SnowHorns were imprisoned. Have Tricky use his new Flame Command on the mineshaft that is frozen over. Inside, have Tricky Flame the campfire. This will break the ice and unlock the cave below it. Hop down into the hole and go down to the end of the hall. Have Tricky use melt the ice wall and dig up a patch of dirt inside of it to get an Alpine Root. To exit the cavern you'll have to push the ice block down the hall to use it as a step to get out of there. Go back to the area with the injured SnowHorn and jump into the canyon with the rocks rolling down it. Run down the right side of the canyon to reach an ice wall that Tricky has to melt. Dig inside the room to get another Alpine Root. Now go back to the SnowHorn and feed him both roots. He'll get up and you can mount him by climbing up onto the platform next to him. Ride him down the path to smash open the gates.

Climb off the SnowHorn and go to the other side of the area to melt an ice wall. Go through and climb the ladder. Beat the SharpClaw there and take control of the cannon. Use the cannon to blow up the SharpClaws patrolling the area and to blow up the wall with an X on it. If you destroyed all of the SharpClaws, the red spirit door will open. Hop down and get to the room that the spirit door was blocking to get a Bridge Cog and go into the little hut that the SharpClaws were in to get another Bridge Cog. Finally, go into the door that you blew up with the cannon. Walk up to the plateau and have Tricky melt the wall. The last Bridge Cog is inside. Use all three of the Bridge Cogs on the set of gears on the wall nest to where you had to boost up to take control of the cannon. Cross the bridge and have Tricky dig into a wall. Feed Tricky to his maximum and shoot the Blaster Panel near the ceiling. This will start a countdown for one minute. You have to have Tricky Flame each of the four fire symbols on the altar in the middle of the room to open a door. Go through the door and have Tricky melt that block of ice at the end of the hall to get the Dinosaur Horn. Go back to the snowy area where you got one of the Bridge Cogs and blow you horn. A SnowHorn will come out so you can mount it and ride it through the blizzard. To get through the blizzard just follow the path of Alpine Roots. Tricky will get ahead of you so you'll have to use the SnowHorn to smash open the wooden door before you dismount it. Beat the pair of SharpClaws in the room and mount the hoverbike to finally enter the DarkIce Mine.

Inside the DarkIce Mine

You certainly enter with a bang. You'll have to avoid the flames until you reach the end of the conveyor belt. If you catch on fire roll to put it out so you can avoid taking more damage. Once you get off, find the Rocket Boost Pad and use it. Follow the path up there to the end. Look for a Blaster Panel to turn off the flames so you can get a Prison Cell Key. Go back to the large area and find the to columns with the flames spinning around it. At the end of the path you can free Tricky with the Prison Cell Key. If you didn't take down the Spirit Door, kill the last SharpClaw that's walking around to do so. Enter that room and melt the wall in there to get the other Prison Cell Key. Now you can go back to the cells and free Belina Te. During a cut scene she will get pissed and break down a wall which leads to the next area. Have Tricky dig through the wall and proceed. Once in the new area, shoot the stalactites on the ceiling and the will fall in the water to create new platforms. Hop across the water to activate a switch. The switch will start some ice flowing down the river at the top of the waterfall. Go up the hill to take on a little Frogger throwback puzzle. Hop across the ice flows to reach the door on the other side of the river. Push the ice block in that room off of the cliff to create a final platform. Climb down the wall and exit the area.

Barrels and Cannons Inside the DarkIce Mine

First run down the conveyor belt and down the path to meet up with Belina Te again. Go into the big room and find a ladder. There will be barrels rolling down the hill at you. You must pick up a barrel from the Barrel Generator and get it up the path without getting hit by the other barrels. Once you get to the top, turn left and follow the paths around the columns and set the barrel down on a glowing red spot on the floor. Go around and climb the ladder to reach the next level and activate a switch that will bring the barrel up to you. Pick up the barrel again and go to the platform that has flamethrowers on it. Get to the other side without getting burned and throw the barrel at the wall to open it up. Activate the switch to make a bridge where the barrels generate. Go there and activate the nearby switch. This will create a bridge at the top of the columns. Go up and climb up the ladder to take control of a cannon. Blow up the to boarded up pieces of the columns with X's on them to raise a pair of landmasses in the lava. Cross the lava and go on to the warp pod to reach your first boss.

Boss Galdon
The first thing you have to do is have Tricky thaw Galdon with his Flame Command and make sure that you have your Fire Blaster set to Y. Now Galdon will try to step on you. Avoid it until it stops and then run behind it and hit its tail. After four hits, it will swallow you.

Inside its mouth you'll have to hit its uvula, (that's the thing that hangs down in your throat in case you didn't know), a couple of times. It can swing back to hit you so dodge it. After it takes a few hits it will spit you out.

Now it changes strategies. It will start spitting out green gobs at you. Keep dodging them until it starts breathing in and opens its neck flaps. At that point, shoot it with your Fire Blaster. It will go down its throat and damage it. Do that three more times and it will swallow you again. Hit its uvula a few more times and you will get the SpellStone.

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