First, I'd like to note that I didn't use a walkthrough for this game, and it wasn't so bad. The times that I lost direction were, quite simply, accidental grinding opportunities, which kept me strong enough to proceed. Now, that said, having a little nudge can be nice, or an erstwhile bookmark for returning after a break. I'll try to strike a balance between "micromanaging" and "leaving things out".

Since someone else has already done the work of mapping this game quite impeccably, if you find yourself needing dungeon maps, I recommend paying a visit to the VGMaps Lagrange Point Atlas. One note about location names, though: there are a number of places that don't get called by name in-game. They resolved this by simply numbering those locations. However, somewhere in the Japanese literature (the manual? official guide? I dunno, I'm actually getting them second-hand), these locations all have unique names, and that is where I've derived the names I'll be using in this guide. I apologize for any confusion this discrepancy causes, but I will try to restore some clarity with minimap snippets.

The RKO guide also has some very usable maps—much smaller, which is convenient, but marked entirely in Japanese. But the images themselves transcend language, right? Even if you can't tell what's in that chest there.