You have a lot of choices when it comes to weapons, and they all have many differences between them. Let's break it down so you can make an informed decision and optimally equip your party.

Anatomy of a Weapon

  • Rank: A rough indicator of the weapon's power; more important when crafting
  • Damage Type: The nature of the weapon's attacks – comes in seven flavors
  • Targeting: Whether the weapon attacks enemies individually or en masse
  • Range: Melee or ranged—melee weapons receive a damage bonus of ½ the character's PWR; ranged weapons get a bonus of ¼ their INT
  • Attack & Hits: The strength of one attack, and how many attacks you get per swing
  • BP: How much the weapon costs to use
  • Requisites: The minimum required PWR and INT to wield

The Arsenal

Electric Plasma Sonic Freeze
Chemical Special ???
Target One Target All Melee Ranged

Robot Arms

Your robot party members don't have modular, swappable weapons like the humans and cyborgs. Instead, they have built-in defense systems, upgradable using the RobotParts item. There are eight tiers of upgrade for both Tic and Tac; it won't stop you from using more RobotParts than that, but you won't gain anything from extras, either, so take care.

Additionally, robots do not gain a damage bonus based on their stats—the weapon's damage is it. So whether any of these weapons is ranged or melee is unclear, but the question is moot anyway.