Hi, I'm AmzRigh, and if you think I did this by myself, you must be silly.

Lagrange Point Sources

RKO First Labo banner

RKO's Lagrange Point guide was my inspiration and my main source for this project. It is an excellent guide for the game, and the lack of anything comparable in English was a problem I wanted to fix. Their hard work and easy-to-use design were invaluable both as I played the game myself and to crib from stylistically here. Their maps are nice and minimal, easy to read, so I definitely recommend making use of those if you like that style.

The Video Game Atlas logo

Speaking of maps, while there are a handful of errors in labeling, the VGMaps Lagrange Point Atlas is still a top-notch resource, with maps ripped directly from the game, and stylish monster data.

The Cutting Room Floor logo Data Crystal logo

These sister sites each have pages for Lagrange Point. The Cutting Room Floor features a few minor features that were left deactivated in the ROM, presumably cut because they were taking too long to get right. Data Crystal has a lot of info about the structure of the ROM itself, and provided a key piece of info needed for me to get all the weapon images for the shrine.

The VGDen logo

The VGDen Lagrange Point page includes some fantastic resources like images of the box and cartridge, and a PDF of the manual. Having access to a primary resource like that was great for a few parts of this shrine.

The Spriters' Resource logo

While there's not really much here in terms of supplemental material, they were vital for adding some color to the Characters page.

Special Thanks

These folks don't have other topical works to direct you to; nonetheless their help was indispensable in the making of this shrine.


Cubear did the ROM-hacking magic that allowed me to get all the weapons graphics in the game. (Take a look in the Tricks section for more information on that.) She makes MSU-1 hacks for SNES games, go check 'em out!

Though I don't have links for them, I'd also like to thank CSwavely for his stellar icons on the Weapons page, Vi, CodaHighland, Srickshaw and MarioneTTe for all their help wrestling the CSS and JS, and Mcthulhu with PHP. This shrine would have been much poorer quality without them. And it would certainly have taken longer without May the Producer assisting with data entry on the Characters page.