Unlike weapons, the rest of your equipment is very straightforward: if you can find or purchase it, you can equip it. No crafting, no prerequisites for equipping, none of that.

Basic Armor

Some armor additionally provides protection against status effects. Sale price is half of purchase price.

Name DEF Resist Price
RubberHelm 7 130kr
SiliconHelm 12 340kr
AluminumHelm 21 1050kr
TitaniumHelm 28 2610kr
CeramicHelm 34 SLEP 4180kr
GaiaHelm 40 CONF 5230kr
Name DEF Resist Price
RubberArm 5 90kr
SiliconArm 10 240kr
AluminumArm 14 740kr
TitaniumArm 18 1850kr
CeramicArm 23 2950kr
GaiaArm 27 MAIM 3690kr
Name DEF Resist Price
RubberBody 12 200kr
SiliconBody 22 540kr
AluminumBody 31 1660kr
TitaniumBody 41 4150kr
CeramicBody 51 ANEM 6640kr
GaiaBody 61 8300kr
Name DEF Resist Price
RubberLeg 3 70kr
SiliconLeg 7 180kr
AluminumLeg 10 550kr
TitaniumLeg 14 1380kr
CeramicLeg 17 2210kr
GaiaLeg 20 PARA 2770kr

Special Armor

With the Morita Capsule, Professor Morita will be able to make special armor for all of your human and cyborg party members. They equip to various slots—which one can be inferred from the name. Equipping one of these to the wrong character will yield no benefit, so take care. There are also a few pieces to be found in other places.

Be advised: in order to equip Full-Body armor, you must first remove all other armor from the character; it won't do it automatically for you.

Items cannot be purchased; listed prices are implied based on sale price.

Name DEF Price Notes
IsisHelm 56 (200kr) for Dennis
NavajoHelm 60 (200kr) for Kiesa
IronArm 45 (200kr) for Astro
LambadaArm 49 (200kr) for Kris
EG Leg 38 (200kr) for Pamil
MuLeg 40 (200kr) for Rita
SolborgBody 79 (200kr) for Long
ShuttleBody 166 0 for Gene; protection against SLEP, PARA, ANEM, CONF, MAIM; Full-body
ReflectSuit 180 0 for any; Full-body
BarrierGlove 25 0 Spends 500BP at the start of battle to ablate damage on the first turn

Robot Armor

All robot armor is full-body.

Name DEF Resist Price
Robotect1 42 1000kr
Robotect2 60 2000kr
Robotect3 75 4000kr
Robotect4 87 8000kr
Robotect5 102 15000kr
Robotect6 120 25000kr
Robotect7 135 40000kr
Robotect8 150 RUST 60000kr

Battle Tanks

The BTank is your personal energy store for powering weapons and kits. Every action you take burns through it, so stay on the lookout for bigger tanks to power longer ventures. The BTank's name directly indicates its size.

Unlike other gear, each character must have one, and you must trade-in to purchase a new one. That means no inventory clutter to worry about, at least! Trade-in value is half of purchase price.

Name Price
BTank1000 500kr
BTank2000 1000kr
BTank3000 2000kr
BTank4000 4000kr
BTank5000 7000kr
BTank7000 10000kr
BTank9000 20000kr