You have two separate item banks for different types of items. If you're an experienced RPG player, you might guess that these are normal items and key items. The key items act as a lot more than MacGuffin storage here, though—you'll find your maps and even access fast-travel here.

You'll find these two sets of items in your menu at Inventory and List > Item, respectively.


Sale price is one half purchase price when sold to the appropriate store type (e.g., arms and armor to arms dealer, items to item shop); mismatched stores will only give one quarter the price. Prices listed in parentheses indicate the item cannot be purchased; price implied by sale price.

Name Price Effect
HandBomb 100kr 100 dmg to one enemy
HavocBomb 100kr Confuses one enemy
DiveBomb 100kr Paralyzes one Mutant enemy
SybillaBomb 100kr Paralyzes one Creature enemy
DrainBomb 500kr Inflicts damage-over-time on one enemy
HandMissile 1000kr 500 dmg to all enemies
SAMMissile 2000kr 1000 dmg to all enemies
MultiMissile 3000kr 2000 dmg to all enemies
BPCharge500 80kr Recover 500BP
BPCharge1K 250kr Recover 1000BP
BPCharge3K 1000kr Recover 3000BP
BPCharge6K 4000kr Recover 6000BP
SuperBP 10000kr Fully recover BP
Calorie500 80kr Recover 500HP (human/cyborg)
Calorie1K 250kr Recover 1000HP (human/cyborg)
Calorie2K 1000kr Recover 2000HP (human/cyborg)
Calorie5K 4000kr Recover 5000HP (human/cyborg)
SuperCalorie 10000kr Fully recover HP (human/cyborg)
CaloriePack1 8000kr Recover 3000HP for each human/cyborg
CaloriePack2 15000kr Recover 5000HP for each human/cyborg
RoboHP500 100kr Repair 500HP (robot)
RoboHP1K 300kr Repair 1000HP (robot)
RoboHP2K 1000kr Repair 2000HP (robot)
RoboHP5K 4000kr Repair 5000HP (robot)
SuperRoboHP 8000kr Fully repair HP (robot)
ParalyzeNine 100kr Cure PARA
IronPills 100kr Cure ANEM
Eyewash 100kr Cure CONF
Rust-Off 100kr Remove RUST
Steroid (300kr) Improve mood status
Book (2000kr) Permanently increase INT by 1
EnergyPack (20kr) Fully recover party's HP & BP

List Items

Name Effect Source
ID Card Access to garage and info box Mayor of Isis City on Vesta-1
License Access to Satellite Base exterior Chairman Toge on Satellite Base
Passcard Access to save terminal Mayor of Isis City on Vesta-1
Iron Card Pass Iron Unit security Iron Unit soldier at the refinery
CeramicCard Access to Ceram City port Pierre in Isis City basement
GaiaCard Gaian Soldier title Chairman Toge in Satellite Base
CornDisk Recorded intel from CornArea Captain Wolf in CornBase
OrangeDisk Recorded intel from Orangeria Rita in Orangeria Camp
PotatoDisk Recorded intel from Potatia Vergil at the Armory
BioDisk Combined intel allows decrypting Bio Corps security Chairman Toge in Satellite Base
MapFile1 View map of Land 1 chest in a dome outside Isis City
MapFile2 View map of Land 2 Chairman Toge in Satellite Base
Mori.Capsule Materials for Morita to make special armor for the whole party chest on Kaiser Road
MatsuCapsule Material for Matsushita to make an EnergyPack various
NavBot1 Permits operating a Mobile General Dan in Iron City
NavBot2 Permits operating a Cruiser Commander Sander in Ceram City
NavBot3 Permits operating a Hoverplane Ledesma beneath Ozone City
HydroWing Enables fast-travel to cities on the same superstructure; cannot warp between Land 1 and Land 2, etc. chest on Vesta-2
Mu-Trans Allows you to understand mutant speech chest at the Bio Lab
Kazu'sCharm Keep enemies at bay for a little while Kazu's mother at CornBase
Letter Introduction to Dr. Kumi for an examination Nurse Mayumi at CornBase
Space Suit Needed for leaving habitation zones Obtained automatically at port
O2 Tank Needed for leaving habitation zones various; unlimited supply in Ozone City