Lagrange Point box art
Lagrange Point is a 1991 science fiction RPG on the Famicom made by Konami. It is best known for its use of the VRC7 — a memory controller containing a drumless version of Yamaha's YM2413 (OPLL) FM synthesizer. This results in a game that sounds quite unlike anything else on the console.

The Premise

In the 22nd century, humanity pulled the asteroid Vesta into orbit at the Sun-Earth L3 Lagrange point. From this, they mined materials and built the Isis Cluster, a colony complex consisting of Land 1 and Land 2 — a pair of O'Neill cylinders — and Satellite Base, a rotating wheel space station. Here at this "second Earth," the colonists built a new society among the stars.

However, a few years later, Land 2 suffered a biological catastrophe. A mysterious mutagen leaked out of the Land 2 Bio Research Center. It spread rapidly, killing many people and mutating plants and animals. At first, this was believed to be an accident...

In the wake of this event, three members of the Board of Five, the administrative council of Isis — Chairmen Oregi, Ledesma, and Weber — staged a coup, taking President Tania hostage. Raising an army of mutants, they called their junta the Bio Corps, and answered to an enigmatic figure known as the Bio Kaiser.

Only Chairman Toge escaped their clutches, and he now organizes a resistance against the Bio Corps. The resistance fighters are well-equipped, and many are well-trained, but the ranks of the enemy seem neverending. They need reinforcements, but outside communications have been cut off...

Earth has noticed that comms from the Isis Cluster have gone black, though, and have sent two teams to investigate; they are both M.I.A. You are Gene, pilot for Recon Squad Level 3. Your mission: "Find Stolte."



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