Weapons Crafting

Weapons crafting is a vital system in Lagrange Point, and near as I could find, heretofore basically undocumented in English. The player needs progressively stronger weapons to advance through the game, but the strongest available for sale are only Rank 2. The rules aren't too difficult to explain, but they can lead to some complicated recipes as they compound rank upon rank. If you want a quick tl;dr, just remember that combining two weapons of the same rank yields a weapon of the next higher rank. That's woefully incomplete, but it will allow you to progress.

Part 0: Understanding How Weapons Relate

First, to better understand the weapons, let's lay them all out by their relevant properties: damage type, targeting, and rank.

Electric Plasma Sonic Freeze Chemical Special
R1 One BattleKnife CeramicKnife SonicKnife IceGun OxideGun CeramicDisc
All E.M.Gun CoronaGun NeedleGun FreezeGun SolventGun MicrobeGun
R2 One Electrostick AtomicKnife BeamSaber PetrifyGun PoisonGun MetalDisc
All PlasmaGun FireGun SonicGun SolidGun AcidGun SolarGun
R3 One SparkSaber HeatSaber BeamSword ChillRifle CorrodeSword CutterRing
All AlphaRifle HeatRifle AtomicRifle IceRifle OxideRifle IonRifle
R4 One PlasmSword NichromeSwd LuminalSwd SolidBazooka LuftBazooka Ceramerang
All BetaBazooka SolBazooka SonicBazooka PrtfyBazooka* ViralBazooka IonCannon
R5 One DynamoSword LuminSwd BurstSword FreezeCannon ViralCannon Metal-rang
All GammaCannon ColloidCnnon PrticlCannon BlzzrdCannon LuftCannon CrystlCannon
R6 1 ValencCannon CoronaCannon GravtyCannon Abs0Cannon ValencCannon CoronaCannon
A GravtyCannon Abs0Cannon ValencCannon CoronaCannon GravtyCannon Abs0Cannon

Now, we can see that the weapons all fit a tidy pattern: each combination of those three properties contains exactly one weapon. And, with the exception of Rank 6, the inverse is also true: each weapon possesses a unique combination of properties.

To address the table's footnotes real quick:

*: This is a typo in the game—at least, assuming it's supposed to be an abbreviation of Petrify Cannon. Otherwise, it's Prettify Cannon, which is entirely different.

: Despite what the name implies, the CorrodeSword is not a sword, nor even a melee weapon of any kind. This is an oversight, and not super material to the crafting process, but if you specifically wanted to craft a melee weapon, well, wouldn't that be a rude surprise?

But most importantly...

: Rank 6 weapon recipes have the same twelve result "bins" as every other rank weapon. However, there are only four weapons—thus they appear three times each—they all target All, and they have a damage type of ???. So while the weapons themselves don't match the traits on the table, their recipes do line up as though they did, and that's the important thing here.

Just as the interplay of these properties is indicative of the weapon itself, so too does it govern the results when combined. Three rules determine the outcome, one for each property. Let's begin with the simplest.

One All
One All One
All One All

Part I: Targeting

This one can be described with an equation: W n e w = W 1 ⊕︎ W 2 If you're not familiar with Boolean notation, that's an XOR. If that doesn't mean anything to you either, I've drawn a Punnett square to be absolutely clear.

In plain English, what I mean by that is, if the two weapons you're combining have the same targeting, the product will have All; if they have different targeting, the product will have One. Easy as that.

R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6
R1 2 2 3 3 4 4
R2 2 3 3 4 4 5
R3 3 3 4 4 5 5
R4 3 4 4 5 5 6
R5 4 4 5 5 6 6
R6 4 5 5 6 6 1

Part II: Rank

The most important aspect of this rule, I summarized back at the top of the page: combine two weapons of the same rank, and you'll get a weapon of one rank higher.

What happens when you combine two weapons of different rank? That's not something you're likely to do very much, but generally, it will yield a weapon somewhere between the two; at best, it'll be the same rank as the higher of the two components. For the specifics, see the table here.

What happens when you combine two weapons of max rank? You get a Rank 1 weapon back. I don't know which Rank 1 weapons can be acquired in this way, but it's an awfully wasteful way to go about it. If you really want to try it, maybe save right beforehand.

Electric Plasma Sonic Freeze Chemical Special
Electric Plasma Sonic Freeze Chemical Special Electric
Plasma Sonic Sonic Chemical Electric Special Plasma
Sonic Freeze Chemical Freeze Special Electric Sonic
Freeze Chemical Electric Special Chemical Plasma Freeze
Chemical Special Special Electric Plasma Special Plasma
Special Electric Plasma Sonic Freeze Plasma Electric

Part III: Damage Type

This one is actually complicated. The damage types of the component weapons determine the damage type of the product. If there's any logic to the interrelation, it's lost on me. Just refer to the table.

Appendix: Tips

At low levels, this process remains pretty easy—you could even do it in your head if you wanted to. But if you want a Rank 6 weapon, that means you need to craft two Rank 5s, which in turn means four Rank 4s, which means you first need eight Rank 3s...it becomes a lot to manage. So while you plan your crafting out, have a pen & paper handy, and keep a couple things in mind: