Techs are non-damaging skills using various kits specialized for their tasks. They do things like heal damage, and cure and cause status effects.

Many techs have multiple levels. When you only have a low-level kit, characters capable of using higher-level versions will use that one instead. Conversely, when you find an upgraded kit, characters capable of using it will immediately switch to it. For example, early on, both Dennis and Gene will use HPRecovery1 when HPKit1 is all you have. Once you find HPKit2, however, Gene will begin using it instead (but Dennis won't, because he can't).

Techs that raise or lower stats will stack multiple times for greater effect! However, they will not change the stats beyond the range of 0-255—those are hard limits.

Tech BP Effect User Kit Acquired
HPRecovery1 100 Recover 500 HP for non-robot Gene Dennis Rita Pamil HPKit1 Dennis has it
HPRecovery2 300 Recover 1000 HP for non-robot Gene Rita Pamil HPKit2 Robotics Plant, Land 1
HPRecovery3 600 Recover 2000 HP for non-robot Rita Pamil HPKit3 Pamil has it
HPRecovery4 900 Recover 3000 HP for non-robot Rita HPKit4 Orangeria Camp, Land 2
HPRecovery5 1⁄16 max BP Recover 5000 HP for non-robot Tic Tac MedKit Hospital Ruins, Land 2
RoboRestore1 250 Recover 1000 HP for robot Kiesa RoboKit1 Kiesa has it
RoboRestore2 500 Recover 2000 HP for robot Kiesa RoboKit2 Bio Fort, Land 2
RoboRestore3 1250 Recover 5000 HP for robot Kiesa RoboKit3 Hospital Ruins, Land 2
BPTransfer1 50 Give another character 500 BP Tic BPKit1 Tic has it
BPTransfer2 100 Give another character 1000 BP Tic BPKit2 Mech Shop Ruins, Land 2
BPTransfer3 300 Give another character 2000 BP Tic BPKit3 Entrance to Orangeria Camp, Land 2
Cheer 250 Target non-robot character becomes HYPE Gene Kiesa CheerKit Elec City, Land 1
Daze 100 per enemy Confuse all enemies Gene Pamil DazeKit Mech Shop Ruins, Land 2
Bind 100 per enemy Immobilize all enemies Gene Kiesa BindKit Kiesa has it
Dismay 0 No effect – broken tech Pamil DismayKit Mutant Research Center, Land 2
Weak 100 per enemy Reduces all enemies' Guard to 4 Tac WeakKit Tac has it
Slow 100 per enemy Reduces all enemies' SPD by 25% Dennis SlowKit beneath Fiber City, Land 1
Speed 300 Increase target's SPD by 25% Kris SpeedKit Iron City tunnels, Land 1
Power 300 Increase target's ATK by 25% Astro PowerKit tunnel to Ceram City, Land 1
Tough 300 Increase target's GRD by 25% Kiesa GuardKit Cruiser Station, Land 2
Heal1 150 Cure PARA and ANEM Kris Astro Rita HealKit1 Kris has it
Heal2 200 Heal1 + CONF Astro Rita HealKit2 Astro has it
Heal3 300 Heal2 + MAIM Rita HealKit3 Orangeria Camp, Land 2
RobotRepair 100 Removes RUST Pamil RepairKit Pamil has it