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As you walk into Parcelyte, you see a girl being picked on.

You also get to see the next member of your party, scare off the little boys. Someone should tease them about being scared off by a girl.

Go into the castle and you can kinda understand why they don't wanna mess with her.

Talk with the King, you'll be assigned to get a sword from the Treasure Shrine north of Parcelyte. Selan will join your party. She's not a physical fighter like she seems, but she is a kick ass spell caster.


You might wanna check this puzzle solution out. Some of these chests are neat.

In this particularl corridor, monsters will pop out in front of you when you walk by. Its an annoying attack which you can actually avoid by not walking too fast.

This is an interesting boss fight as you have to fight each guy twice. Don't use your IPs quite yet. Those fire and ice element weapons you found are more useful in the next fights

This is unfair. Maybe they're cheating. Jerks!

Thus they rub it in that you can't kill 'em after fighting 'em 1 at a time.

Selan is observant

And knowledgeable.

After fighting each boss, you get this chest. Be sure to equip the right characters with the right weapons to counter the elemental weakness of each boss.

The King rejoices.

Crap. That's your next destination.

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