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Ancient Cave
The Ancient Cave is a side quest in Lufia 2. It is a dungeon comprised of 99 "randomly" generated levels. Every time you'll enter the Ancient Cave, it will be different, every level will not be the same (unless you stick around the stairs and play with the save/load state buttons, then you'll see that whenever you go down a flight a stairs, there are 4-5 different possible levels for every level in that 1 trip that you are making. Careful though, it won't be the same 4-5 levels when you come back on another try). You can also access the Ancient Cave through the "Gift" option that you can access once you've finished Lufia 2 in retry. There, you'll be able to select which characters you want to take on your way down.

In the Ancient Cave are blue treasure chests. Those blue chests are the only items that you will be able to bring out of the Ancient Cave other than the Iris Treasures. All other items in the red chests will be taken away from you on your way out. Note : you can also bring the blue chest items back in the Ancient Cave. The fun part is that if you got a catfish jewel , or another item dropped by a monster and that it also happens to be a possible blue chest, you won't have it taken away from you; you'll still have it in your inventory and you're gonna be able to use it in the Ancient Cave. Beware of blue and red mimics. The blue ones have over 300 HP each and can hit pretty hard.Notice the slight coloration difference between the normal chests and the mimics. Also, if you see 2 blue chests together like in the blue mimic picture (click on the link) or right in front of a door, its suspicious.

First I suggest that you have Maxim, Guy, Dekar and Selan in your party. When you enter the Ancient Cave, all your characters will be downgraded to level 1 and you'll only have 10 potions in your inventory. The trick to going through the ancient cave is to find many blue treasure chests on many trips. You're also going to need some luck because you're going to need the "absorb" spell to steal enemy MP and thus not run out of MP or MP restoring items and the "strong" spell and some good equipment in the red chests to compensate for what you couldn't find in the blue chests. Strong will cure a lot of HP for 3 MP, which is very practical. The key weapons to winning are the Dekar Blade and the Gades Blade. The Gades Blade is a blue chest item, the Dekar blade is not. At the bottom of the Ancient Cave is the Jelly Juggernaut and you have 3 rounds to kill him. Before you fight him, he'll ask you if you want to fight or not. If you choose "not fight", he'll dissapear until you step back on the spot that made him appear in the first place. This gives you time to prepare yourself. In the first he heals your HP, second your MP and third he does nothing. After that, he hits himself and you get nothing. To beat him, you need to use the Dekar balde's IP power to cut his HP in half and the Gades Blade's octo strike to inflict major damage. With Maxim and whatever other character you'll have , use your strongest attacks. If you manage to beat the Jelly Juggernaut, you'll find out he's an Iris treasure and you'll also get the key to the door in the entrance of the cave. Note : you'll have to speak with the girl to see that he's an Iris treasure because he isn't in your inventory (she'll take him from your guy and bring him to the counter). He will be on display though...

If you really wanna be cheesy, kill your guys and you'll win. Its weird, but it works. Look at my status screen! You'll still get the key and the Iris treasure.

Note: In the lower levels of the Ancient Cave are the strongest monsters in the game! Monsters you will NOT find anywhere else in the game, monsters which can wipe out your party VERY easily. Be sure to fight as many monsters as you can to gain the highest levels possible to have the best chance against these beasts.

On your way down the Ancient Cave you will also encounter strange bushes. Cut them to reveal HP restoration points. You won't find MP restoration points though.

To get out of the Ancient Cave, you need the Providence, which is found around the 20th level. Make sure you don't miss it or you might regret it. To uncurse items, you will also find Curselifers. Use it on a character who is equiped with a cursed item to uncurse it.

However unpractical it is for the fight with the Jelly Juggernaut, you should use the "Shaggy" capsule monster because he'll heal your characters throughout the journey down the Ancient Cave.

If you manage to collect all 8 of the Iris Treasures, bring them to the lady in the basement of the tavern in Gruberik. Nothing special will happen, but as you bring her Iris treasures, she'll put em on display and congratulate you when you get them all.

Note about the Dark Mirror from Onion Kid: The one shown in the list is the cursed item. The uncursed item is not a blue chest, so don't uncurse it in the ancient cave if you want to take it outside. This is the only cursed blue chest item. Also, if you walk into the cave wearing the cursed version, it will be taken off and put in your inventory.

Special thanks to Onion Kid for the missing Blue Chest info!

Treasure Chests in the entrance of the Ancient Cave
Name Status Effect IP Price Characters Description
Dragon Ring ATP+30, DFP+30, AGL+20, INT+20, MGR+20 Dragon 42000 G All Effective against Dragon monsters
Brill Helm ATP+10, DFP+90, STR+10, AGL+10, GUT+10 Holy Mirror 40000 G All A helmet that shines with a bright light
Light Jewel ATP+20, DFP+10, STR+20, INT+20, MGR+20 Flash 45000 G All A mysterious Jewel with the power of light trapped inside it
Ancient Cave Blue Treasure Chest list
Name Status Effect IP Price Characters Description
Black Eye ATP+20, DFP+20, STR+20, AGL+20, GUT+20, MGR+20 Gloomsplash 50000 G All The bracelet of the black dragon
Gloom Jewel MGR+50 Dark Force 20000 G All Lets you do dark attacks
Camu Jewel ATP+20, INT+20, MGR+20 Buster Attack 40000 G All Lets you do Camu attacks
Silver Eye DFP+10, AGL+20, INT+20, GUT+20, MGR+20 Diamond Dust 60000 G All The bracelet of the silver dragon
Catfish jwl. GUT+20, MGR+20 Mega Quake 40000 G All Causes a huge earthquake
Thundo Jewel ATP+30, DFP+5, INT+10 Voltage Bolt 20000 G All A mysterious Jewel with the power of thunder trapped inside it
Earth Jewel DFP+20, MGR+20 Groundshock 40000 G All Shakes ground and damages all enemies
Sea Ring DFP+25, AGL+10, INT+10, MGR+20 Vortex 32000 G All Effective against monsters living in the sea
Sky Sword ATP+450, DFP+35, STR+50 Skysplitter 65000 G Maxim, Guy, Dekar A sword filled with the power of thunder
Snow Sword ATP+380, DFP+50, MGR+50 Deep Freeze 65000 G Selan, Tia A sword filled with the power of ice queen
Gades Blade ATP+200 Octo-strike 60000 G Guy, Dekar A sword possessed of the fearsome power of the evil Gades
Water Spear ATP+400, INT+20 Torrent 55000 G Lexis, Artea A water spear
Ruse Armor DFP+140 Regeneration 58000 G Selan, Tia Armor with special power
Mirak Plate DFP+120 Magic Rebirth 55000 G Selan, Tia Armor which can cause miracles
Sizzle Sword ATP+400, GUT+20 Firestorm 55000 G Maxim, Selan Sword with the special power of flame
Blaze Sword ATP+400, INT+20, MGR+20 Celestial 55000 G Selan Sword filled with light power
Fry Sword ATP+380, all other stats+10 Sizzle 65000 G Guy, Dekar Sword filled with Fry magic
Mega Ax ATP+400, DFP+20 Thundershriek 55000 G Guy, Dekar An extremely strong ax
Spark Staff ATP+350, INT+50, MGR+50 Phoenix Blow 65000 G Selan, Artea, Tia Sword filled with the power of Phoenix
[note from Sin: yeah, "sword", there are a couple of screw ups like this]
Air Whip ATP+400, MGR+20 Arctic Freeze 55000 G Selan, Tia A whip from the heavens
Dragon Spear ATP+380 Flood 65000 G Selan, Artea Sword filled with the power of the Water Dragon
Flame Shield DFP+80, GUT+10 Flameblock 35000 G Maxim, Guy, Dekar Shield with flame protection
Water Gauntlet DFP+75, AGL+10, MGR+10 Water Screen 35000 G Selan, Artea, Tia, Lexis Gauntlet with water protection
Bolt Shield DFP+75, STR+10 Thunderblock 37000 G Guy, Dekar Shield with flame protection
Cryst Shield DFP+80, MGR+10 Holy Shield 37000 G Selan, Tia Shield with ice protection
Dark Mirror DFP+150 CURSED - 38000 G All Shield which gives out dark power
Apron Shield DFP+85, STR+10, MGR+10 Holy Wall 40000 G Maxim, Guy, Dekar Shield which gives out sun power
Agony Helm DFP+75, GUT+10 Flame Return 35000 G Maxim, Guy, Dekar Helmet with flame protection power
Boom Turban DFP+85, STR+10 Thunderturn 35000 G Selan, Artea, Tia, Lexis Turban with thunder protection power
Aqua Helm DFP+85, AGL+10 Aqua Mirror 37000 G Selan, Artea, Tia Helmet with water protection power
Ice Hairband DFP+80, MGR+10 Ice Mirror 37000 G Selan, Tia Hair decoration made from special non-melting ice
Hairpin DFP+80, INT+10, MGR+10 Dark Mirror 40000 G Selan, Tia Special Indian hair ornement
Earring DFP+5, GUT+5 Thunder 500 G Selan, Tia Jewelry for your ear
Dia Ring STR+30, MGR+20 Zap 30000 G Selan, Tia Diamond ring
Engage Ring - Courage 50000 G All If wearing when you shop, merchants will charge less
Water Jewel DFP+10, INT+20, GUT+10 Frost 20000 G All Mysterious Jewel with the power of water trapped inside
Twist Jewel DFP+35, AGL+30 Twister 20000 G All Calls up a twister attack
Spido Jewel ATP+10, GUT+20 Spiderweb 40000 G All Lets you do tarantula attacks
Gorgan Rock DFP+50, STR+2-, MGR+20 Combo Attack 42000 G All Lets you do Orky attacks
Gold Eye ATP+20, DFP+30, STR+20, MGR+20 Stardust Blow 65000 G All The bracelet of the Gold Dragon

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