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Note about cursed equipment: a cursed item will only be of any good if it is uncursed. To uncurse it, go to a church and do "lift" on the character that has the cursed item equipped or use the uncurse item in the Ancient Cave. You will not be able to unequip a cursed item.
Name Status Effect IP Price Character Location Description
Frypan ATP+4 - 10 G Tia, Selan Elcid This can be used both in the kitchen and in battle
Knife ATP+5 - 13 G Tia, Selan, Artea Elcid It can be dangerous to wave around- for a reason other than you'd expect
Small Knife +8 ATP - 20 G All Elcid Small sized knife
Rapier +10 ATP - 100 G Maxim, Selan, Artea Elcid, Sundletan A long thin sword
Battle Knife +14 ATP Thunderblast 200 G All Sundletan Use this in battle
Dagger +22 ATP - 400 G Maxim, Guy, Dekar, Lexis, Artea Sundletan Small sized battle knife
Whip ATP+20 Flame Attack 300 G Tia, Selan Sundletan A whip to use against enemies
Insect Crush ATP+21 Bomb Attack 650 G Maxim, Guy, Dekar Lake Cave A very effective sowrd to use against insects and spiders
Mace ATP+30 - 600 G Tia, Selan, Artea Alunze A fiersome battle cudgel
Long Knife ATP+38 - 800 G All Alunze A long battle knife
Short Sword ATP+42 Ice Attack 900 G Maxim, Guy, Selan, Dekar, Lexis, Artea Alunze A short fighting sword
Light Knife ATP+32, MRG+10 Light Attack 1000 G Maxim, Tia, Guy, Selan, Dekar, Artea Alunze Basement Shines with brilliant light
Wire ATP+48 Water Attack 1200 G Tia, Selan Tanbel A wire that comes handy in battle
Kukri ATP+52 Thunderblast 1500 G Maxim, Guy, Dekar Tanbel, Clamento A hatchet-like weapon
Fire Dagger ATP+56, DFP+5, STR+6 Blaze Attack 6000 G Maxim, Guy, Dekar, Artea Tanbel Southeast Tower A dagger with the power of fire
Rod ATP+58 Thunderblast 1500 G Tia, Selan, Artea Clamento A long staff
Aqua Whip ATP+72 Aqua Attack 3800 G Tia, Selan Ruby Cave A water whip
Franshiska ATP+70 - 2600 G Guy, Dekar Parcelyte An axe with a sharp pointed end
Chain ATP+66 Dive Bomber 2200 G Tia, Selan Parcelyte A chain short enough to swing around in the air
Cold Rapier ATP+76, DFP+5, GUT+2 Glacial Blast 4200 G Maxim, Selan, Artea Treasure Shrine An ice rapier
Scimitar ATP+90 Ice Attack 4400 G Maxim, Selan, Artea Gordovan West Tower A curved sword
Gladius ATP+68 Holy Energy 2400 G Maxim, Guy, Dekar, Lexis, Artea Merix A short sword with a decorative pattern
Staff ATP+78 - 4400 G Tia, Selan, Artea Bound Kingdom A decorated staff
Bronze Sword ATP+98 Water Attack 5000 G Maxim, Guy, Dekar Bound Kingdom A sword made from bronze
Thunder Ax ATP+108 Thunderball 6000 G Guy, Dekar North Dungeon Dagger with the power of thunder
Deadly Sword ATP+100, GUT+10, CURSED - 20000 G Maxim, Guy, Dekar Dropped by Deadly Swords, North Dungeon The power of Deadly sword turned into an actual sword
Hand Ax ATP+104 Bomb Attack 6000 G Guy, Dekar Aleyn Small sized hand ax
Long Staff ATP+102 - 6200 G Tia, Selan, Artea Aleyn A long staff
War Rapier ATP+114 Thunderblast 7600 G Maxim, Selan, Artea Narcyssus, Gruberik A battle rapier
Long Sword ATP+120 - 8000 G Maxim, Guy, Dekar Narcyssus, Gruberik A long sword
Multi Sword ATP+86 Bomb Attack 9450 G Maxim, Guy, Dekar Karloon A sword that can do a variety of attacks
Cutter Whip ATP+132 Dive Bomber 9100 G Tia, Selan Karloon A whip with knives attached to it.
Dekar Blade ATP+188 Fatal Blow 15000 G Dekar Karloon North Shrine Dekar's powerful sword.
Vice-pliers ATP+140 - 6000 G Lexis Treadool, Forfeit A pair of pliers
Morning Star ATP+172 - 10000 G Tia, Selan, Artea Treadool, Forfeit A cudgel with an iron ball attached to it by a chain
Rockbreaker ATP+164 Thunderblast 9850 G Maxim Treadool, Forfeit Smashes rocks
Bronze Ax ATP+162 Bomb Attack 9700 G Guy, Dekar Treadool, Forfeit An ax made from bronze
Coma hit ATP+180 Sleep Stinger 8000 G Lexis Forfeit Attack all enemies. You can occasionally put the to sleep as well.
Burn Sword ATP+180 Firestorm 15000 G Maxim, Guy, Selan Flower Mountain A flame sword
Flying Ax ATP+180 Deadly Smash 9900 G Guy, Dekar Flower Mountain Severly damages flying enemies
Fortune Whip ATP+260, DFP+4, AGL+8 - 500000 G Selan Forfeit Casion A whip that may bring you luck
Dragon Blade ATP+450 Dragonfire 5000000 G Maxim, Guy Forfeit Casion A sword that severly damages dragons
Bunny Sword ATP+500 Battle Fury 60000 G Selan Forfeit Casion Goes with the Bunnysuit and is decorared with rabbit pictures
Broadsword ATP+188 - 11000 G Maxim, Guy, Dekar Auralio, Dankirk A wide-bladed sword
Estoc ATP+188 Flame Attack 11500 G Maxim, Selan, Artea Auralio, Dankirk A thin-bladed sword
Superdriver ATP+190 Bomb Attack 12000 G Lexis Auralio, Dankirk A screwdriver
Figgoru ATP+195 Confusion 9500 G Lexis Dankirk North Cave Attack all enemies. You can occasionally confuse them as well.
Royal Whip ATP+220 Ice Attack 13000 G Tia, Selan Ferim A whip used by Queens
Spear ATP+222 Dive Bomber 13500 G Guy, Dekar Ferim A battle spear
Silvo Rapier ATP+218 Holy Energy 13200 G Maxim, Selan, Artea Ferim A rapier made from silver
Pounder Rod ATP+240 - 15500 G Tia, Selan, Artea Treble, Portravia A rod with a hammer attached to it
Rainy Ax ATP+260 Bomb Attack 18500 G Guy, Dekar Portravia An ax
Battledriver ATP+253 - 18200 G Lexis Portravia A screwdriver used in battle
Launcher ATP+50 Swoop 13000 G Lexis, Artea Portravia A weapon that shoots out arrows
Aqua Sword ATP+260 Torrent 20000 G Selan, Artea Mountain of No Return A water sword
Crazy Blade ATP+263 Dive Bomber 19700 G Maxim, Selan, Artea Eserikto A water sword
Trident ATP+268 Water Attack 20900 G Guy Eserikto A three-pronged weapon
Holy Whip ATP+300 Celestial 30000 G Selan Divine Shrine A whip with special powers
Red Saber ATP+282 Blaze Attack 21400 G Maxim Barnan A red coloured saber
Halberd ATP+285 Thunderblast 23500 G Guy, Dekar Barnan A combination cudgel and battle ax
Mist Rapier ATP+283 Aqua Attack 25100 G Maxim, Selan, Artea Barnan A special Rapier
Crystal Wand ATP+280 Holy Energy 25100 G Selan, Artea Barnan A crystal staff
Stun Gun ATP+240 Stun Shocker 14500 G Lexis Northeast Tower Paralyzes Enemies
Cursed Bow No effect, CURSED - 25000 G Artea Shrine of Vengeance A bow which lies under a curse laid by an elf a long time ago
Arty's Bow ATP+300 Mirror Block 30000 G Artea "Lift" the Cursed Bow You can this to attack all enemies at once
Boom Sword ATP+300 Thundershriek 28000 G Maxim, Guy Shrine of Vengeance A thunder sword
Freeze Sword ATP+306, DFP+3, STR+6 Arctic Freeze 28000 G Maxim, Selan, Artea Shrine of Vengeance An ice sword
Silver Sword ATP+314 Holy Energy 29000 G Maxim Durale A sword made from silver
Heavy Lance ATP+330 Bomb Attack 31800 G Guy, Dekar Durale A long, heavy lance
Silver Rod ATP+320 Celestial 35000 G Tia, Selan, Artea Durale A rod made from silver
Freeze Bow ATP+280 Glacial Blast 37600 G Artea Durale A bow with special ice power
Buster Sword ATP+355 Bomb Attack 45500 G Maxim Chaed A sword you grasp with both hands
Great Ax ATP+365 - 47500 G Guy Chaed A very powerful ax
Zirco Rod ATP+360 - 48000 G Selan, Artea Chaed, Narvick A rod made from zircon
Rune Rapier ATP+362 Bomb Attack 49300 G Artea Chaed A rapier with runic patterns inscribed on it.
Super Sword ATP+320, GUT+10, MGR+10 Holy Energy 30000 G Selan Tower of Truth A sword with special power from a goddess
Lizard Blow ATP+360, MGR+20 Dragon Rush 50000 G Maxim, Guy, Selan, Artea Dragon Mountain Very effective against dragons
Zirco Sword ATP+386 Firestorm 51000 G Maxim Preamarl, Narvick A sword made from zircon
Zirco Flail ATP+390 Arctic Freeze 52000 G Guy Preamarl, Narvick A threashing tool made from zircon
Zirco Ax ATP+394 Torrent 52500 G Guy Narvick An ax made from zircon
Zirco Whip ATP+384 Thundershriek 52000 G Selan Narvick An whip made from zircon
Dual Blade ATP+400 Wave Motion - Maxim Karmino Island The legendary sword that is vibrating with incredibly powerful waves of energy
Sky Sword ATP+450, DFP+35, STR+50 Skysplitter 65000 G Maxim, Guy, Dekar Ancient Cave A sword filled with the power of thunder
Snow Sword ATP+380, DFP+50, MGR+50 Deep Freeze 65000 G Selan Ancient Cave A sword filled with the power of ice queen
Gades Blade ATP+200 Octo-strike 60000 G Guy, Dekar Dropped by Gades, Ancient Cave A sword possessed of the fearsome power of the evil Gades
Water Spear ATP+400, INT+20 Torrent 55000 G Lexis, Artea Ancient Cave A water spear
Sizzle Sword ATP+400, GUT+20 Firestorm 55000 G Maxim, Selan Ancient Cave Sword with the special power of flame
Blaze Sword ATP+400, INT+20, MGR+20 Celestial 55000 G Selan Ancient Cave Sword filled with light power
Fry Sword ATP+380, all other stats+10 Sizzle 65000 G Guy, Dekar Ancient Cave Sword filled with Fry magic
Mega Ax ATP+400, DFP+20 Thundershriek 55000 G Guy, Dekar Ancient Cave An extremely strong ax
Spark Staff ATP+350, INT+50, MGR+50 Phoenix Blow 65000 G Selan, Artea, Tia Ancient Cave Sword filled with the power of Phoenix
[note from Sin: yeah, "sword", there are a couple of screw ups like this]
Air Whip ATP+400, MGR+20 Arctic Freeze 55000 G Selan, Tia Ancient Cave A whip from the heavens
Dragon Spear ATP+380 Flood 65000 G Selan, Artea Ancient Cave Sword filled with the power of the Water Dragon
Egg Sword - Hardboiled 65000 G All Egg Dragon battle spoil Sword made of the scales from the Egg Dragon

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