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Treasure List
Location Treasure
Cave to Sundeltan
Cave to Sundeltan Antidote
Cave to Sundeltan Escape
Cave to Sundeltan Life Potion
Cave to Sundeltan Power Potion
Cave to Sundeltan Magic Jar
Cave to Sundeltan Hide Armor
Cave to Sundeltan Dragon Egg (you need the hook)
Lake Cave
Lake Cave Insect Crush
Lake Cave Power Potion
Lake Cave Miracle
Lake Cave Speedy Ring
Alunze Basement
Alunze Basement Light Knife
Alunze Basement Escape
Alunze Basement Secret Fruit
Alunze Basement Dragon Egg
Alunze Basement Coat
Alunze Basement Headband
Alunze Basement Water Jewel (need hook)
Alunze Basement Bomb
Alunze Basement Miracle
Alunze Northwest Cave
Alunze NW Cave Light Armor
Alunze NW Cave Power Brace
Alunze NW Cave Witch Ring
Alunze NW Cave Horse Rock
Alunze NW Cave Miracle
Alunze NW Cave 2 Hi Potions
Alunze NW Cave Hi Magic
Alunze NW Cave Brave
Alunze NW Cave Jet Helm
Alunze NW Cave Eron Hat (need hammer)
Alunze NW Cave Tuff Buckler (need hammer)
Tanbel Southeast Tower
Tanbel SE Tower Camu Armor
Tanbel SE Tower Fire Dagger
Tanbel SE Tower Pearl Brace
Tanbel SE Tower Jute Helm
Ruby Cave
Ruby Cave Aqua Whip
Ruby Cave Fury Helmet
Ruby Cave Flame Fruit
Ruby Cave Capsule Monster Armor Dog
Treasure Shrine
Treasure Shrine Undead Ring
Treasure Shrine Cold Rapier
Treasure Shrine Anger Brace
Treasure Shrine Round Shield
Treasure Shrine Bat Rock
Treasure Shrine Mind Ring
Gordovan West Tower
Gordovan West Tower Muscle Ring
Gordovan West Tower Gades Blade (beat Gades)
Gordovan West Tower Scimitar
Gordovan West Tower Block Shield
Gordovan West Tower Eagle Rock
Gordovan West Tower Speed Potion
Gordovan West Tower Miracle
Gordovan West Tower Hook
Cave Bridge
Cave Bridge Hi Magic
Cave Bridge Regain
North Dungeon
North Dungeon Thunder Ring
North Dungeon Deadly Sword
North Dungeon Thunder Axe
North Dungeon Life Potion
North Dungeon Dragon Egg
North Dungeon Capsule Monster Shaggy
Ancient Tower
Ancient Tower Muscle Ring
Ancient Tower Protect Ring
Ancient Tower Pumpkin Jewel
Ancient Tower Magic Bikini
Ancient Tower Fayza Shield
Ancient Tower Miracle
North Lighthouse
North Lighthouse Fire Ring
North Lighthouse Mystery Ring
North Lighthouse Bee Rock
North Lighthouse Big Shield
North Lighthouse Cancer Rock
Phantom Tree Mountain
Phantom Tree Mountain Watern ring
Phantom Tree Mountain Fire Arrow
Ancient Cave (behind door)
Ancient Cave Dragon ring
Ancient Cave Brill Helm
Ancient Cave Light Jewel
Tower of Sacrifice
Tower of Sacrifice Ice ring
Karloon North Shrine
North Shrine Dekar Blade
North Shrine Lion Fang
North Shrine Fury Ring
Flower Mountain
Flower Mountain Burn Sword
Flower Mountain Snake Rock
Flower Mountain Power Ring
Flower Mountain Hammer
Flower Mountain Capsule Monster Raddisher
Flower Mountain Dragon Egg
Flower Mountain Flying Ax
Flower Mountain Life Potion
Dankirk North Cave
Dankirk North Cave Figgoru
Dankirk North Cave Flame Jewel
Dankirk North Cave Earth Fruit
Dankirk North Cave Fury Ribbon
Dankirk North Cave Hi-Magic
Dankirk North Cave Dragon Egg
Northeast Tower
Northeast Tower Stun Gun
Northeast Tower Mysto Jewel
Northeast Tower Samu Jewel
Mountain of No Return
Mountain of No Return Aqua Sword
Divine Shrine
Divine Shrine Revive Armor
Divine Shrine Rocket Ring
Divine Shrine Dragon Egg
Divine Shrine Holy Whip
Shrine of Vengeance
Shrine of Vengeance Heal Armor
Shrine of Vengeance Bright Armor
Shrine of Vengeance Power Robe
Shrine of Vengeance Evil Jewel
Shrine of Vengeance Cursed Bow
Shrine of Vengeance Freeze Sword
Shrine of Vengeance Boom Sword
Tower of Truth
Tower of Truth Ghostclothes
Tower of Truth Super Sword
Tower of Truth Ghost Ring
Tower of Truth Song Rock
Dragon Mountain
Dragon Mountain Magic Scale
Dragon Mountain Sonic Ring
Dragon Mountain Miracle
Dragon Mountain Miracle
Dragon Mountain Miracle
Dragon Mountain S-pro Ring
Dragon Mountain S-myst Ring
Dragon Mountain S-witch Ring
Dragon Mountain S-mind Ring
Dragon Mountain S-power Ring
Dragon Mountain Hipower Ring
Dragon Mountain Angry Ring
Dragon Mountain Hidora Rock
Dragon Mountain Gorgon Rock
Dragon Mountain Kraken Rock
Dragon Mountain Mega Shield
Dragon Mountain Legend Helmet
Dragon Mountain Lizard Blow
Dragon Mountain Holy Robe
Gratze Dungeon
Gratze Dungeon Miracle
Shuman Island Tower
Shuman Island Tower S-thun ring
Shuman Island Tower S-water ring
Shuman Island Tower S-ice ring
Shuman Island Tower Pearl Armor
Strahda Island Tower
Strahda Island Tower Pearl Helmet
Stradha Island Tower S-thun ring
Karmino Island Tower
Karmino Island Tower S-fire ring
Karmino Island Tower Pearl Shield
Fortress of Doom
Fortress of Doom Miracle
Fortress of Doom Miracle
Fortress of Doom Miracle
Fortress of Doom Miracle
Fortress of Doom Miracle
Fortress of Doom Miracle
Fortress of Doom Miracle
Fortress of Doom Miracle
Fortress of Doom Miracle
Fortress of Doom Miracle
Fortress of Doom Miracle
Fortress of Doom Miracle
Special thanks to Ooka for telling me where 2 missing chests were

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