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Capsule Monsters

This is Rast's capsule monster list . The only Lufia 2 section that survived The Great Deletion.

There are 7 Capsule Monsters, each representing a different element.  You can feed them various items to increase their growth gauge, and when it becomes full they will grow into their next level form.  To increase a capsule monster to its Master (or 5th) form requires special procedures, outlined individually for each monster.

Learned abilities are learned by the monster as it gains experience, as are upgrade abilities, except they replace the ability they upgrade.

Before you can upgrade to the Master (M) form, you must have upgraded to the Level IV form.

Name: Blaze
Element: Fire
Armor Dog Winged Lion Wing Lizard Blaze Dragon Firebird
c_armordog.gif c_wingedlion.gif c_winglizard.gif c_blazedragon.gif c_firebird.gif
Tail Tail Fang Attack Flame Punch Burning Rain
Iron Claw
Burning Fang Tailspin
Burning Fang (learned)
Flame Breath (upgrades to Terminate) Inferno
Flame Breath (learned)
Other Info
To Get Master Form:  Feed him a Charm Fruit in his Wing Lizard form.
Find at: Ruby Cave

Blaze has some great attacks, but his defense power is only so-so and he runs away after absorbing about 50% damage.  Great to have around if you're just experience building, but I wouldn't recommend taking him into places where he'll get beat up (such as boss fights), as he will run away long before he dies.

Name: Flash
Element: Light
Shaggy Sprite Cupid Twinkle Unicorn
c_f_shaggy.gif c_f_sprite.gif c_f_cupid.gif c_f_twinkle.gif
Spear Revive Healing Kiss Sacred Song Sacred Song Dash
Restoration (upgrades to Purification) Antler Stab (upgrades to Holy Thunder)
Thunderbolt (learned)
Thunderbolt (upgrades to Bolt Attack) Healing Aura
Other Info
To Get Master Form:  Feed him a Dark Fruit in his Sprite form.
Find at:  North Dungeon

Flash's big thing is healing.  All of his special attacks, except for Thunderbolt and two of his Master attacks, heal.  This is the guy you'll want around in the Ancient Cave, though he is considerably less effective elsewhere are healing spells are cheap in this game.

Name: Gusto
Element: Wind
Hard Hat Blue Bird Winged Horse Green Titan Sky Dragon
c_g_hardhat.gif c_g_bluebird.gif c_g_wingedhorse.gif c_g_greengiant.gif c_g_skydragon.gif
Fang Attack Beak Bash Electro Bolt Iron Fist Tornado Blow (upgrades to Cyclone Wave)
Dragon Fang
Iron Claw Twister
Spiral Wave (learned) Sonic Blast (learned)
Electro Bolt
Other Info
To Get Master Form:  Feed him an Earth Fruit in his Green Giant form.
Find at:  Tower of Sacrifice

Gusto is fairly well balanced in both attack and defense power, although most of his attacks are of the wind element.

Name: Darbi
Element: Dark
Myconido Wolfman Mini Imp Big Imp Red Dragon
c_d_myconido.gif c_d_wolfman.gif c_d_miniimp.gif c_d_bigimp.gif c_d_reddragon.gif
Trancemaker Wolf Fang Destruction Sizzle Smash Dash
Dragon Blast
Mega Trident Terminate
Wolf Punch (upgrades to Sizzle Smash)
Dark Flame (upgrades to Terminate) Dark Thunder (upgrades to Evil Aura)
Other Info
To Get Master Form: Feed him a Holy Fruit in his Wolfman form.
Find at: Capsule Monster Shrine on the island west of Barnan (it looks like a tree).

Darbi is about useless.  While he has some very powerful attacks, especially in his higher forms, he  rarely uses them, and  he also runs away frequently, often after suffering so much as a single blow.

Name: Sully
Element: Soil
Raddisher Red Cap Giant Stonehead Centaur
c_s_raddisher.gif c_s_redcap.gif c_s_stonehead.gif c_s_centaur.gif
Radish Kick Perish Punch Fist Battle Anger Battle Bow
Heel drop
Head Butt Hammer Punch
Glow Knuckle
Stone Crush
Other Info
To Get Master Form:  Feed him a Breeze Fruit in his Stonehead form.
Find at: Flower Mountain

Sully's attacks are all of the Earth element.

Name: Jelze
Element: Neutral
Foomy S Foomy M Foomy L Foomy H Gold Fox
Foomy Punch Foomy Punch Foomy Punch Foomy Punch (upgrades to Mega Punch) Fang Attack
Head Butt
Head Butt Bubble Blow
Head Butt
Tackle Tail Smash
Other Info
To Get Master Form:  Feed him a Secret Fruit in his Foomy H  form.
Find at: Capsule Monster Shrine south of Alunze (it looks like a tree)

This guy is my favorite.  He deals 100% physical damage, so few enemies will be resistant to his attacks, and I've never seen him run away.

Name: Zeppy
Element: Water
Red Fish Toadie Sea Giant Blue Titan Fish Head
Fish Kick Frog Song Energy Wave Thunder Blast Fish Kick
(upgrades to Hyper Kick)
Hail Attack
Frog Kick
Thunder Fist
(upgrades to Power Fist)
Dive Attack
Magic Freeze
Iron Trident
(upgrades to Mega Trident)
Iron Trident
Other Info
To Get Master Form:  Feed him a Blaze Fruit in his Sea Giant form.
Find at: In an underwater cave south of Percelyte.

Most of Zeppy's attacks are of the Water element.


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