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Dragon Eggs
The first 8 Dragon Eggs are located here :

-Cave To Sundletan (need the hook)

-Alunze Basement

-The daughter of the bridge builder in Merix (after his return)

-The North Dungeon (Bound Kingdom)

-North Lighthouse (Parcelyte)

-Flower Mountain

-Dankirk North Cave

-Divine Shrine

Little disclaimer: subsequent sets of dragon eggs aren't necessarily in the locations given. These are the locations I've gotten them and by experience, the egg locations have not always been random, so these are more or less suggested places for searching. Having the Jewel Sonar and having sought out ALL chests in the game will definetly help. If a chest is occupied when the eggs get redistributed, that egg will obviously be somewhere else.

For the second set of dragon egg locations, click here

For the third set of dragon egg locations, click here

For the fourth set of dragon egg locations, click here

After finding a set of 8 Dragon Eggs, you go to the Dragon Egg Shrine on the island next to the small town of Pico. To get on the island, you must have the submarine since the only way to get to it is through a small underwater channel.

The Egg Dragon will offer you 4 choices. The Potions set will give you 10 of each stat enhancing potions : power, mind, life, brave, spell and speed. The Fruits set will give you 20 of each fruit : holy , dark, magic, charm, breeze, flame and earth. This will allow you to boost all of your capsule monsters to M class without worrying about running out of fruits. The Ancient Shield is the Old Shield in the list and the Super Rings are a set of enhanced rings which you can find later on in the game. They constitute most of the list under this text.

After choosing your reward, the eggs will be placed in 8 different chests. This is where the Jewel Sonar you can buy in the Forfeit comes in useful. For the steep price of 200 000 G, you can have an item that will tell you how many chests are left in a dungeon. If you cleared a dungeon and go back to and there's an extra ring than there should be, then that's most likely your egg. You can use the sonar anywhere in the dungeon. It won't tell you if you're close or far, simply how many there are.

After bringing the dragon 4 sets of eggs, speak to him again and he will challenge you to a fight. This is probably the toughest fight you will ever face in Lufia 2, but the results aren't fatal if you lose. My suggestion for the fight is to equip Artea with the Lizard Blow and Guy and Maxim , both Dragonblades. Give the Dragon Ring to Maxim. Have Selan cast Valor every round and if one of the characters gets confused, have maxim cast valor and selan strike the confused character (usually Artea or Guy). Use your anti-dragon sword IPs as often as possible. The Dragon casts spells that will do around 300 to each character in 1 round and can strike up to 700 points of damage against 1 character. He can also cast Zap.

When you win, the dragon will congratulate and give you the Egg Sword and Ring. You can return to fight the Dragon any time.

Dragon Egg Reward List
Name Status Effect IP Price Characters Description
Old Shield DFP+95, AGL+10 Ancient Power 35000 G Guy, Artea Legendary shield which provides an extremely high amount of protection
S-power Ring ATP+40 Bravery 9000 G All Greatly increases the power of your arms - S stands for super
S-pro Ring DFP+40 Courage 12000 G All Greatly increases DFP - S stands for super
S-mind Ring INT+40 Champion 11000 G All Increases INT - S stands for super
S-witch Ring INT+20, MGR+40 Deflect 13000 G Tia, Selan Increases MP - S stands for super
S-myst Ring ATP+20, DFP+20 Mirror 26000 G All A strange and mysterious ring - S stands for super
S-thun Ring ATP+20, DFP+10, STR+20 Thunder 8000 G All Increases the power of thunder magic- S stands for super
S-fire Ring ATP+20 Firebird 8000 G All Increases the power of fire magic- S stands for super
S-water Ring DFP+20 Dragon 8000 G All Increases the power of water magic- S stands for super
S-ice Ring DFP+10, AGL+20 Ice Valk 8000 G All Increases the power of ice magic- S stands for super
Dragon Egg Battle Spoils
Name Status Effect IP Price Characters Description
Egg Sword - Hardboiled 65000 G All Sword made of scales from the Egg Dragon
Egg Ring All stats to 999, except GUT, to 199 - 65000 G All Ring made of scales from the Egg Dragon

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