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Name Status Effect IP Price Character Location Description
Chop Board DFP+1 - 30 G Tia, Selan Elcid Used when you cut up things like vegetable and fish, but can also be used as a shield
Small Shield DFP+2 - 100 G All Elcid, Sundletan A small sized shield
Hide Shield DFP+5 - 400 G Maxim, Guy, Dekar, Lexis, Artea Alunze A shield made from leather
Buckler DFP+8 - 600 G Maxim, Guy, Dekar Alunze A small round shield
Mini Shield DFP+10 Battle Lust 800 G Tia, Selan, Lexis, Artea Alunze A small size shield
Power Brace DFP+10, INT+5 Spell Repel 2000 G Maxim, Tia, Selan, Lexis, Artea Alunze Northwest Cave A bracelet that protects you from magic attacks
Bracelet DFP+14 Ironclad 1400 G Tia, Selan Tanbel, Clamento Jewelery for your wrist
Wood shield DFP+15 - 1200 G Maxim, Guy, Dekar, Lexis, Artea Tanbel, Clamento A shield made from wood
Pearl Brace DFP+16, INT+10 Lightbulb 5000 G Tia, Selan Tanbel Southeast Tower A bracelet made from pearls
Kite Shield DFP+20 Fleet 2200 G Maxim, Guy, Dekar Parcelyte A small round shield
Tough Gloves DFP+18 - 2600 G Maxim, Guy, Tia, Selan, Dekar, Lexis, Artea Parcelyte A strong pair gloves
Anger Brace ATP+5, DFP+30, STR+5, GUT+10 Battle Lust 4000 G Maxim, Guy, Tia, Selan, Dekar, Lexis, Artea Treasure Shrine Makes you wave your arm in anger when you put it on
Round Shield DFP+34 - 4600 G Maxim, Guy, Dekar Treasure Shrine, Aleyn A circular shield
Block Shield DFP+22 Ironclad 4200 G Tia, Selan Gordovan West Tower A shield with special protective powers
Brone Shield DFP+28 Spell Repel 3600 G Maxim, Guy, Dekar Comes with Dekar A shield made from bronze
Fayza Shield DFP+40, AGL+5 Fleet 5000 G All Ancient Tower A lightweight and easy to maneuver shield
Big Shield DFP+37 - 5900 G Maxim, Guy, Dekar North Lighthouse, Narcyssus, Gruberik A large shield
Tecto Gloves DFP+30 Lightbulb 4300 G Tia, Selan, Artea Aleyn, Narcyssus, Gruberik Extremely tough gloves
Silvo Shield DFP+42 Aura Protect 6900 G Maxim Karloon A shield made from silver
Tall Shield DFP+40 Bezerker 6000 G Dekar Karloon A long tall shield
Slash Shield ATP+10, DFP+45 Battle Lust 7500 G Selan, Lexis, Artea Treadool A shield studded with knives
Spike Shield ATP+15, DFP+44 - 7500 G Maxim, Guy, Dekar Treadool A shield studded with thorns
Bunny Lady DFP+10 Beserker 400000G Selan Forfeit Casino She wears a bunny suit and carries a tray
Tuff Buckler DFP+48 - 8200 G Maxim, Guy Alunze NW Cave (need Hammer), Auralio, Dankirk, Ferim A strong, tough shield
Tect Buckler DFP+52 Quicksilver 8500 G All Portravia A tough shield made from tecto
Gold Gloves DFP+57 Fireguard 8600 G Selan, Lexis, Artea Eserikto Gloves made from gold
Gold Shield DFP+58 Fireguard 8800 G Maxim, Guy Eserikto A shield made from gold
Plati Gloves DFP+61 Thunderguard 10600 G Selan, Lexis, Artea Barnan Gloves made from platinum
Plati Shield DFP+63 Iceguard 11400 G Maxim, Guy Barnan A shield made from platinum
Gauntlets DFP+68 Power Guard 13200 G Maxim, Guy, Selan, Artea Durale Gauntlets made from magical metal
Rune Glove DFP+72, MGR+23 Shadow Guard 18800 G Artea Chaed Gloves inscribed with runic patterns
Mega Shield DFP+90 Iron Barrier 38000 G Guy Dragon Mountain A shield stronger than steel
Holy Shield DFP+76, MGR+15 Light Guard 26300 G Maxim, Guy Preamarl A holy shield
Zirco Shield DFP+84, MGR+8 Beserker 34400 G Maxim, Guy Narvick A shield made from zircon
Zirco Gloves DFP+80, MGR+14 Forcefield 32300 G Selan, Artea Narvick Gloves made from zircon
Pearl Shield DFP+90 Miracle Care 20000 G Maxim Karmino Island Legendary shield which provides an extremely high amount of protection
Old Shield DFP+95, AGL+10 Ancient Power 35000 G Guy, Artea Dragon Egg Reward Legendary shield which provides an extremely high amount of protection
Flame Shield DFP+80, GUT+10 Flameblock 35000 G Maxim, Guy, Dekar Ancient Cave Shield with flame protection
Water Gauntlet DFP+75, AGL+10, MGR+10 Water Screen 35000 G Selan, Artea, Tia, Lexis Ancient Cave Gauntlet with water protection
Bolt Shield DFP+75, STR+10 Thunderblock 37000 G Guy, Dekar Ancient Cave Shield with flame protection
Cryst Shield DFP+80, MGR+10 Holy Shield 37000 G Selan, Tia Ancient Cave Shield with ice protection
Dark Mirror DFP+150 CURSED - 38000 G All Ancient Cave Shield which gives out dark power
Apron Shield DFP+85, STR+10, MGR+10 Holy Wall 40000 G Maxim, Guy, Dekar Ancient Cave Shield which gives out sun power

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