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Name Status Effect IP Price Character Location Description
Apron DFP+4 - 60 G Tia, Selan Elcid Most people wear them to protect their clothes, but other people think they're kind of cute.
Dress DFP+5 - 90 G Tia, Selan Elcid, Sundletan Clothing for women
Cloth DFP+6 - 140 G All Elcid, Sundletan Clothing made of special fabric
Hide Armor DFP+9 - 250 G Maxim, Guy, Selan, Dekar Sundletan Armor made from leather
Frock DFP+11 Healing 400 G Tia, Selan Sundletan Clothing for women. Just right for special occasions.
Robe DFP+13 - 450 G Tia, Selan, Artea Alunze Loose fitting clothing with long sleeves
Cloth Armor DFP+21 Antidote 600 G Maxim, Guy, Dekar, Artea Alunze Armor made from thickly padded cloth
Coat DFP+15 Re-energize 700 G Tia, Selan Alunze Basement A thick topcoat
Tough Hide DFP+19 Re-energize 800 G Maxim, Guy, Dekar Tanbel Armor made from tough leather
Light Armor DFP+15 Free Magic 1200 G Maxim, Guy, Dekar Tanbel, Clamento A lightweight but tough armor
Light Dress DFP+20 Re-energize 1000 G Tia, Selan Tanbel A lightweight but tough dress
Camu Armor DFP+32, ATP+5, STR+5 Divine Cure 1500 G Guy, Dekar Tanbel Southeast Tower Armor worn by Camu
Baggy DFP+26 - 1600 G Tia, Selan Clamento Loose-fitting baggy clothing
Chainmail DFP+35 - 3000 G Maxim, Guy, Dekar, Lexis, Artea Parcelyte Armor made from metal
Tight Dress DFP+35 Reawaken 2800 G Tia, Selan Parcelyte A tight dress for special occasions
Ironmail DFP+39 Cure Paralysis 3000 G Maxim, Guy, Dekar Parcelyte Armor made from iron
Holy Wings ATP+5, DFP+35, STR+5 Holy Healing 3200 G Tia, Selan Parcelyte Castle Special wings said to have been worn by a goddess
Toga DFP+40 - 3600 G Tia, Selan Merix A roman toga
Chain Armor DFP+47 - 4500 G Maxim, Guy, Dekar Bound Kingdom Armor made from cloth reinforced with chainmail
Thick Cloth DFP+48 Paralysis Cure 4700 G Guy, Dekar Bound Kingdom, Aleyn Clothin made from tough heavy fabric
Stone Plate DFP+49 Reviver 4850 G Dekar Bound Kingdom, Aleyn Breastplate made from stone
Deadly Armor ATP+5, DFP+63, STR+5, CURSED Recovery 100 G Maxim, Guy, Dekar Dropped by Deadly Armor Power of Deadly armor turned into actual armor
Magic Bikini DFP+60 Magic Cure 10000 G Tia, Selan Ancient Tower A magical swimsuit
Long Robe DFP+50 Power Healing 5000 G Tia, Selan, Artea Aleyn, Gruberik, Narcyssus A robe with a long trailing hem
Plated Cloth DFP+54 Power Healing 5800 G Maxim, Guy, Dekar, Lexis, Artea Gruberik, Narcyssus Armor made from cloth reinforced with metal plating
Metal Mail DFP+68 - 6250 G Dekar Karloon Armor made from iron
Iron Plate DFP+59 Reviver 5950 G Guy, Dekar Karloon Breastplate made from iron
Silk Toga DFP+64 Power Healing 6300 G Selan Treadool, Forfeit A luxury toga
Silver Armor DFP+66 Magic Cure 7200 G Maxim, Guy, Dekar Treadool, Forfeit Armor made from silver
Light Jacket DFP+68 - 7600 G Guy, Dekar Treadool, Fofeit A lightweight but tough jacket
Lab-coat DFP+7 Power Healing 180 G Lexis Comes with Lexis Often worn by people doing scientific research
Seethru Silk DFP+1 Regeneration 100000 G Selan Forfeit Casion Clothing made from very thin silk
Bunnysuit DFP+20 Magic Rebirth 600000 G Selan, Artea Forfeit Casion Just the thing to wear to a fancy dress party
Silver Mail DFP+76 Magic cure 8700 G Maxim, Guy, Lexis Auralio, Dankirk Armor made from silver
Power Jacket DFP+78 - 9000 G Guy Auralio, Dankirk A strong, tough jacket
Metal Coat DFP+75 Magic cure 7750 G Selan Auralio, Dankirk A coat made oof iron
Quilted silk DFP+82 Reviver 9200 G Selan Ferim Armor made from silver
Metal Armor DFP+80 Paralysis Cure 9300 G Guy, Dekar Portravia Armor made from iron
Power Cape DFP+82 - 10000 G Selan Portravia A strong, tough cape
Plate Armor DFP+88 - 11300 G Maxim, Guy Eserikto Iron armor that covers your body
Evening Gown DFP+87 Sacred Song 11100 G Selan Eserikto A long dress with a slit up the side
Silver Robe DFP+84 Revival Sleep 11000 G Selan, Artea Eserikto A robe made of silver
Revive Armor DFP+90, MGR+5 Sacred Song 14000 G Maxim, Guy, Selan, Artea Divine Shrine Magical Armor
Plati Plate DFP+92 Divine Cure 12000 G Maxim, Guy Barnan Armor made from platinum
Silk Robe DFP+91 - 12700 G Selan Barnan A robe made from silk
Heal Armor DFP+100 Rebirth 18000 G Maxim, Guy Shrine of Vengeance Magical Armor that can bring the wearer back to life
Power Robe DFP+110 Rebirth 30000 G Selan, Artea Shrine of Vengeance A robe which increases your strength
Bright Armor DFP+120, MGR+20 Sudden Cure 24000 G Maxim, Guy, Selan, Artea Shrine of Vengeance Armor which shines with brilliant light
Crystal Mail DFP+100 Sudden Cure 14500 G Maxim, Guy Durale Armor made from crystal
Crystal Robe DFP+98 Rejuvenation 15000 G Artea, Selan Durale A special robe made from crystal
Ghostclothes DFP+100 Rejuvenation 35000 G Maxim, Guy, Selan, Artea Tower of Truth Clothes with a ghostly presence
Eron Dress DFP+110 Recovery 22000 G Tia, Selan Chaed A dress made from eronite
Metal Jacket DFP+106 - 20000 G Guy Chaed A jacket made from metal
Magic Scales ATP+10, DFP+110, STR+10, AGL+10, MGR+10 Magic Healing 30000 G Maxim, Selan, Artea Dragon Mountain Armor with magical scales
Holy Robe DFP+124, MGR+40 - 32000 G Selan, Artea Dragon Mountain A robe with special powers
Royal Dress DFP+122 Rejuvenation 38000 G Selan Preamarl An expensive dress fit to be worn by a princess
Full Mail DFP+130 - 40000 G Guy Preamarl Iron armor that covers your whole body
Zirco Armor DFP+150 Magic Cure 54000 G Maxim, Guy Narvick Armor made from zircon
Zirco Plate DFP+142 Sudden Cure 51200 G Selan, Artea Narvick Breastplate made from zircon
Pearl Armor DFP+140 Phoenix 30000 G Maxim Shuman Island Legendary armor which provides an extremely high level of protection
Ruse Armor DFP+140 Regeneration 58000 G Selan, Tia Ancient Cave Armor with special power
Mirak Plate DFP+120 Magic Rebirth 55000 G Selan, Tia Ancient Cave Armor which can cause miracles

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