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Treasure Shrine Platforms

Go to the top right platform (as shown in the picture) and step on it
It will automatically lead you as far as it can go and will stop as soon as it hits something (like this other platform). Take the treasure chest and step back on the platform. It will bring you back to where you were before, but step on it again so it leads you to the platform in the picture. Step on that platform.
Step on this plaform
It'll lead you here. Step off the platform.
Once off the horiontal platform, go down and take the first vertical plafrom you see to go up here to get the chest.
Go back on the vertical platform (from the chest) and you will go down. Step on it again so you can go back up to the horizontal platform. Step on it to go here (the picture). Step on the verticle platform below you.
Step on the horizontal platform.
Once you're back to the right, don't step off to the side, move unto the verticle platform you left next to the chest.
Step off to the right , go down and step unto the horizontal platform.
Step on the verticle platform
Step unto the horizontal platform which will lead to the verticle platform to the right .
Take the chests and go back down.
Step unto the verticle then the horizontal to end up here.
Go back to the left, step on the verticle, then on the horizontal
Step unto the verticle
Step unto the horizontal... go all the way to the left
You'll end up here, on the other end of the shrine

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