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The way out of this inland sea is blocked

Bad news. The prince is at Dunkirk, discussing peace with the king there.

The prince was offering the Ruby Icon as a sign of good will, but someone stole it before the signing ceremony...

Remember Jaffy, the guy who made the Ruby Apple ? Go see him in Clamento.

He'll make a red glass replica of the icon.

Unfortunately, the greedy queen is not so easily fooled

And you learn who the true vilain in all this is.

Go here to find the solution to the major problem of this cave.

Good timing. Gratze is an isolated militaristic country that you won't have to deal with for a while. For now, you'll only dispose of 4 weak guards.

Bring the Icon back for a happy ending. Meet the Prince in Auralio to open the water gate.

Speak to him again to get the VIP card. It'll let you in the room with the really big gamblers of Forfeit island

You can pass now. Go south and enter the Castle of Ferim for your next quest. If you want to, you can also venture out to sea and visit a few towns. Durale will not have anything on display for now, but Portravia and Barnan do.

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