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Dankirk North Cave Blue Switches

Read. Throughout the dungeon are 4 switches and you have to hit all 4 to pass.
There are 3 stairs on the main level and they lead to different places. The left stairs lead here.
Take the middle stairs to come here and press this switch to make the glas bridge appear over the spikes.
Take the right stairs to come here and cross the bridge
Jump down
Take a bomb
And blow up the pile of bones
Step on the switch to make the wall behind you recede.
And access this switch.
It'll take a few bombs to make this wall break, but it will (you'll notice that there's something weird about it). You may need to put bombs on the side too.
Go through the hole...
Press the switch and take the chests.
Take the left stairs to access that bridge.
Cross the bridge
Once you cross these pillars, they'll go back up.
Cut these 2 vines to reveal 2 eyes
Take the arrow
And shoot them to force them to close. The block will fall and it'll lower the pillars.
Cut the vine in the back to reveal a 3rd eye.
Shoot it to make the 3rd switch fall
This is for the dungeon key and for the 4th switch. Go in the portal
You'll be warped to a room that is very similar
Push the block to the left
Press on the weird left tile that is on the other room to make 1 flame light up.
Do so for the right side.
Put the block to the middle this time and 2 bridges will apear , allowing you to hit the switch.
With all 4 switches hit, all the spikes will have come down.

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