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Alunze: go into the village first.

You'll find out that there is a coronation going on here in this town. Rest, buy new equipment, but don't sell or feed Jelze the Insect Crush until you're done with the Ruby Cave.

Head for the castle, go to the top and go into the throne room. Once there, two messengers will appear...

Berty and Bart! These 2 idiots are a royal pain...

They'll escape and unfortunately, they snatch the crown. Make your way to the basement. You'll see a blacked out guard.

After you enter the basement, find the bombs.

Now go back to the first room, and look for a crack in the wall. Blow it open. In this room, you'll find a seemingly inaccessible chest. You'll have to come back here later when you get the hook.

Make your way to here. In this room, you HAVE to kill the bat in order to get to the door to open, if you want to restore your MP, HP and save that is.

Remember that in this basement, you'll have to use the bombs, so if you get stuck, look for cracks in the walls.

You'll eventully get to this part, and it can be quite tricky. Go here for the solution. Once its completed, a door will open on the top right. Get the armor, then go down.

Eventully you'll get to this room. Put the pot on the buttons and step on the switch to get to different warp places.Before you go warp anywhere, go left and push the block to avoid future hassles.

When you enter this room, go back and around to the right to get access to place in the picture (and use a bomb to open it.).

In this warp room, there's a horse and a chest. To get to the chest you have to kill the horse. Follow the instructions here.

You'll find your first Dragon Egg here. Do this to get to it.

Go down from the room where there's the Dragon Egg and push the block all the way down lower the spikes; go through the room with the kobolds and you'll be able to cross the spiked area. Go down the stairs , you'll find the two burglers and get the crown back.

Head back to the king to claim your prize. Prizes:

1- Money: you'll get 2000 G.

2-Princess- you'll get a measly 500 G.

3-King- you'll have to settle for 1000 G for making the king laugh...

4-Nothing: where you'll get a generous 3000 G.

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