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Alunze Basement Colored Blocks

Align 3 or more blocks of the same color and they will dissapear
Start with bottom yellowand push it 1 step beyond the left extremity
Move it up, and as soon as it aligns with the 2 other horizontal yellow blocks, all 3 dissapear
Go to the higher red block and move it out of the way, but not to the point where you won't be able to move it where you want anymore. Do the same with the red block in between the 2 yellows.
Bring the right yellow to the other yellow blocks
Push it down and make all the remaining yellows dissapear.
Pick up the tiles and form a bridge with them by lining them up.
Move the bottom red block out of the wayand push up the purple blockso that it forms a line, but not a connected one
Move the bottom purple block to the left and Push it up so it aligns with the rest of the purple blocks with the gap in the middle
Complete the line by pushing the last purple block in the middle, lining them up and making them dissapear
Start bringing the red blocks close together. Push it a little closer to the other blocks, but don't align them
Move one of the right red blocks 1 step higher than the other.
Move it to the left, making an unconneted line like with the purple blocks
Move the other right red block to the left
Connect the line
The 5 red blocks dissapear,the spikes are lowered and the door to the right is opened.

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