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Weird Stuff

If you have the fairy familiar equipped, stand still for a few minutes. Eventually the fairy will land and sit on Alucard's shoulder. If you move then, the fairy will groan and fly off.
If you have the Rune Sword, you'll notice that a word appears whenever you throw the sword (hard to see). That word is "verboten" and it means "forbidden" in German.
I find it strange that Power of Sire exists. It's not that strong (by the stats) and yet it's Dracula's power being unleashed. Which brings up another fact, Dracula aiding Alucard to destroy his minions. Ever used the Power of Sire against Dracula himself? Weird...
Since when do vampires need to eat? Couldn't Alucard drag a bottle of blood or two? Maybe not human blood, but still...As if he'd care about his cholesterol anyway...
I like the fact that Neutron bombs existed a few hundred years ago...
Why has Death had it's butt kicked about 10 times up to now and still keeps coming back for more? Hell, why can you beat Death in the first place?!?!
Did you ever piss off Alucard? It's pretty cool, do something he doesn't like such as switch forms in a small corridor. You'll like.
Every once in >very big number inserted here<, Alucard transforms into a really cool Gargoyle when stoned by Medusa's. In that state, he is invincible. Pretty cool thing to see and be affected by.
Nose devil and nose fairy are not in the second release of SOTN, but you can acess these familiars in the first release (yes, american) with the Game Shark. I have a moral thing against Game Shark so I don't post codes. You want to do something, sweat for it. These familiars have nothing to offer. They are very much like the devil and fairy themselves.
Here's something that I don't recommend but, when you meet the Dhurons in the Library, don't kill them, just wait. After a minute or 2, they'll summon a lightning bolt (which will electrify their sword). It hurts a lot, but its cool to see.

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