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Picture Name Description STR Found Dropped By
Apple Crunchy delicious apple (use) Restores 9 HP - Harpy
Banana Best when nearly rotten (use) Restores 7 HP - Skeleton Ape
Barley Tea Cool barley tea (use) Restores 15 HP Abandoned Mine Ouija Table
Cheese Delicious cheese (use) Restores 18 HP Olrox's Quarters Fleaman
Cheesecake With chocolate chips (use) Restores 14 HP - Hunting Girl
Chinese bun Vegetable steamed bun (use) Restores 10 HP - -
Curry rice Cooked with coconut milk (use) Restores 28 HP - -
Dim sum set 3 Dim Sum dishes (use) Restores 30 HP Reverse Outer Wall -
Frankfurter Local favorite (use) Restores 19 HP Long Library, Castle Keep Flying Zombie
Grape juice Sparkling juice (use) Restores 20 HP Royal Chapel (Confession Room) -
Grapes Juicy seedless grapes (use) Restores 5 HP - Thornweed
Green tea Japanese green tea (use) Restores 10 HP Cave, Colosseum Tombstone, Dark Octopus
Gyros plate With fries (use) Restores 29 HP - -
Ham and eggs Increases cholesterol (use) Restores 22 HP - Bone Halberd, Flea Rider
Hamburger 100% US Grade A (use) Restores 20 HP - -
Ice cream 3-layer ice cream (use) Restores 15 HP - Frozen Shade
Lunch A Lunch set A (use) Restores 25 HP - Tin Man
Lunch B Lunch set B (use) Restores 26 HP - -
Meal ticket Mystery food ticket (use) Causes a random food item to appear (Items with no locations can only be found with a Meal Ticket) Underground Caverns (x4), Black Marble Gallery, Reverce Caverns (x5) Black Panther, Stone Rose
Miso soup Japanese miso soup (use) Restores 20 HP - Grave Keeper
Morning set Eggs, toast, and coffee (use) Restores 24 HP - Ouija Table
Natou Smelly fermented soybean (use) Restores 32 HP - Grave Keeper
Omelette Western omelette (use) Restores 23 HP - -
Orange Japanese tangerine (use) Restores 6 HP - -
Parfait With whipped cream (use) Restores 16 HP - -
Peanuts Difficult to eat (use) Restores 50 HP (You need to run under it and hold Up to eat it) Abandoned Mine (x4), Reverce Caverns (infinite) -
Pineapple Tart southern fruit (use) Restores 8 HP - -
Pizza New York style! (use) Restores 21 HP - Toad, Frog
Pork bun Chinese Pork bun (use) Restores 17 HP Catacombs Blue Raven
Pot Roast Castlevania pot roast (use) Restores 50 HP Entrance, Outer Wall, Clock Tower, Castle Keep, Reverse Clock Tower, Reverce Caverns -
Pudding A la mode (use) Restores 17 HP - -
Ramen Chinese ramen noodles (use) Restores 50 HP - Schmoo
Red bean bun Chinese red bean bun (use) Restores 12 HP Floating Catacombs Black Crow
Shiitake Japanese Mushroom (use) Restores 30 HP Underground Caverns (x4), Abandoned Mine (x2), Reverce Caverns (x4), Cave (x2) -
Shortcake Strawberry shortcake (use) Restores 11 HP - Salem Witch
Sirloin Sirloin steak (use) Restores 100 HP Castle Keep Minotaur, Lossoth
Spaghetti Spaghetti Carbonera (use) Restores 27 HP - -
Strawberry Ripe red strawberry (use) Restores 10 HP - Thornweed
Sushi Tori, ebi, tamago (use) Restores 100 HP - Killer Fish, Dark Octopus
Tart Strawberry tart (use) Restores 12 HP - Diplocephalus
Toadstool Poisonous mushroom (use) Poisons You (Restores 1 HP if Topaz Circlet is equipped) Underground Caverns (x2), Reverce Caverns -
Turkey Roast turkey (use) Restores 80 HP Entrance, Abandoned Mine, Castle Keep (x2) -
Potion Raises some HP (use) - Bought From Librarian ($800), Alchemy Laboratory, Marble Gallery, Long Library, Royal Chapel, Black Marble Gallery, Reverce Caverns Bat, Corpseweed
High potion Restores about half HP (use) - Bought From Librarian ($2000), Reverce Keep, Reverse Outer Wall, Death Wing's Lair, Necromancy Laboratory, Reverse Entrance Flea Armor
Elixir Restore all HP (use) - Bought From Librarian ($8000), Underground Caverns, Reverce Caverns, Floating Catacombs -
Manna prism Restores all MP (use) - Bought From Librarian ($4000), Olrox's Quarters, Anti-Chapel, Death Wing's Lair, Necromancy Laboratory, Reverce Caverns Ectoplasm, Salome
Life apple Heals ( Fairy use only ) May restore to life when dead Entrance, Marble Gallery, Reverse Clock Tower, Cave Harpy
Heart refresh Restores 500 hearts (use) - Black Marble Gallery, Death Wing's Lair Archer, Venus Weed, Blue Venus Weed
Attack potion Temporarily raises ATT (use) - Marble Gallery, Floating Catacombs -
Str. potion Temporarily raises STR (use) - Royal Chapel, Reverse Clock Tower Wereskeleton
Smart potion Temporarily raise INT (use) - Reverse Clock Tower Marionette
Shield potion Temporarily raises DEF (use) - Reverse Outer Wall, Death Wing's Lair, Floating Catacombs Skeleton
Luck potion Temporarily raises LCK (use) - Olrox's Quarters, Reverse Outer Wall, Death Wing's Lair Imp, Bitterfly
Antivenom Cures poisoning (use) - Bought From Librarian ($200), Long Library, Underground Caverns, Black Marble Gallery, Reverse Entrance Ghost, Bone Pillar, Corpseweed
Hammer Unpetrify ( Fairy use only ) - Bought From Librarian ($200), Marble Gallery, Reverse Outer Wall, Reverse Entrance Gorgon, Hammer
Uncurse Removes curse (use) - Bought From Librarian ($200), Long Library (Infinite), Forbidden Library (Infinite) Ectoplasm
Resist dark Resistance to darkness (use) - Castle Keep, Necromancy Laboratory, Black Marble Gallery Phantom Skull, Karasuman
Resist fire Resistance to fire (use) - Olrox's Quarters, Reverce Keep, Forbidden Library, Black Marble Gallery, Floating Catacombs Gremlin
Resist holy Resistance to holy (use) - Castle Keep, Black Marble Gallery -
Resist ice Resistance to ice (use) - Underground Caverns, Reverce Keep, Forbidden Library Fishead
Resist stone Resistance to stone (use) - Castle Keep, Reverce Keep, Forbidden Library Medusa Head
Resist thunder Resistance to thunder (use) - Alchemy Laboratory, Reverce Keep, Black Marble Gallery, Floating Catacombs -
Library Card Enchanted Library card (use) Warp to the Librarian (merchant) Bought From Librarian ($500), Marble Gallery, Colosseum, Catacombs, Reverce Keep, Forbidden Library, Black Marble Gallery, Floating Catacombs -

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