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If you get to a certain point, the spell will be for sale (Librarian), but if you do the sequence, the spell will appear in the "Spells" section in the menu without you having to pay for it.

L=Left R=Right U=Up D=Down T=Toward your target A=Away form your target
Name Effect Sequence Cost
Summon Spirit A misty spirit moves around the screen hitting your enemies R L U D square 5 MP
Hell Fire Dracula's 3 fire ball attack U D DT T square 15 MP
Dark Metamorphisis Ennemies who bleed will restore your HP when you hit them (temporary) L LU U UR R square 10 MP
Soul Steal You suck energy from creatures in the screen. Can also destroy fake walls. L R RD D DL L R square 50 MP
Tetra Spirit 4 spirits instead of 1 U UR R RD D square ( you have to hold up rof a few seconds) 20 MP
Sword Brothers *Sword familiar deployed* Summons another sword for a powerful attack D D T T TU (hold up for a few seconds) square or circle 30 MP
Name Effect Sequence
Wing Smash Bat charges forward until stopped by an object (Holding X) U UA A DA D DF F (release X)
Wolf Charge Powerful attack by a wolf D DT T square or circle
Wolf Bite As Wolf, you will take a lunging bite in front of you D DT square
Super jump Super jump, use over and over and you can fly ("shoe" items required) D U jump
Special functions May activate special weapon functions like throwing (Rune Sword) D T square
Charge Powerful charge by Alucard. Works with most 2-handed swords A T square
Shield functions Use with shield rod equipped and unleash a special power from your shield (any shield) square and circle
Richter's moves
Super Jump This is actually an attack Down - Up + Jump
Shoulder Charge Shoulder Charge can be done in Air and after a Super Jump Up - Down - Forward + Attack
Slide Press Jump twice and he'll do a slide to flying kick. Down + Jump
Dash Use Dash to jump higher and farther Tap Forward twice
Dash and Slash Richter Dash's slightly then whips Back - Forward + Attack
Backflip Can be done after a Shoulder Charge Press Jump twice quickly
Whip Swing Use D-pad to swing the whip in any direction while holding attack Press and Hold the attack button
Item Crash The Item crash depends on current special weapon (like Holy Water). If you have no special weapon, Richter will powerup and have a flaming whip.These skills have devastating effects Triangle

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