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Not that bad, but not my favorite. Every 20 levels or so, an additional bat appears at your side. They attack when you do the Hell Fire spell or a bat attack in bat form. They don't do much when Alucard's in normal Vampire form.


This one stinks. When you're in bat form, he's confused and he goes away. He takes a hell of a long time to get to his target so you might as well do the killing yourself. He has 1 interesting fact though: at high (starting around 35) levels, he drains the enemies' HP and gives it to you; you receive a bigger than 1:1 the more levels he gets (at 99, it's around 8:1!!). This is useful when you're low on HP.


Now him, I like!!! He presses switches just for the fun of it (you hear him say something quite worrisome when he's going to do it, but nothing bad is going to happen, curiosity will not kill the cat fortunately).

Around level 20+, he gains Fire Spear, his first technique. It's a short blast of fire he does by swiping his spear.
Around level 40+: Ice Spear, same as Fire Spear, just ice.
Around level 60+: Thunder Spear, same as Fire and Ice Spear.
Around level 80+: Lightning, this shoots a ray of light across the entire screen doing up to 350's. He does this very rarely unfortunately...
These things he does are completely random. He does what he wants when he wants and how he wants
I like him a lot for his personality and he's pretty strong. He usually make repeated hits with his spear that do a lot of damage altogether


She isn't worth much, but she has unique qualities. She may not attack, but when there is a hidden wall in your vincinity, she says: "there's something funny about this wall," so start hitting them like there's no tommorow or simply do Soul Steal. She also uses items like the Life Apple which can bring you back to life and Hammer which unpetrifies you and healing items when you need it. Else then that, there's nothing.


This is probably the most powerful one available. It attacks when it wants to and flies around in the air. It takes time before he starts attacking a lot though so be a little patient. This is a really cool thing about it: once at level 50, you can use it as a weapon! Boost it up to level 99 for best results. You'll like it when you see critical 300 something! You can also perform a powerful spell with it see Spells.

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