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Type in Richter for your name after you've beaten it above 150%.
You will be Richter in the game you are playing.
Type in Axearmor for your name after you've beaten it at 150%.
Check your inventory for an AxeKnight's armor.
Type in X-X!V''Q for your name after you've beaten it at 150%.
You'll have 99 LCK and Lapis Lazuli. Careful though, you'll also start with 25 HP, 1 MP and 5 hearts (and your stats go up VERY slowly).
Type in X-X!V''for your name after you've beaten it at 180%.
You'll start With Higher Intelligence
Note: you must begin a new game for the code to work so you can't just change the name of your character for the results you want.
Beat the game with a rating of over 180% with Alucard. When Saved game is marked as "CLEAR", go to the librarian and a Music Test selection will have appeared in the Librarian Menu.
In CV: SOTN, there are 5 endings.
1-You beat Richter (below 80%): Alucard talks to himself.
2-You beat Richter (above 80%): Alucard talks with Maria.
3-You beat Dracula in the inverted Castle below 160% completion: Maria does not go after Alucard.
4-You beat Dracula in the inverted Castle over 160% completion: Maria goes after Alucard.
5- *With Richter* : you need to go through the inverted Castle and once you get to the clock room in the center, it will open and you will fight Shaft. There is nothing special about the ending. You just see Richter stand there watching the castle go under. Its not really that long to do, its just hard as hell. I finished it below 60% and above 170% wih Richter. No difference. I was pissed.
Elude Death
Start with the 99 LCK code enables a trick where you can avoid Death stealing the "Alucard" stuff near the beginning of the game. At the room before you get to Death, kill the first warg and leave the last one alive. Jump over it and go to the door. Now, go into the menu and take off all of your equipment. After that, make the warg come as close to the door as possible. Now when it attacks you (it looks like it charges and then makes a small leap forward), jump on his head. Because you have such low stats now, you'll be thrown all the way to the room on the other side of Death, but you won't be able tho open the menu. Go to the first save point and your menu function will come back. You will now be able to re-equip your stuff. Don't go back to Death's room because he'll take all your stuff away. If you want to be able to go back do the following:
After you get past death go to the Alchemy Lab and as soon as you get there leave. Go to the ledge with the gap and fall through. Gaibon and Slogra will fly down to fight. The fight will obviously be hard, but use a few spells. They will eventually go away (not die though)...Death is gone and you can go wherever you want.
Side Note: I don't know if its the effect of the death elusion trick or the 99 luck code, but once I get to Doppleganger, the game freezes so watch out for this if you use these cheats.

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