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For Sale :
Name Price Description
Jewel of Open 500 G Opens blue doors
Potion 800 G Restores HP
High Potion 2000 G Restores about half HP
Elixir 8000 G Restores all HP
Manna prism 4000 G Restores all MP
Antivenom 200 G Removes poison
Uncurse 200 G Uncurse
Hammer 200 G Removes stone (familiar use)
Magic missile 300 G Shoots arrows
Bwaka knife 300 G Throwing knife
Boomerang 500 G Aerial weapon
Fire boomerang 1000 G Flaming boomerang
Javelin 800 G Spear
Shuriken 2400 G Throwing stars
Cross shuriken 5000 Throwing stars
Buffalo star 8000 G Razor-sharp master star
Flame star 15000 G Flaming star
Library card 500 G Use to warp to the librarian (anytime)
Meal ticket 2000 G Food ticket
Sabre 1500 G L:ight sword
Mace 2000 G Sword
Damascus sword 4000 G Sword
Firebrand 10000 G Fire sword
Icebrand 10000 G Ice sword
Thunderbrand 10000 G Thunder sword
Map of castle 103 G Castles map
Leather shield 400 G Shield
Velvet hat 400 G Hat
Magic scroll 500 G Spell
Leather hat 1000 G Hat
Iron cuirass 1500 G Cuirass
Reverse cloak 2000 G Cape
Elven cloak 3000 G Cape
Medal 3000 G +1 to ATT & DEF
Iron shield 3980 G Shield
Circlet 4000 G Circlet
Steel cuirass 4000 G Cuirass
Ring of pales 4000 G Holy powered ring
Gauntlet 8000 G +5 ATT
Diamond plate 12000 G Breastplate
Harper 12000 G Harper
Silver crown 12000 G + 12 INT
Joseph's cloak 30000 G Color select cape
Duplicator 500000 G Duplicates items
What he buys :
Name Price Description
Zircon 150 G Sparkling ring
Aquamarine 800 G Fairly valueble ring
Turquoise 1500 G fairly valueble ring
Onyx 3000 G Valuable ring
Garnet 5000 G Valuable ring
Opal 8000 G Valuable ring
Diamond 20000 G Highly valuable ring
Boss Strategies
Name Price
Dracula 200 G
Slogra & Gaibon 500 G
Doppleganger 10 700 G
Hippogryph 1000 G
Scylla 1200 G
Minotaurus & werewolf 1400 G
Karasuman 1800 G
Succubus 2000 G
Cereberos 2200 G
Olrox 2600 G
Granfaloon 2800 G
Richter Belmont 3200 G
Darkwing Bat 3500 G
Akmodan 3500 G
Medusa 3500 G
The creature 3500 G
Death 4000 G
Doppleganger 40 4500 G
Trevor,Grant & Sypha 5000 G
Beezelbub 6000 G
Galamoth 7000 G
Shaft 8500 G
Lord Dracula 10000 G

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