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Special Weapons

These are descriptions of the most powerful, useful and interesting weapons in the game.

The Rune Sword is a one-handed weapon. With a normal attack, it makes an arc ("verboten") very quickly. It's a very rare weapon found by killing the Dodo Bird in the Inverse Castle entrance
This is THE best sword in the game. It attacks so fast, it never stops if you keep going. It is also very strong. It is one-handed and is found in the inverted Library by killing shmoos.
Murasama, a 2-handed sword it is swung very fast, but it isn't quite that powerful... At first. What I really don't like is that you must stand still when using it. Being a bloodthirsty sword, it puts you in constant Dark Metamorphisis. The more blood you absorb with the Muramasa, the more powerful the sword gets. Keep killing the Vandal Swords (ghosts of the Sword Lords) to acquire it.
Sword of Dawn
The sword has a cool a fireball motion, Hell Fire, and you'll summon a Warrior of Dawn (no, for those of you who have played FFV, that is not it) archer, warrior, or magician. You can't really summon what you want, but you can summon a lot of things. You'll find it in the inverted Castle Keep. Right on the ledge over where you found the Jump Stone in the normal castle, hit the wall until it crumbles.
Sword Familiar
When your Sword familiar reaches level 50, you can deequip it and use it as a sword. It may not have any special power, but the higher the level of the Sword familiar, the more powerful it will be. At level 99, it will have an attack strength of 161. Basically it's the most powerful sword in the game, but maybe not the best since it's a bit slower than Crissaegrim.
Shield Rod
The special power of the Shield Rod makes it the most useful weapon in the game. Found in the lower-left corner of the Coliseum (in the room with all the butchered meat) equip the Shield Rod in one hand and a shield in the other. CheckShield Rod for more details on the shield's powers.
Terminus Est
A poison sword, rare item from a Nova Skeleton (fight them in the reverse marble corridor). It's really rare, but it's very strong for a one-handed sword. One of my favorites. Careful, some monsters might heal or not get damaged by the poison.
Jewel Sword
Leaves jewels as items when killing monsters. You usually get Zircons. Equip a lapis lazuli and/or play the lucky game and you'll be getting so many, they'll max out. That's a lot of money. You can sometimes get better gems and if you are VERY lucky (not just your luck stats here...), you might get a diamond! Here's a tip, fight the never-ending zombie supply at the begining of the castle. They die from one hit and there are so many, you'll max out pretty well and thus make lots of money easily. Get this from the Discus Knight (found only in the Catacombs). You can also find it in a passage near the beginning of the castle.
This sword is very powerful if you get it early. If you kill Sword lords (there's one in the outer wall), you'll get it. You can also get it in the Clock Tower (the 3 pieces of equipment lying around in the main chamber).
Jewel Knuckles
These are very powerful if you get them early and they will last a while. The way to get them before doppleganger is to kill the Armor lord under the entrance to the outer wall and then enter the room. You can make a hole in the wall of that room. Stand in the hole while pressing the up button. This will take a while, but an elevator will bring you down in the room that you otherwise could only access by turning into fog (the one under it). This way you also get the Mirror armor which is pretty good at that point.
Basilard + Ring of Ares
2 items that suck. The basilard is extremely weak andthe ring of Ares drastically brings down your DEF. Put 'em together however and you're going to be one hell of a killing machine. The basilard is one of the quickest weapons in the game and thanks to the Ring of Ares, you will hit very hard with it. Its a risk worth taking.

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