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Clerk's Ward (Part 1)

You'll enter the ward from the west, head south and speak with Nemelle in the open air cafe. Ask her about the command word for the decanter of endless water (if you haven't already). Ask her if she is worried as well, then, offer to find her friend Aelwyn (she's in the cafe on the other side of the ward, you'll get 8000 exp and a +3 bonus to your HP for this).
Also worth talking in that cafe is the Drunken Mage (learn about his drinking problem), and Able Ponder-Though; aside the few laughs, this guy also provides some interesting information about Ravel, the Lady of Pain, and portals.
Head back up to where you came into the ward and go a little north until you see a man named Malmaner, talk to him and he'll ask you to fetch a costum from the tailor shop. Agree and enter the shop, talk to Gonçalves (be patient) and ask for the costum. Deliver it to Malmaner (8000 exp) and tell him that many people are already going to the party as a dustman. Malmaner will then ask you to fetch a diferent costum, do so (6000 exp).
Note: While in Gonçalves' shop, be sure to buy/steal some new armor for Annah and Fall-From-Grace (when/if you get her).
Above the tailor shop you will see a starway being guarded by a harmonium officer. This stairway leads to the UnderSigil, a dangerous tunnel system that runs below the ward. The UnderSigil is filled with fierce monsters and treasures. You might want to check it out later, for now, continue with the walkthrough.
Note: There's another entrance to the UnderSigil in the southern part of the ward.
Directly south-east of the Tailor Shop is the Brothel of Slating Intellectual Lusts. We'll go there in a second. First, talk to Jolmi's Messenger, he's near the Brothel's entrance. Talk to him, say you are the man he's looking for and hear his message.
Before entering the brothel you should do some special shopping. Go all the way to the south-east portion of the ward, up some stairs, and enter Vrischika's Curiosity Shop.
Talk to the owner, Vrischika, and ask the usual questions (what is this place?, etc...). Ask for the "exotic" items and buy all cept the Baby Oil (you can't anyway), the stained lens (examine it, but don't buy, it's a cursed item), Yevrah's Ring (+1 ring, nothing special), the Rune-covered Ale stein (we'll get one for free in a while) and the rag doll (only useful for getting to the player's maze). Use the monster jug to summon a Gehreleth, kill it for some exp. Use the Codex for 1000 exp, sell it afterwards. We'll get to the other exotic item's uses in a while. For now, check the normal items selection and head back to the Brothel.
First of all, this isn't the kind of brothel you're thinking, this establishment provides mental rather than physical stimulation. Anyway, start by talking with Fall-From-Grace, she can answer all your questions regarding the brothel. Talk to her about your condition as well, and, before leaving, ask her to join you on your travels. Use the old 'Who wouldn't be interested in traveling with an immortal amnesiac who is searching the Planes for himself' routine, never misses. She will now be more inclined to go with you, but, wants you to speak with her 10 students before making a final decision.
Start by talking with Dolora who is a little to the north. You can debate and play strategy games with her, you need at least 18 INT to be able to beat her in any one of those. You gain a new memory and some exp the first time you debate with her and the first time you play a game with her.
She will refuse to discuss anything but debates and games with you, unless, you offer your help and recover the keys to her heart. Details.
We'll get to this later, for now, just talk with the other prostitutes.
You can ask the modrons near Dolora about the cube you got from Vrischika's shop. They'll tell you that the cube is in fact a portal, but they don't know how to activate it. You'll have to try and discover how to use the portal yourself, start by using the cube and extending the left wing, then extend the right wing and finally rotate the right arm, you'll be immediatly transported the Modron Fortress, Rubikon. Check the Modron Maze section of the walkthrough for more details.
I'd wait until you're all done in the Brothel before using the cube though.
Now we'll examine the rooms, starting clockwise from the one left of Grace. Enter the room and examine the armoire, turns out the armoire is in fact Luis, a practicioner of the arts, who decided to experience the life of a piece of furniture (right...).
We'll teach him a little lesson on respecting other people's privacy in a while, for now, head on to the next room.
Note: Check the small desk near Luis for Finam's Book (hold on to it, you'll need it later) and 1 copper coin!
This is Juliette's room, talk to her and learn that she has become quite bored with her love life and is whishing someting would happen to make things more exciting.
One easy way to deal with this is, pretend to be a jealous suitor and challenge Montague, the boyfriend, for Juliette's love. Details.
Note: You'll have to help Juliette with this if you want to get any answers from her later.
Note: There' 1 gold ring in the locked desk.
Before proceeding to the next room you should find Vivian, she's usually right outside Juliette's doorstep. Talk to her and find out she's been missing her personal scent. Offer to help find it. Details.
Now, onto Nenny's room (above Juliette's). Talk to Nenny, she's a bit hyper, so keep your calm. Let her examin your scars and tell her your gravest injuries are not of the physical variety. She'll offer to help you, accept and let her touch you (you'll regain a small amount of HP). Ask her about Vivian's scent as well; unable to speak ill of anyone you'll have to help her get in touch with her inner anger, tell her to practice on you and after a while she'll get the hang of it (5000 exp). Talk to her about Vivian's scent again and she'll mention Marissa.
Note: There's 1 copper earring, 1 handkerchief and 236 copper coins inside the desks.
Above Nenny's is Ecco's room, talk to Ecco and find out that she has lost her voice. You'll have to ask Dolora about it, but she will only explain Ecco's situation if you bring her the keys to her heart, so, you won't be able to help Ecco without helping Dolora first. Anyway, once you get Dolora to cough up the truth go see Ecco and give her, first, the Fiend's Tongue and then the Deva's Tears (30000 exp), I told you to buy them from Vrischika, remember? Now you can ask Ecco your questions.
Note: There's 102 coins in one of the drawers.
The next room belongs to Vivian, but it should be empty, seeing how she always seems to be in the hallways. Anyway, take 2 gold earrings, 1 handkerchief, 1 silver bracelet and 43 copper from the room's furniture and head to the room to the right. This room is apparently empty, but, if you look closely there's a door in the wall, go through it. You'll be in the brothel cellar, where the lady's sensory stones are kept. Examine all the stones and notice one of them has no inscription (hmmm). Nothing more to do down here, leave and head on to the next room.
The next room is Marissa's. The lights are out and Marissa is behind the partition, talk to her and find out that her crimson veil as been stolen and that she thinks Kimasxi stole it. Go ask Nenny about the veil before going to the other rooms. Details.
Once you get the veil, you can have Marissa turn your lim-lim into stone, you can then give it to Giltspur in exchange for a password to access the Anarchist's vaults.
Note: There's 12 coins and 1 silver earring inside the closet and the desk.
The next two rooms belong to Kessai-Serris and Dolora, but since neither one of them are ever in their rooms you can just move along into the third room and meet Kimasxi Adder-Tongue. This one's a little trash mouth, have Morte upgrade his taunts by learning how to be abusive with her. Also, talk with Kimasxi about Marissa's veil and learn that she doesn't have it, and that stuff was stolen from her as well.
Note: There's 37 coins in Kessai-Serris' room; there's 1 handkerchief and 46 coins in Dolora's room; there's 1 handkerchief, 1 silver ring and 1 gold earring in Kimasxi's room.
Head on to the next room and meet Yves the Tale-Chaser. There's not much you can do here except hear some interesting tales and gain a little exp, you get 500 exp for each tale you or your companions tell.
Note: There's 96 copper, 1 handkerchief and 1 love letter in Yves' desk.
Go find the last prostitue now, her name's Kessai-Serris and she's usually walking around in the western hallway. If you found out from Ecco and Kimasxi that Kessai-Serris one of Ravel's children you can talk to her about it. Other than that, there's not much to do with her now.
If you haven't yet, go see Nenny and talk to her about Kimasxi's missing stuff, then, go talk with Luis, the armoire, and find out he is the one who has been stealing from the girls. Give him a little lesson and return the scent to Vivian (25000 exp and +1 CHR) and the veil to Marissa (25000 exp).
Once you talk with all 9 prostitutes, return to Grace and tell her that you can't find a tenth student, then tell her that you (or Luis) are the tenth student. She'll agree to leave with you after that (20000 exp).
Be sure to explore all of Grace's dialogue options, not forgetting to talk about the origin of her name (1000 exp), and about your compaion, Morte.
Grace is a great adition to the party as she is the only one with access to healing spells!
Now talk to Morte and accuse him of not being a mirmir, then mention the baatorian smell Grace told you about (12000 exp), keep pressing that subject until you recover a memory about how you freed Morte from the pillar of skulls, go through it for another 12000 exp. Keep talking with Morte about this and ask him his real reasons for staying with you all this time, follow that conversation until it's conclusion and Morte will be so relieved he gets an upgrade to his stats!!! +4 STR, +2 DEX and +2 CON plus another 12000 exp.

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