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Getting Started

You'll have to start by creating a new Nameless One. Do this by distributing a total of 21 character points over 6 statistics: Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma. The Nameless One gains an extra character point every time he levels up, so, you can neglect some stats at the beginning and still be able to develop them throughout the game. Here's a little someting on each statistic:

Strength: This ability score represents your raw strength. A high Strength allows you to carry more weight and makes your melee attacks more accurate and damaging.

Constitution: This ability score represents your physique, hardiness and state of health. A high Constitution gives you more hit points, and in the Nameless One's case, a faster regeneration rate as well.

Dexterity: This ability score represents your agility, reflexes and hand-eye coordination. A high Dexterity makes you harder to hit and aids your thief skills.

Intelligence: This ability score represents your memory, reasoning, and deductive skills. A high Intelligence helps you regain memories faster, gives you more dialogue options, and aids your mage skills.

Wisdom: This ability score represents your intuition, common sense, and will power. A high Wisdom helps you recall memories and gives you a bonus to experience points.

Charisma: This ability score represents your persuasiveness, personal magnetism, and ability to lead. The higher your Charisma, the more favorably others will react toward you.

When creating the Nameless One you should favor Wisdom rather than any other stat, it's probably the most important ability score in the game. Since Ps:T usually favors dialogue interaction rather than fighting interaction, Intelligence and Charisma also become very important. This makes Strength, Constitution and Dexterity the least important stats, you should wait until later in the game to develop these.

The Nameless One will start the game as a Fighter, but there are two other classes he will be able to learn: Thief and Mage. So, when creating your character don't forget to take into account what class you are going to develop.

I usually create my Nameless One for a mage, and it turns out someting like you see in the picture.

There are specialization bonuses for the Nameless One depending on which class you are training him in. There is a specialization bonus at level 7 and another specialization bonus at level 12. To get the best level 12 bonus in a class you must have the level 7 bonus in that same class, the level 12 bonus works like a double-specialization bonus.
For example, if you level up as a Fighter until level 7 and then change class and level up as a Mage until level 12 you would receive the level 7 Mage bonus at level 12 because it was your first specialization as a Mage.

Specialization (Level 7): + 1 STR, max proficiency slots set to 4
Double-Specialization (Level 12): + 1 STR, + 1 CON, + 3 HP, max profciency slots set to 5

Specialization (Level 7): + 1 INT
Double-Specialization (Level 12): + 2 INT, + 1 WIS, + 5 Lore

Specialization (Level 7): + 1 DEX
Double-Specialization (Level 12): + 2 DEX, + 1 Luck


Now, a note on leveling up. Every time a character levels up it gains a random amount of Hit Points (plus the Hit Points from it's CON bonus), the Hit Points it gains depends on it's class, below is the max HP each class can get:
Fighter: 10
Thief: 6
Mage: 4
Priest: 8
Double classed characters will only gain half of the HP of each of their classes.
You might need to reload the game a couple of times before getting the max HP. Also, after a character reaches level 10 or so, the HP it gets is no longer random. Fighters get 3 HP, Thieves 2 HP and Mages 1 HP (can't remember how much Priests get).

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