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Faction: Revolutionary League ("Anarchists")
Motto: Destroy the factions; they're built on lies and greed. Break them all down and rebuild with what's left; that's the way to the real truth.
Join: Help Bedai-Lihn at the Godsmen Foundry and then see Scofflaw Penn and tell him you want to join.


Faction: Dustmen ("The Dead")
Motto: Everyone is dead. Purge your passions, and in so doing, ascend toward the purity of True Death.
Join: Talk to Emoric at the Gathering Dust Bar at the NorthEast Section of the Hive and perform the tasks he asks of you.


Faction: Believers of the Source ("Godsmen")
Motto: All life springs from the same divine source, ascending and descending in form as the cosmos tests it.
Join: Talk to Keldor in the Godsmen Foundry at the Lower Ward and perform the tasks he asks of you.


Faction: Free League ("Indeps")
Motto: Indeps are individualistic bloods who have banded together to protect themselves from the other factions. Truth? There is no "truth" -- just live free or die.
Join: You cannot join this faction.


Faction: Mercykillers ("Red Death")
Motto: Justice is everything. When properly applied, punishment leads to perfection.
Join: You cannot join this faction (unfortunately).


Faction: Society of Sensation ("Sensates")
Motto: Know the universe by experiencing it fully. The senses form the path to truth, for the multiverse doesn't exist beyond what can be sensed.
Join: Talk to Splinter at the Festhall in the Clerk's Ward and ask him to join.


Faction: Xaositects ("Chaosmen")
Motto: Truth chaos is. By randomness embracing the of the multiverse, secrets its one learns.
Join: Talk to Barking Wilder east of the Smoldering Corpse Bar and ask him to join (act chaotic). You need to be chaotic in order to be accepted in this faction.


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