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Welcome to the Items section. First of all, this section does not aim to list all exiting items in Planescape: Torment (not only would that be an incredibly difficult task, it would also be a waste of my time, since more than half of the items have no use at all). Only Usable and Important items are listed here. Also, I didn't put in a "Scrolls" section as most of them are already discussed in the Magic Section. Ok, with that out of the way, it's time for the (usual) table fields explanation:
· Name: Item's name;
· Special: Item's special properties (if any);
· Weight: Item's weight (since the candy are all weightless, I didn't include this field in their table);
· Usable by: Characters who can use the item;
· Location: Item's location. Only the rare/unque/important item's locations are listed (since all of the candy can be bought from Quell, I only listed the locations of candy you can find outside his shop);
· Information: Information on the item. Only the "Vrischika's Exotic Items" section possesses this field.
No more for now, have fun.

Stat Raising Items (Permanent)
Vrischika's Exotic Items



 Name   Special   Location 
Blessed Candy Invokes: "Bless" ---
Crunchity Candy Invokes: "Armor" ---
Frosty Mint Candy Invokes: "Friends" Curst tavern (one is behind bartender and the other inside a crate on the 2nd floor)
Holy Candy Invokes: "Protection From Evil" ---
Lucky Candy Invokes: "Luck" ---
Mechanus Candy Invokes: "Call Lightning" ---
Minausorian Chocolate Invokes: "Swarm Curse" Curst tavern (inside a crate on the 2nd floor)
Quivering Candy Invokes: "Strength" ---
Stinky Chocolate Invokes: "Cloudkill" ---



 Name   Special   Weight   Usable by   Location 
Bandages Heals 3 HP 0 All ---
Black-Barbed Charm Invokes: "Black-Barbed Shield" 0 All Loot from Ravel's body (Ravel's Maze)
Blood Charm Heals 18 HP 0 All ---
Blood Fly Charm Heals 3 HP, Increases Regeneration 0 All ---
Bone Charm +2 AC, +2 AC vs. Crushing Attacks, +15% Resistance to Crushing Attacks 0 All ---
Charcoal Charm +50% Resistance to Fire, +25% Resistance to Magical Fire 0 All ---
Charm of Infinite Recall Lore Skill set to 100 0 All ---
Clipped Copper Charm Minor Copper Blessing, +1 to Luck (temporary) 0 All Get from Reekwind after telling him your story (SouthWest Hive) and inside a crate in the Lower Ward Marketplace
Clot Charm Heals 9 HP, +5% Resistance to Slashing Attacks, +10% Resistance to Piercing Attacks 0 All ---
Cockroach Charm +4 AC, +2 AC vs. Crushing Attacks, +10% Resistance vs. Crushing Attacks 0 All ---
Corpse Fly Charm Invokes: "Swarm Curse" 0 All ---
Cranium Rat Charm +5% Detect Traps Skill Bonus, +5 to Lore Skill, +1 to Intelligence 0 All ---
Dirty Rat Charm +10% Stealth Skill Bonus, +5% Pickpocket Skill Bonus, -1 to Charisma 0 Thieves ---
Dustman Embalming Charm, Greater Invokes: "Embalming, Greater", 3 Charges 0 Nameless One and Morte ---
Dustman Embalming Charm, Lesser Invokes: "Embalming, Minor", 3 Charges 0 Nameless One and Morte ---
Heart Charm Heal 27 HP, Reduces Fatigue, +10% Resistance to Slashing Attacks, +20% Resistance to Piercing Attacks 0 All ---
Jar of Embalming Fluid +2-8 HP, +1 AC 0 Nameless One and Morte ---
Kasseg, Cerebral Parasite +3 to Intelligence, +1 to Wisdom, Immunity to Panic 1 All Get from Fhjull (Outlands)
Knot Charm Invokes: "Strength" 0 All ---
Needle and Thread Heals 6 HP 0 All ---
Quint's Poison Charm Cures Poison 1 All In a pile of trash, west of Marta's house (Buried Village)
Rat Charm* Invokes: "Confusion", +2 AC, +1 to Strength, +1 to Constitution, -2 to Wisdom 0 Chaosmen ---
Thrice-Blind Charm Invokes: "Blindness" 0 All ---



 Name   Special   Weight   Usable by   Location 
Abyssal Pipe Invokes: "Cloudkill" 0 All Loot from a corpse in the Drowned Nations and from a corpse in Nameless One's Tomb
Adder's Tear Invokes: "Adder's Kiss" 0 All ---
Ancient Scroll Check the Secrets section for this one 0 Level 12 Mages (or greater) Carceri Warehouse (x 395 y 286, kind of hard to find)
Bronze Sphere It's a surprise (just take it with you to the Fortress of Regrets and you'll see) 5 Nameless One Drowned Nations, found on a corpse near the entrance to Nameless One's tomb
Ashes of the Pabulum Summons Trelons 1 Nameless One (Not Mage) Buy from Vrischika (Clerk's Ward)
Divine Censer Invokes: "Raise Dead" 3 All ---
Fanged Mirror of Yehcir-Eya Invokes: "Soul Exodus" 1 All When you become Nordom's director, ask him to dispose of "junk" and he will give you this item (among others)
Healing Scroll Heals 33 HP 0 All Get from Iannis when you ask him for Deionarra's legacy (Advocate Building, Clerk's Ward)
Heart of the Fosterer Summons the Sohmien 1 Evil and Neutral Characters Buy from Vrischika (Clerk's Ward)
Maslow's Pyramid Reduces Fatigue, Reduces Intoxication, Heals 9 HP 7 All Get it from Iannis, if you demanded a reward in exchange of showing him his daughter's sensory stone
Mirror of Imaging Creates 1-4 Mirror Images of Self 2 All Random treasure dropped by constructs in the Modron's Maze (Rubikon)
Murk Invokes: "Blacksphere" 0 All Inside a container around the north-west area of the Warrens of Thought
Negative Token Ward against Shadows, Holds Shadow Creatures Temporarily 0 All Get from Candrian (Smoldering Corpse Bar)
Portal Lens Use in Rubikon, to travel to anywere in Sigil 0 All Random treasure dropped by constructs in the Modron's Maze (Rubikon)
Sadistic Frame Invokes: "Pain Mirror" 1 All In a pile of trash around the Trash Warrens Area or buy form Aalek (Lower Ward Marketplace)
Scent of the Storm Invokes: "Acid Storm" 1 All Inside a crate in the Inner Curst area
Shackles of Light Invokes: "Chain Lightning Storm" 10 All Inside a container in the UnderSigil area
Symbol of Torment Invokes: "Rune of Torment" 0 Nameless One Get using the Bronze Sphere in the Fortress of Regrets after dealing with your other incarnations
Tears of Sorrow Invokes: "Elysium's Tears" 1 All Inside an urn in the Weeping Stone Catacombs
The Grimoire of Pestilential Thought Check the Secrets section for this one 2 Nameless One Loot from Mantuok (below Lothar's House)
The Unbroken Circle of Zerthimon Check the The Circle of Zerthimon section for this one 2 Dak'kon Dak'kon's inventory
Whispering Flask Invokes: "Aid", +2 to Strength 0 Githzerai ---
Whistle of Warding* Invokes: "Anti-Magic Shell" 0 All ---



 Name   Special   Weight   Usable by   Location 
Black-Barbed Wand Invokes: "Black-Barbed Shield", Invokes: "Black-Barbed Curse" 1 Mages Created by sowing Black-Barbed Seeds in Ravel's Maze secret garden
Rod of Modron Might Summons 1-3 Modron Constructs 5 All Random treasure dropped by constructs in the Modron's Maze (Rubikon)
Shamanic Rod Invokes: "Magic Missile" 1 Mages ---


Stat Raising Items (Permanent)

 Name   Special   Weight   Usable by   Location 
Ancient Scroll You can ask the scroll for a +2 raise to any of your STATs. Check the Secrets section for more information 0 Level 12 Mages (or greater) Carceri Warehouse (x 395 y 286, kind of hard to find)
Gordian Knot Permanent +2 to Charisma, Permanent -1 to Wisdom 0 Fighters Get from Fhjull (Outlands)
Dhall's Quill Pen Permanent +1 to Lore Skill 0 Mages Loot or steal (?) from Dhall (2nd floor of the Mortuary)
Stone Gullet of L'Phahl the Gross Permanent +1 to Save vs. Poison, Permanent +15% Resistance to Acid 3 All Get from Iannis when you ask him for your legacy (Advocate Building, Clerk's Ward)
Tear of Salieru-Dei Permanent +1 Constitution 0 Lawful Good Characters There is one in your Tomb at the Drowned Nations, and another for sale in Vrischika's Shop (Clerk's Ward)
Xachariah's Heart Permanent +1 to Dexterity when broken, Permanent +1 to Armor Class vs. Missiles 10 Fighters Get from Xachariah (Zombie #331, Main Floor of the Mortuary) after you learned the "Stories-Bones-Tell" ability from Stale Mary


Vrischika's Exotic Items

 Name   Special   Weight   Usable by   Information 
Baby Oil --- --- --- You can't even buy this one, it's just there to let us know how much Vrischika likes human babies
Chocolate Quasit --- 1 --- You need this to get Quell tell you about Ravel
Codex of the Inconceivable Grants 1000 exp when used the first time 3 Nameless One You should sell it after getting the 1000 exp, it has no other uses
Deva's Tears --- 1 --- Use on Ecco's Fiend's Tongue (Brothel, Clerk's Ward )
Elixir of Horrific Separation --- 1 --- Use on Pestle-Klinn (Apothecary Shop, Clerk's Ward)
Fiend's Tongue --- 2 --- Use on Ecco (Brothel, Clerk's Ward)
Gorgon Salve --- 1 --- Use on the statue at the Art and Curio Galleria (Clerk's Ward)
"Metallic Cube" Gives you access to Rubikon 1 Nameless One This is actually the "Modron Cube", talk to the Modrons at the Brothel to learn more about it, then, Extend the Left Wing, Extend the Right Wing and Rotate the Right Arm to be teleported to the Modron Maze (Rubikon)
Monster Jug Let's loose the Gehreleth trapped within 4 All Kill the Gehreleth for 12000 experience points
Rune-Covered Ale Stein --- 1 --- Use to hold the styx ice from the Art and Curio Galleria (Clerk's Ward)
"Stained Lens" --- 0 Modrons These are actually the "Beer Goggles" lens, check the armor section for more info about them (they suck though, don't buy them)
Yevrah's Ring +1 AC 0 All (who have fingers) It's pretty much like a "Ring of the Traveler", cept it will make you partially invisible
"Tattered Rag Doll" --- 1 Nameless One It's the Lady of Pain Rag Doll, Worship it to have her send you to the Player's Maze


* - The items marked with this symbol were taken from the game in the official release of Planescape: Torment.

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