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The Unbroken Circle of Zerthimon

Dak'kon can teach you in the ways of Zerthimon when you become a mage. For this, talk to him about his teachings and then about the circle of Zerthimon. You'll have to study the circle of Zerthimon's circles to learn the teachings.
There are a total of eight circles to learn. Dak'kon will show you how to unlock the first six circles, but the seventh and eighth circle you will have to figure out how to unlock by yourself (that's where your intelligence comes in), also, in order to learn each teaching correctly you will need a certain amount of wisdom. I will proceed now to a more thorough explanation on each circle:

1st Circle of Zerthimon:
· Lesson learned: "Strength lies in knowing oneself. I learned that once someone does not *know* themselves, they are lost. They become tool for others."
· Wisdom required: 12
· Reward: 300 exp.

2nd Circle of Zerthimon:
· Lesson learned: "I learned that not *knowing* something can be a tool, just like flesh and steel, if upon encountering it, you attempt to *know* its nature and how it came to be."
· Wisdom required: 12
· Reward: 600 exp and a Second Circle of Zerthimon (teaches the 'Scripture of Steel' spell).

3rd Circle of Zerthimon:
· Lesson learned: "Endure. In enduring, grow strong."
· Wisdom required: 14
· Reward: 900 exp and a Third Circle of Zerthimon (teaches the 'Submerge the Will' spell).

4th Circle of Zerthimon:
· Lesson learned: "When one chooses to see only what is before them, they see only a part of the whole. They are blind. And just as Vilquar was blinded by his promised reward, so were the *illithids* blinded to the true Rising. For when they heard Vilquar's words, they turned their sight outwards again, didn't they? And the Rising was free to strike?"
· Wisdom required: 15
· Reward: 1500 exp and a Fourth Circle of Zerthimon (teaches the 'Vilquar's Eye' spell).

5th Circle of Zerthimon:
· Lesson learned: "There is great strength in numbers, but there is great power in one, for the strength of the will of one may gather numbers to it. There is strength not only in *knowing* the self, but *knowing* how to bring it forth in others."
· Wisdom required: 16
· Reward: 3000 exp and a Fifth Circle of Zerthimon (teaches the 'Power of One' spell).

6th Circle of Zerthimon:
· Lesson learned: "I know that Zerthimon's devotion to the People was such that he was willing to protect them from themselves. He knew the *illithids* had come not to *know* themselves in their obsession with control and domination. So he chose to stop Gith before she carried the People to their deaths. There must be balance in all things, or else the self will not hold."
· Wisdom required: 18
·Reward: 5000 exp and two Sixth Circle of Zerthimon (teaches the 'Balance in All Things' spell).

7th Circle of Zerthimon:
· Intelligence required to unlock: 16
· Lesson learned: "It speaks of time as an ally, not as an enemy. It says that patience can sharpen even the smallest of efforts into a weapon that can strike the heart of an empire. Your victories may be small, but over time, a greater victory may be achieved."
· Wisdom required: 19
· Reward: 3000 exp when you unlock the circle, another 5000 exp and two Seventh Circle of Zerthimon when you learn the lesson (teaches the 'Missile of Patience' spell).

8th Circle of Zerthimon:
· Intelligence required to unlock: 18
· Lesson learned:"It speaks of focus and discipline... about how not *knowing* oneself can physically divide the man. It also speaks of the weaknesses that division causes. It seems to me that it tells one to not only *know* themselves and take strength from that, but that your focus can reveal weaknesses in your enemy."
· Wisdom required: 19
· Reward: 6000 exp when you unlock the circle, then, both you and Dak'kon get 10000 exp each plus two Seventh Circleof Zerthimon when you learn the lesson (teaches the 'Zerthimon's Focus' spell). And last, but certanly not least, Dak'kon will also get a kick-ass permanent bonus to his stats, +1 STR, + 2 DEX, and +2 CON...coo!

That's about it for the circle. If you are having a hard time reaching the INT/WIS you need to go through the circle, remember that stat boosting tattoos are available at Fell's and you can also buy cranium rat charms at the market (they boost your INT).

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