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Listed here are a few miscellaneous hints, that you'll probably find usefull while playing Planescape Torment.

  • In the Hive, talk to every townsperson you see, there's a random chance they'll recognize you from a past incarnation. Some of them will even give you items and/or money.

  • There are some beasts roaming around sigil called Black Abishai, they're blueish demon like creatures. You can kill them for 7000 exp each. It's very good experience for the early stages of the game, and since they respawn each time you enter/exit an area they become and infinite source of experience!! But there's a catch, they can only be hurt by magical weapons (+1 at least), not to mention their incredible thougness and attack power.

  • Throughout Sigil (in the Hive, mainly), there's a class of citizens called thugs. While not very though, some of them carry valuable items that could provide a good source of income in the early stages of the game. They also respawn each time you enter/exit an area.

  • Save, save, save! Don't forget to save often, especially before talking with someone!!!

  • Also save before leveling up, make sure you always get the maximum possible HP each time you level up.

  • "Discretion is the better part of valor", ever heard of that? Well, it applies in Ps:T. Most problems can be solved in a non violent way (and are often the most profitable), so keep your cool and don't go around bashing everything you see.

  • Check back with Fell, the tattoo salesman, every once in a while. He gets new tattoos all the time, based on people you meet, quests you complete and other stuff like that :P

  • If you happen to be a thief (or if you have Annah in your posse), raise the pickpocket ability as high as you can. This way, you'll be able to *nick* items from stores/people more easly, a less painful way to buy items (for your wallet that is :).

  • From my experiences playing the game, I can say that being a lawful goody two shoes is much more profitable than being an evil bastard. There's a lot of great stuff out there that only lawful characters can use, not to mention the strength bonus from Vhailor that is based on your character's level of lawfulness (the more lawful you are, the greater the bonus).

  • I don't think this needs to be said, but, making fun of people, joking around, acting crazy, lying, bluffing, breaking vows and stuff like that, make you more chaotic, so, if you're looking to be lawful, don't do that (even though it's certainly more fun).

  • Remember that the experience gained in Ps:T is evenly divided amongs the party members. Meaning, the more party members, less experience each will receive. Take this into consideration when forming your party, don't carry characters around just because you have available slots in your party.

  • Every time a new person joins your party, immediatly speak with her, and explore all the available dialogue options. Also, check up on them on regular basis, depending on what you learn in your travels, you can even upgrade some of your party members.

  • Try equipping Morte with a non-teeth weapon.

  • The warrior get's a +1 STR bonus (at level 7) that raises STR from 18 to 19. It's like adding 5 points to STR at once. Warrior class users should take advantage of this. (thanks to Jakob Riis for bringing this to my attention).

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