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First, a little note on the quests. Each quest is displayed according to the following diagram:

  Name of the quest:

  · How you get the quest.

  · How to complete the quest.

  · Reward for completing the quest.

That's about it, enjoy.

Mortuary Quests
Find "Pharod"
Find your missing journal
Fetch Embalming Fluid and Needle for Ei-Vene
Fetch Embalming Key for Vaxis
NorthEast Hive Quests
Help Sev'Tai get her revenge
Find Craddock for Baen the Sender
Find a way to help Ingress
Free Angyar from his Dead Contract and return it to him and his wife
Look into the matter of the mausoleum's walking dead
Defeat the intruder in the Mausoleum for the Guardian Spirit
Find the "source" of Pharod's bodies for Emoric
Talk to Norochj for Emoric, and do what Norochj asks of you
Track down a thief disguised as a Dustman
Speak to Awaiting Death on behalf of Emoric
Speak to Sere on behalf of Emoric
Find Soego for Emoric
Go to cathedral located at the center of the Hive
SouthEast Hive Quests
Resolve bar tab
Deliver box to Brasken
SouthWest Hive Quests
Find Jhelai for Craddock
Remove Reekwind's "curse of stench"
Find a tombstone for the Crier of Es-Annon
Kill the wererat in Phineas' basement
Deliver box to Shilandra
Find a gardner who has Mebbeth's herbs
Find Meir'am, get the ink for Mebbeth
Deliver ink to Mebbeth
NorthWest Hive Quests
Retrieve Porphiron's necklace
Get rid of Nestor for Arlo, the Flophouse Slumlord
Find Nestor's fork
Deliver box to Ku'atraa
Alley of Dangerous Angles Quests
Talk to Mar about the box
Rotten William wants Krystall dead
Rotten William wants Blackrose dead
Krystall wants Rotten William dead
Krystall wants Blackrose dead
Blackrose wants Krystall dead
Blackrose wants Rotten William dead
Rauk needs you to fetch three rings from his tent
Ragpicker's Square Quests
Find out where Pharod's bodies are coming from for the man in Rapgpicker's Square
Find a spell ruby for Jarym
Find Amarysse for Nodd
Learn the ways of the Art from Mebbeth
Find the herbs that Mebbeth needs
Get Mebbeth's wash from Giscorl
Get ink for Mebbeth from Kossah-Jai
Buried Village Quests
Recover Ku'u Yin's number from Radine
Get Quint's poison charm from the body of Gris
Find and return Uhir's 'lucky knife'
Get bronze sphere for Pharod
Find the site where Annah found your body
Weeping Stone Catacombs Quests
Find the Decanter of Endless Water
Kill the vargouilles to prevent the corpse of Chad from becoming a vargouille himself
Dead Nations Quests
Seek out and slay any cranium rats in the Dead Nations
Give Hargrimm a reason to remove Soego from the Dead Nations
Find the Nameless Zombie her name
Warrens of Thought Quests
Discover the weaknesses of the Silent King for Many-as-One
Tenement of Thugs Quests
Find key and sneak out of Tenement
Alley of Lingering Sighs Quests
Get rid of dabus in the Alley of Lingering Sighs
Undo the repairs the dabus made to the Alley
Lower Ward Quests
Find a skull of great value
Find the night hag Ravel Puzzlewell
Take a handbill to Scofflaw Penn at the Print Shop to be printed
Take a message to Keldor of Durian at the foundry
Take the handbill to Barkus at the Smoldering Corpse
Kill Grosuk the abishai for Sebastion
Karina needs a friend
Warn the githzerai about the githyanki raid on their fortress
Release Dimtree from his zombie condition
Get the tomb plans from the warehouse
Find Trist's loan documents
Get evidence that Byron Pikit is a criminal
Sell a companion into slavery
Kill a companion for an additional power
Join the Anarchists
Kill Officer Vorten
Godsmen Foundry Quests
Join the Godsmen
Forge an item
Solve the murder of Avildon the smith
Prevent Sandoz from killing himself
Help complete the Dreambuilder in the Great Foundry
Fetch a vial of skin and blood
Fetch a birdcage festooned with razorblades
Bring a coffin pillow to Xander
Sabotage the Godsmen's machine for Bedai-Lihn
Kill Sandoz, the Godsman factotum
Smuggle Bedai-Lihn from the Foundry
Clerk's Ward Quests
Find Aelwyn for Nemelle
Retrieve Malmaner's costume from Goncalves
Obtain a second costume for Malmaner
Speak to the ten students in the Brothel
Return to Dolora the 'keys to her heart'
Find a way to erase Merriman's memory
Spice up Juliette's love life
Find and return Vivian's 'personal scent'
Find and return Marissa's Crimson Veil
Help Ecco regain the ability to speak
Prove to Kessai-Serris that she's Ravel's daughter
Split Pestle and Kilnn
Return Mertwyn's head to his body
Rebuke Qui-Sai's arguments for training as a thief rather than a warrior
Rebuke Qui-Sai's arguments for training as a mage rather than a warrior
Learn the language of the dodecahedron puzzle box
Find and return Finam's research journal
Deliver your receipt to the Great Foundry
Obtain permission for Iannis to use Deionarra's sensory stone
Find the portal key to Ravel's maze
Ravel's Maze Quests
Find the angel Ravel spoke of
Curst Quests
Kill Carl Parfidor
Assemble the Key
Rescue Barse's Daughter
Mediate the Family Dispute
Defend the Dump Caretaker
Deal with an Official Dispute
Free Dona Quisho's fiend
Curst Underground Quests
Kill the gehreleth for Voorsha
Curst Prison Quests
Free the deva
Find Forked-Tongue
Baator Quests
Return to Curst and speak to Trias


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