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Modron Maze

In order to reach the modron maze, you will have to buy the "metallic cube" from Vrischika's shop's exotic item selection. Then, you'll have to show it to the modrons in the Brothel of Slating Intellectual Lusts. After, use the modron cube and extend the left wing, then extend the right wing and then rotate the right arm. You'll be immediatly transported to Rubikon, the modron dungeoning experience simulator!
The entrance to the dungeon is next to the modron you see on the pic, by the way, no need to talk to the modron, he's about as un-useful as they get.
Your purpose now will be to go through the dungeon and find the control room. Since the dungeon is randomly generated I can't give it's solution, you'll have to find the right path yourself.
The first time you're in the maze it's fairly easy though, since the maze is set on easy mode and most passages are closed.
There's a bunch of constructs in the dungeon, they'll attack you every time so don't bother reasoning with them. These robots are very funny, they're attempts to scare intruders always crack me up. Some of these constructs will even give you useful clues (check the pic).
Sometimes constructs will drop useful items such as jewels, weapons, portal lenses, etc... Other times constructs will drop useless items such as a bag of coins, a goody!, a clue!, a magic item!, and other stuff like that, don't bother bringing those along.
Once you reach the control room, talk with the modron in the middle of it. Hear the story of Rubikon and offer to become the facility's new director. The modron accepts and you now have the power to create dungeons at your disposal! This is great because these dungeons can provide an infinite source of exp. Also, don't forget to pay attention to the modron's advice regarding the drop of party members and items in the maze.
Note: You can also ask the modron to teleport you to, pretty much anywhere, in Sigil.
Remember that construct who talked about the Evil Wizard? Well, now that you can create dungeons, you can make him and Nordom appear, simply create a dungeon with the difficulty set to hard.
Start by looking for Nordom. It's kind of hard to find him, but here is one thing that helps: you have to enter Nordom's room from the south-east, so, go through every north-west passage you find and you'll eventually reach him. Don't forget to leave at least one space in your party, so you can bring Nordom along when you find him.
Note: If you're too weak to face the constructs, run past them.
You found Nordom, congrats! I know it wasn't easy. Anyway, talk to him and after a while he'll ask to join your party; accept, that's what we're here for.
Talk to him again and ask about how he got to Rubikon, then about Mechanus, the source and all that. Then ask him how he is doing, with a high enough INT you can now ask him if his separation from the source changed his prespective. This causes Nordom to upgrade: +1 INT, +1 CON and 36000 exp.
Now it's time to see the Evil Wizard, you have to find his room like you did Nordom's, but instead of looking through the north-west passages, you have to look through the north-east ones!
When you finally meet the Evil Wizard, don't engage him immediately, first, ask him about himself and about how he came to be there, he will eventually tell you he desintegrated the previous director and intends to do the same to you. Destroy him and his robots.
Focus your attacks on one construct at a time, once you destroy one or two of the constructs send someone to attack the the wizard (keep him from casting spells). This battle is a sinch as long as you have a good control over your units.
Note: Don't forget to loot the Wizard's body afterwards, he was the Mechanus Spell scroll on him.
After disposing of the Wizard talk to Nordom again, start by asking him about how he came to Rubikon, ask about the field test and the previous director as well. He now knows that the former director was killed by the Wizard, tell him you are the new director and he gets +1 INT, +1 DEX and 36000 exp. Ask Nordom about your functions as director, there's a whole bunch of stuff you can do now, just be sure to ask him about the tasks his previous director had him doing, you can get some pretty nifty items from some of those.
You can also do a bunch of other neat upgrades to Nordom, depending on your profession:
· A fighter upgrade: -2 INT, +1 DEX, +1 CON, -2 AC and 36000 exp;
· A mage upgrade: +2 INT, Twisted Gear of Enoll Eva and 36000 exp;
· A thief upgrade: -2 STR, +2 DEX and 36000 exp;
With a high CHR you can do a final upgrade to Nordom, the motivation speech, this gets him +1 STR, +1 CON and 60000 exp. After this you should decide if you want to keep Nordom in the party or not, he's a pretty good fighter, and his attack is ranged, so you might want to give him a chance.


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