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Clerk's Ward (Part 2)

As you can see there were a couple of changes in my party after leaving the Brothel. That's because I decided to leave Dak'kon and Fall-From-Grace behind and picked up Nordom at the Modron Maze.
This doesn't mean you should do the same, in fact, I strongly recommend you keep Dak'kon in your party at all times, he's one of the strongest (and most important) player characters in the game. Fall-From-Grace is not as important, but, it's the only character with access to healing spells, so, you might want to consider keeping her as well.
Now, look for a man named Eli Havelock near the Brothel's eastern walls. Talk to him and try to ask him a question, he'll give you a rude shove off, insist with your questioning and learn that he used to be a "scout" trainer in the Festhall, ask him to train you and he will refuse at first, but you can convince him that the training of others is way for him to defend the nobility of his skills and he'll reconsider (12000 exp). If you aren't able to convince him, you can always pay for the training.
If you head a little to the south-east you'll find an open-air cafe. Aelwyn (the one Nemelle was looking for) is there, if you haven't yet you can tell her that Nemelle is looking for her. Also, after telling Nemelle you found Aelwyn you should return to the Aelwyn and hear the story about how she met you a long time ago, and how you were once a sensate.
Go north from Aelwyn and speak with the old fortune teller, Elobrande. Ask her to read your fortune and leave, as you are about to leave she will tell you a strange story of a man who left a note for you with her mother, a long time ago. This note is a little present from one of your past incarnations, use it. :-)
If you're up for some laughs go meet Sarhava Vjhul. She's usually north of the Brothel, always accompanied by her two toadies. Talk to her and she'll insult Annah, let Annah handle it at first and then stop them and threaten Sarhava, she'll turn her insults to you and Morte will interviene, let him handle it and you're in for one of the most funny dialogues in the game.
Note: You can threaten to call the guards to prevent Sarhava from attacking.
Note: If you have Fall-From-Grace nearby she will interviene instead of Morte.
If you haven't yet, not might also be a good time to visit the Apothecary, it's the building east of the Brothel. Talk to the Apothecary's owner and learn about his predicament. If you followed my advice, and bought the Elixir of Horrific Separation from Vrischika, you can offer it to Pestle Klinn for 6000 exp and some clot charms. Also, don't forget to ask for the vial of skin and blood Nihl wanted.
Leave the Apothecary and head a little south-west and into the Art and Curio Galleria. Talk to Yvana, find out she is Yves' mother and tell her Yves' tale. Then, look around and examine the various artworks, you can recover a memory by inspecting the 'Gray Hag of Oinos' painting (300 exp). Also examine the 'Dark Birds of Ocanthus' and ask Yvana about it. When you're done talking with Yvana, examine the sorcerer statue and break off a piece of it using your forge hammer (4000 exp, Mad Splinter and you can dump the forge hammer after), then, apply the gorgon salve to the statue and die a horrible death (4000 exp and new taunts for Morte).
Since you ended up in the Lower Ward, you might as well deliver the blood vial to Nihl and finish the Dreambuilder quest (if you haven't yet).
Anyway, after making your way back from the Lower Ward head to the entrance of Finam's house (check the map). Don't enter the house yet, instead, talk to the thugs near it and pick a fight. After disposing of them, take a box from the thug leader and examine it, there's a head inside and it asks you to take it to it's body (which is in the Festhall). Accept, we're heading for the Festhall anyway.
Head all the way north and speak with Salabesh the Onyx before entering the Civic Festhall, learn that he is looking to become the Festhall's next mage tutor.
Enter the Festhall and start by talking with Jolmi, she will ask for permission to kill you, let her do it for some coppers (how much depends on your CHR).
The man near Jolmi is Splinter, he's in charge of the services for sensate factuoms and the access to the sensoriums. Since you need to go to the private sensorium later, you would normally have to ask him join the Sensate faction (10000 exp and Sensory Touch ability), however, if you talked with Aelwyn and learned you were once part of the Sensate faction you can tell Splinter you are already part of the faction (10000 exp), you still gain access to all the sensate services, so, you might want to consider this if you want to keep your current faction.
Anyway, don't bother going to the sensoriums just yet, let's explore the rest of the Festhall first.
Talk with Mertwyn the Headless, north of Splinter, and deliver his head to him (8000 exp and 200 copper). Mertwyn will then answer your questions should you have any.
Montague should also be around the main hall, if you haven't talked to him about Juliette yet, do it now.
Note: There's 1 scroll of force missiles in one of the nearby pillars (x=1182, y=343).
Go into the third room and meet Qui-Sai, you'll mistake him with a statue at first, but, if try to strike him he'll reveal his true self. Try to ask him a question (be patient), when he finally answers ask about what he was doing and ask him to teach you the "Way of Stone", if you are wise enough and understand his teachings you get -1 AC. Ask him to give you warrior training as well, he'll try to direct you toward thief training at first and then toward mage training. If you are smart enough you can refute his arguments, if not, you'll have to get the arguments to refute him from the thief and mage tutor, respectively. You get 10000 exp when you convince him to teach you.
Head back and into the first room now, listen to Ghysis the Crooked's lecture on the Blood War. When he finishes, ask him how one survives in the Blood War, keep following that line of dialogue and recover a memory (1500 exp), then, ask him how he survived the Blood War, tell him what Vrischika told you about him and he'll agree to tell you his story. After he finishes you can blackmail him into giving you 2 clot charms and 1 blood fly charm.
You should also listen to the other lectures in the other rooms, even though this is the only one where you can gain someting other than information from it.
Now, look for a man called Jumble Murdersense, he should be walking around the eastern hallways. Jumble his to one who cursed Reekwind (remember him?), talk to him and demand that he removes Reekwind's curse, he'll refuse and you end up cursed yourself. Exit the Festhall and see Salabesh, he can't remove your curse, but you can however convince him into teaching you a curse to use on Jumble. Do so and return to Jumble, use your curse and he'll be forced to remove yours (10000 exp), ask him to remove reekwind's as well (1000 exp + 5000 exp when you return to Reekwind).
Note: If I remember correctly, Jumble will give you some sort of help if you are part of the Xaositects.
Walking around in the same hallway is Merriman, the holder of the keys to Dolora's heart. You can ask him for the keys (if you haven't yet), he'll refuse and will want you to give him someting that will erase his memory in exchange for the keys. You'll have to use some ice shards from the 'Dark Birds of Ocanthus' artwork, we'll see about getting a recipient in which to place those in a while.
Now, head to the magecraft training chambers and talk with one of the mages-in-training. Learn that Lady Throncombe, the mage tutor, is out at the public sensoriums. Talk to Splinter and go there, talk with Lady Thorncombe and find out she' addicted to the sensory stones, go outside and tell this to Salabesh. Return to the sensoriums and tell Lady Thorncombe that Salabesh is gonna take her place as tutor, she gets so mad she decides to return to the training chambers (12000 exp and access to Lady Thorcombe's spells).
Note: Use the sensory stones in the public sensorium for some exp.
Head on to the Festhall's dormitories now, enter the first room on the west and meet Unfulfilled-Desire. Talk to her and describe your desire, you'll then learn of her ability to take one's desires away.
You can tell the Drunken Mage this for his magical mug and 10000 exp. You can then use the mug to store one of the 'Dark Birds of Ocanthus' from the Galleria, take the mug with the bird to Merriman and receive Dolora's keys (12000 exp)!
Note: There's 36 copper in this room's chest.
Anyway, go up to the room clerk, she'll recognize you and give you your old room's key. Enter your room and inspect it's containers for a bunch of low level magic scrolls, a bunch of charms, 333 copper (x=3423, y=878), 1 scroll of fire and ice and a dodecahedron. Use the dodecahedron and fiddle with it for a bit, after a while you'll figure out how to open it and discover that the dodecahedron is in fact a journal in some strange language. If you are smart enough, you can circumvent the dodecahedron's traps (5000 exp).
Note: Examine the other rooms for the following: silver earring, silver bracelet and 332 copper.
We'll decipher the dodecahedron in a while, for now let's return to Splinter and ask to visit the private sensoriums. In the sensoriums, start by examining the three sensory stones, one of them is actually a trap from one of your previous incarnations, you can talk to it and learn a bunch of neat stuff, it'll tell you you are trapped, but you can easly find a way to escape (500 exp). Another stone, as a memory of Ravel, go through it and talk to the Ravel memory for 6000 exp. The last one has a memory of Deionarra, go through the intire memory for a total of 6000 exp.
Walking around in this sensorium is a man named Quell, talk to him and ask him a question. He'll refuse and ends up telling you to bring him a rare chocolate to make up for your lack of manners. Give him the chocolate quasit (8000 exp) you bought at Vrischika's and ask him questions about Ravel until he tells you the key to her maze, a piece of Ravel herself (hmmm).
Note: You can buy special chocolats and spell scrolls from Quell.
Leave the Festhall and head for the Brothel, finish up any quest you might have pending with the girls and ask Ecco about Ravel, she will tell you that Kessai-Serris is one of Ravel's childs, go to Kessai and ask her if this is true, she'll deny it. Go to Juliette and ask her about this, she will tell you Kimasxi is Kessai's half sister, talk with Kimasxi and she will propose that you tell Kessai to ask their father about that. Go to Kessai and do that, she will then find out that she is in fact a Ravel-spawn, ask her for a bit of her blood and store it in a handkerchief (40000 exp). The bloody handkerchief is the key to Ravel's maze, don't lose it!
Let's get the dodecahedron translated now, head to Finam the linguist's home. Talk to Finam, show him the dodecahedron and he'll say only his father could translate it, he'll give you his father's notes if you bring him the book he left at the brothel. You already have it, but don't give it to him yet, instead, ask about his murdered father and examine the bronze urn. Talk to the ashes and learn the dodecahedron's language from the spirit (8000 exp), a memory will try to surface during your conversation, allow it (4000 exp). Now you can deliver Finam his book (25000 exp). Use the dodecahedron (10000 exp) and browse through all it's contents.
Head to the advocate's house now (the house next to the Galleria). On your way there, you'll probably run into these two, Diligence and Matter-of-Course. You can discuss your situation with Diligence if you wish.
The boot-shiner's house is in the tent behind Nameless One, if you ever need your 'boots' shined he's your man.
Enter the Advocate's Home and speak with the advocate, Iannis, you can ask him about the legacy from the dodecahedron for 8000 exp, 731 copper, a godsmen receipt, a kaleidoscopic eye, and the stone gullet of l'phahl the gross. Ask him about Deionarra's legacy as well, Iannis will be surprised and reveals that he is in fact Deionarra's father, tell him you got the legacy from a sensory stone and offer to speak with the sensates about getting him permission to see it, ask him for the legacy again and tell him it might hold some clues, you receive 16000 exp, a letter from Deionarra, a healing scroll, a heart charm and a wedding ring. You get another 8000 exp when you get the sensates' permission for Iannis, ask Splinter for it.
All you have to do now is take the godsman receipt to Nadilin, in the Great Foundry, and cash it in for the unfolding portal (40000 exp). This is the portal for Ravel's Maze, take care of any unfinished business you might have and use the portal, you won't be back to Sigil for a while.

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