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Ravel's Maze

Well, we reached Ravel's Maze, better start looking for the old crone. Take the eastern path and make your way to Ravel's Black-Barbed Garden, it's located in the center of the maze.
You might encounter some bramble-beasts called trigits on your way, but don't worry, they're not very though.
There she is, if you are a mage, cast "friends" on yourself or someting, you'll need a high CHR to be able to compliment Ravel (16 or 17 should be enough). Why would we want to compliment Ravel you ask, well, because one of the conversation's bonuses depends on how nice you are to her. So, if you want to make the best of that bonus, compliment Ravel's beauty every chance you have, and try to please her at all times (turn those charms on baby!). Anyway, talk to Ravel and greet her (90000 exp), after a while she'll try to touch you, let her and reach out to touch her as well, this leads to the recovery of a memory.
Keep talking to Ravel, first about the tales your skin tells, then about your companions, and then about your meeting in the past. After a while she proposes a little game, she will answer your questions but only if you answer hers first, accept and continue talking to Ravel about your companions and when she asks about Annah/Grace you can please her by telling her that only she holds meaning to you. At some point after that she'll pose her last question, "What can change the nature of a man?", there's no right or wrong answer here, so, tell her whatever you want. She'll be satisfied as long as you don't refuse to answer.
Now it's time for your questions. Start by asking about your immortality, follow that whole line of dialogue about the ritual and the flaws until you get the chance to ask if she knows where your mortality is, she doesn't know, but you can ask her if there is someone who does know, she will mention a deva named Trias (180000 exp).
Ask Ravel about herself now, ask who she is, where she is from, if you have any females in your party she will turn into them. After that you can ask her what other form she has taken and learn that she was Mebbeth, Ei-Vene and Marta. Talk to her about Mebbeth and get +1 WIS, +1 INT and 120000 exp (sometimes only +1 INT and 90000 exp [but why?]), talk to her about Ei-Vene and get +3 Max HP, talk to her about Marta and get the intestinal phylactery.
Ask her why she was imprisoned as well, then tell her she was right in trying to free the Lady of Pain, on that line of dialogue you can also ask her if she was trying to free you as well (90000 exp and ravel's hair).
You can also have Ravel teach you the Art, I got 120000 exp, 6 black-barbed seeds and 1 black-barbed charm from her lesson, but I was also a lvl 12 specialized mage, if you are not specialized in magery your reward will be worse. The reward will also be worse if you are indecisive while asking her help.
Tell Ravel you have to leave now, after a brief discussion on how to exit the maze Ravel will offer you a boon, accept it. This is the boon that reflects how nice you were to Ravel, I always seem to get 120000 exp and +1 WIS from it, but I've heard you can get better than this (180000 exp and +2 WIS). I guess I'm not being nice enough :(
After the boon Ravel will go crazy and you end up having to kill her. If you are a mage, and learned the art from Ravel you'll summon some Trigits to help during the battle. This fight is actually quite easy, just rush Ravel (keep her from casting spells) and it'll be over in a couple of seconds. After the battle, loot Ravel's body for the following: 1 fiendish eye of kalem'dar, 1 ravel's fingernail, 1 blacksphere spell scroll, 3 black-barbed charms and 3 heart charms.
Note: Sometimes shadows will storm the maze after killing Ravel. (Not quite sure what triggers this yet)
Now, approach the south arc of Ravel's garden, use ravel's hair on it and you'll be teleported to Ravel's secret garden. Go down to the three remaining twigs and, while humming, throw a black-barbed seed into one of them, you will create a black-barbed wand. You can create up to 3 black-barbed wands this way.
Note: If you die while in Ravel's Maze, this is where you end up.
Time to get the hell out of here, make your way past the shadows and trigits and go up to the north-east corner of the maze, the exit portal lies there.
Note: You might want to talk to your party members now, some of them have gained new dialogue options (Annah and Fall-From-Grace).

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