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After a little cutscene you'll reach the town of Curst (10000 exp). Let's do a little bit of exploring before entering any buildings, shall we.
Note: There's 1 junk and 1 blood fly charm in a pile of rubble at the dump's entrance, directly west of where you entered Curst.
Go a little north from where you came in and speak with Roberta, talk to her about her worries and get her to tell you she wants her husband dead.
Head further to the north-east and witness a rather unpleasant scene where two curst guards rough up some poor sod. Anyway, examine the pile of hay behind the beaten man and take 1 displacer ring and 1 whispering flask.
Note: There's 134 copper in a pile of rocks near the west wall of the grain silo.
Now, go back and then west, from the place you entered Curst, until you reach a crate, take 72 copper, 1 clot charm and 1 adder's tear from the crate.
There's also 1 silver-headed hammer in the hut north of the crate plus 2 junks and 2 rags in the hut south of the crate.
Note: You really don't need junks or rags at this point, but I'll probably keep mentioning them anyway.
Note: Check pic :-)
If you need to buy/sell any weapons now might be a good time to see the blacksmith, Crumplepunch, his store is to the north-east of the crate you were inspecting.
There's an axe of the jester and 1 magic punch daggers in the trapped chest, but, if you take them Crumplepunch will go hostile (I have found a way to prevent this though). Send Annah to disarm the trap and take the items, talk to Crumplepunch immediatly after, this way he won't go hostile. There's another 4 copper in the nearby drawers.
Let's explore the inner part of the city now, take the north-western exit out of this section.
Note: You can pick up 213 copper from a container near the section exit.
In the Inner Curst you can start by going north-east and examine the boxes and barrels outside the warehouse. You will find the following items inside them: 1 ring of the traveler, 1 gold ring, 1 serpent ring, 1 greater dustman embalming charm, 1 copper earring, 3 bronze rings, 2 silver rings and 1 silver earring. You can enter the warehouse and take 1 gold bracelet, 1 gold earring, 1 gold ring and 1 gold ingot from the locked container.
Note: There's also 2 rags and 1 chalk inside the warehouse (you can sell chalk for 1 copper!).
Now, head south-west from the section's entrance and take 5 bandages, 2 charms of infinite recall and 1 heart charm from a barrel on top of a cart. From there, walk north and take the perfume bottle (scent of the storm) from the box below the Barracks, leave the junks.
Note: If you need to buy/sell charms stop by the Distiller, it's near the section's entrance.
Look for Kiri now, she's a brown clothed "Curst Citizen". Talk to her and after a while ask her if she would kill Roberta's husband, she'll say yes. Return to the other part of town and tell Roberta you have found someone to take care of her problem, then, go to Kiri again to settle the final details, after that return to Roberta for your reward: 2000 exp and 500 copper.
Now, head to the Traitor's Gate Tavern (near Curst entrance) and talk with the owner, Tainted Barse. Ask him what is wrong and he'll tell you his daughter has been kidnapped, and that he can help you find the deva, but you'll have to assemble a key to unlock the knowledge from his mind first.
Note: You don't need to do this to find Trias, there is an alternate path to the underground hidden in the dump. I highly recommend you assemble the key though, it's worth a lot of exp.
For the first part of the key talk with Marquez, he'll ask you to take care of the slavers that kidnapped Barse's daughter. You can find them west of the warehouse in the inner part of Curst, go there, kill the slavers, rescue Jasilya and return to Marquez for the first part of the key and 65000 exp.
Go talk to Kitla now, she's a bit to the north-east of Marquez, by a table. Ask her for the second part of the key and offer help solve the family dispute that is keeping her from getting paid. Talk to Crumplepunch at the Blacksmith shop and ask for his legacy, then talk to Kester at the Distillery and ask for his legacy as well. Deliver both legacies to Kitla for 150000 exp, the abyssal fury spell scroll and the second part of the key.
Note: There are other ways to solve this, but this is the one which nets you more exp.
Talk to Nabat next, he'll ask you to help the dump caretaker in exchange for the third part of the key. Head for the dump and speak with the Kyse, the caretaker. After he explains the situation go talk to Wernet in the Inner Curst (near a barrel filled cart), Wernet is very stuborn and you end up not being able to dissuade him. Return to the dump and see some thugs attacking Kyse, defend him. After the thugs are dead, return to Nabat and collect the thrid part of the key plus 43750 exp.
Note: Kyse's priest skills will be available after you rescue him.
For the fourth part of the key talk to Dallan, he's in a room west of the kitchen. Dallan will ask you to deal with some politician named An'izius, he's near the carceri gate in the Inner Curst. Talk to him and he'll ask you to tell the Guard Captain that his rival, Siabha, payed you to attack him. Instead of going to the guard, talk to Siabha (near administration building) and tell her what An'izius proposed, she'll double what you were payed if you finger An'izius instead. Go to the Guard Captain and tell him that both the officials are corrupt, this lands you 200000 exp. Return to Dallan for the fourth part of the key and 87500 exp.
Talk to Dona Quisho now, she has the fifth and final part of the key. She'll ask you to free a fiend from the grain silo in exchange for the key part. Go to the second floor of the grain silo and use the scroll you got from Dona Quisho, a demon will appear (60000 exp), free him, but ask for a reward first, he'll give you a heartgrinder axe. Return to Dona Quisho and tell her the good news, she'll reward you with 131250 exp, 500 copper and the fifth part of the key.
You can now go up to Tainted Barse and have him give you passage to the underground (175000 exp). Stock up on provisions, because, once you go into the underground you won't be able to return to Curst.
There's also a bunch of items you might want to get while on the tavern. Take 2 bandages, 1 clot charm, 1 wooden club, 1 frost mint candy, 2 cheese and 1 steak knife from the containers on the first floor. Take 2 cleaning rags, 112 copper, 1 heart charm, 1 cheese, 1 frost mint candy, 1 minaurosian chocolate, 1 magic punch daggers, 1 knife and 1 hairpin from the containers on the second floor.
Note: The blue scepters on the picture mark the container locations.

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